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Found 22 results

  1. RPF-9 "Talon" its Obsolette "old stadistics" "now stadistics in game" for: ARMAS Weapon Information RPF-9 [30 meters effective range] in game [40m effective range] (Whitout damange losing) RPF-9 (from contacts) info [30m] in game [40m] RPF-9 "Talon" ARMAS info [30m] in game [30m] RPF-9 "Fang" ARMAS info [37m] in game [47m] RPF-9 "Talon" need update 30m to 40m same than free RPF-9 -REBALANCE its necesary again- Please update...
  2. What ever happened to the VWP? I was looking to buy it again on my new account and couldn't find it, assumed I was crazy and it never existed. Then on a whim I looked at the purchase history on my old account and sure enough, here it was. Vital Weapons Pack (Account Lifetime) 1,039 G1C 2015-08-11 22:19G1 Credits Why was this removed? The more important question, can it come back? It provided some basic weapons including the: NTEC-5 Joker SR15 Carbine JG-840 OCA-EW 626 N-HVR 762 These basic no mod weapons are perfect for casual players like me that play once in a while and want to be able to do Joker challenges (and with the basic tutorial completed, the choosing of the Shaw has all the basics covered) without buying temporary weapons or purchasing extremely expensive premium ones. It would be a nice way to introduce new buyers into Armas as well. However unlikely since this is supposed to be business, but if these weapons were to be given for completing say the advanced tutorial, would also be neat but I don't see that happening.
  3. Hi guys. Tell me why it was removed, the reactor of the weapons of APB and if not whether the information that the editor will return ?
  4. Some person was like messaging me nonstop telling me that using ir3 or any weapon mod that is 3 isn’t working since I haven’t reached the weapon role level or rank and they told me that it’s not effective until i reach the rank level is that true? I honestly think they are trying to sabotage me expecting me not to use mods. Please reply with seriously responses no need for trolls on this topic thank you
  5. [Weapon Modification for Damage] Hey I am posting my suggestion here about new weapon mods I would like to see come out in the future for apb. I heard damage mods were part of APB in 2010 and was removed later on in APB Reloaded. Is there a chance we could see them appear again for future contacts unlocks? I would love to increase my weapon damage...at a cost of course! I thought about something that could maybe help is add minor dmg buff and reduce the range of the weapon by a good amount to make it fair Example: +8% weapon damage | -30% effective range The damage would be very good but considering the large amount of range loss it could make it lot more fair and a unique mod. Making it a RED modification so it doesn't combine with range mods and fire rate mods (since it would be too cheesy for combinations) [Vehicle Modification for Speed] I was wondering if we could add speed mods to the game since there isn't any and it could be a unique way to introduce a mod for vehicles which is rare usually. Just like the character modification "Fragile" the car mod for speed would have to decrease the car health pool in order to gain extra speed. Speed is always a crucial element when it comes to time and apb is should be all about action and wars right? Cars would be more "light weight" since they have "less protection/armor". Example: +6% max speed | +30% damage from weapons OR -12% max vehicle health This mod would come crucial for moments when you need time to reach an objective and it would be balanced by making the vehicle more weak and critical to weapons/damage. Making it a ORANGE mod would make it not compatible with other mods like "Nitro Booster" for top speed reasons [?] but I think it could also be great in as a GREEN mod because it is not an activating mod. Similar stats are seen on other modifications which means it could probably be easy to make? [?] Perhaps if the modification was GREEN instead of ORANGE it could work out well too since "Nitro Booster" only affect max speed when activated AND doesn't go above the speed cap (23 m/s). (inspirations) **EDIT** Probably going for green... [Vehicles Speed Cap] Would it also be possible to raise the speed limit on all cars by maybe 25%? Cars seems to be really slow in this game and time is crucial in this game due to the number of time we have to try to take an objective on foot and do tactics to reach it. To conclude I think those modification would be an nice addition in the future and could make gameplay more interesting and more diverse because I think apb is unique in the way things happens in combat. More scenario possible could make the game more interesting in my opinion. Thank you for reading! Please people don't consider those numbers like real ones I am just putting out what seems most logic but still I am not a developer I know that... (Sorry if I made any mistake in english)
  6. https://apbreloaded.gamersfirst.com/2018/09/mid-september-update.html?m=1 what do they mean by 4 shots from 7 meters?
  7. It was nice to see and spend time with the Devs and GM's in-game, so thank you for taking the time to do so! I noticed there was no thread at least in social for feedback yet so here's one. --------------------------------- Open PVP didn't work out too well, it was somewhat enjoyable but definitely nerve wracking trying to figure out if the out of mission guy next to you is going to kill you or not. Luckily this is being addressed. Gm presence was great to see, though I do agree it would be cool to see them as split between ENF and Crim so that more people get to play against the GM team during events/testing. Testing: For testing I only used a few guns during the testing time (shredder pr3 preset with ir3) and strife. So I'll mention my experience with them and opinion. 1. Shredder got a much needed decrease in effectiveness, at least that would be for the base variants, the IR3 (pr3) version which has now only a partial gain in range in comparison to before sadly got hit with the extended rof decrease giving it a roughly 1s ttk for a weapon with ~25m range. The weapon no longer effectively 3 hits as easily, which can be seen as a positive however, that often leaves it severely lacking in most situations in the closer range ranges even against ARs with its now very high ttk. The base variants without ir3, should however be much more balanced than before the changes and won't have the same issue as the pr3. But I cannot give a full review of them as I didn't use them. Next 2. Strife, I'm unsure what to make of the change I didn't notice too much of a difference, however, it wasn't exactly too strong before imo, especially since it's high ttk kept it in check. So while I'm not against the rework it's not something I feel was needed. The strife itself isn't used very often in general because most other shotguns are better choices in most, if not all situations due to its ttk, so having a high Overkill for it isn't something I'm against. Didn't get to play around too much with the ar changes, but a test beforehand showed ntec could 7/8 hit at 52m which seems to have the desired effect for AR's. So that's a plus. Further observations: IR3 Ir3 as a as a mod or even as a preset on shotguns seem to hurt them with very little to no benefit now. Before it was used as a way to improve the weapon with no downside, now that the mod has a downside, any shotguns with it often become worse for little gain due to the rof changes and at most ~4 to 6m average to gain. If you account for spread on shotguns it may not be a very good trade. This difference forces them to lose out against their peers due to ttk differences. The mod at one point being preset made sense. With the new changes I am unsure whether it can holds true for so little to gain with the current downside. On smgs IR3 has a little better effect, however, most times they aren't effective in reaching and taking out enemies at their max ranges in the first place so it isn't likely going to see much if any use on many smgs if any. Due to losing out in cqc and unable to make use of the extra range.
  8. Since the gun will get a buff ill start using it so what mods should i put on and how would the playstyle be?
  9. Here are some pictures from Keyshot 7.1's viewport, not proper renders yet. I'm probably going to add those as I make them in the next couple days. Modeled completely in Fusion 360. More screens below
  10. ...shouldn't we think about fixing the pre-set lease weapons that you can purchase from contacts? Right now most pre-set mods are bad (IR3 on HVR) or straight up downgrades for the weapon (like HB3 on ALIG), giving these weapons little to no reason to use them. Of course, you can argue that "you can buy 3 open slots version on ARMAS" or "you can level up that role and get a 3 open slot version from contacts", but the first solution takes A LOT of real money and the second one takes A LOT of time. It shouldn't even be the best combination of mods ever possible, you could for example put Tagger instead of 3PS3 on HVR, making it a sub-optimal version, but at least you feel rewarded for unlocking these weapons and progressing through contacts. This should also apply to some of the pre-set weapons that we can buy in ARMAS: ALIG "Surefire" and Shaw "First Blood" always come to my mind lol, they're supposed to make up for the fact that you can't afford mods atm so instead you buy pre-modded weapins for, say, one month. BUT! Surprise! These mods suck patootie and you wasted your money (real money tho). Of course this would be a very low priority, the game has so many bigger flaws and I think most people are now used to pre-set weapons being terrible, but I think this should not be overlooked. What do you guys think, is it a bad idea? And if so, why?
  11. I have never posted on these forums until now but I felt it was important to address some of the weapons/class of weapons that I feel really need work on a competitive level. I have played competitively for years and have participated in several tournaments so what I post here and what Id like to see posted here are things that genuinely need improvement on a competitive level. This means weapons that when used correctly and to thier full capabilities still cannot compete with weapons that are outside of its class/role. Weapons outside of the designated role either out perform them completely or render them inefficient/useless when performing the same task/role. For example the anubis adeem. As it stands it has no use. Poor accuracy, less effective range compared to other sniper rifles, slow rate of fire compared to weapons like obir or an N-tec 5. These two weapons out perform anubis at its own task which shouldnt be happening. At the most anubis should atleast be able to compete evenly due to range and accuracy because it is a sniper rifle. So below I'll be stating why these few weapons from my personal experience need work and why. Anubis Adeen Rebalancing - From what Ive found on the weapon Time To Kill - 1.53 I feel it should be reduced to 1.43. This weapon has more incommon with a rifle then an actual sniper rifle. So bringing the fire rate closer to a rifle such as obir is a step in the right direction. Accuracy - This weapon needs a buff in accuracy. Its very noticeable how inaccurate the weapon is even at mid to semi long range. For a sniper rifle to be called a sniper rifle it needs to meet this requirement. Even when managing recoil itll miss during tests at mid range even though recoil is repeatedly kept in check when firing the weapon at max speed. It has a built in accuracy modification that when paired with heavy barrel 2 makes the weapon usuable to some degree. I still feel this weapon needs improvement in accuracy though. Damage - As it stands the gun sits at a 3 shot kill. Having heavy barrel 2 reduces that damage to the point that any kevlar opponents makes the weapon a 4 shot kill. Heavy barrel 2 cant be taken off without loss off accuracy per shot due to how inaccurate the weapon is to begin with per shot. I feel this weapon either needs a small buff in damage to keep it at 3 and keep its overall effectiveness or to counter act the required use of heavy barrel and give it the accuracy it needs per shot. Sniping takes alot of skill. I dont believe players who go out of thier way to master such weapons should be penalized for it. Snipings a difficult thing to do to begin with dont make it harder with virtually no reward. Harbinger - Time to kill - .90 I feel the harbinger is completely useless at this moment. Its not functioning like its suppose to at all. Its a sidearm thats an sniper rifle that currently just warns someone with the first shot fired at them. But I feel the time to kill is perfectly fine. So with that we move on to accuracy. Accuracy - Currently this weapons two biggest problems are the accuracy degration per shot and recoil. It already requires 4 shots to kill so these two draw backs need to be reduced to have any chance of making this weapon effective if you decide to go this route. A very small reduction in recoil and less reticle bloom per shot/accuracy degration per shot. This route i believe will have the weapon function as originally intended without making the weapon too strong. It will function alot like a 4 shot rifle. Which is what it is a primary side arm like the rest of the magnums. Magnums are apbs way of giving those who have short range primary weapons a fighting chance against those with long range capabilities. Weapon roles are just reverse. Damage - If you do not go the accuracy route then the next best thing would be increased damage per shot. The gun would still require the same amount of skill to wield with virtually no differences in function except now youd be rewarded for it. By turning the weapon into a 3 shot kill itd give your oppenent less of a chance to get away due to the fact that youd need less shots realigned. This however has a draw back. By reducing shots required to kill and maintaining the same fire rate would cause the weapon to kill at .675. Which is a little faster then average assault rifle Time to kill at .70. So youd need to slow the fire rate down to counter act the increased time to kill to keep it around .90. Recoil and accuracy degration could still counter act this however. Its very doubtful that someone could possible land all 3 shots at max speed at long range due to the accuracy degration itself even if you manage the recoil. I feel this weapon would end up functioning alot more like a combination of the Joker RFP-9 and colby RSA if you went this route. The playstyle would be a cross between the two which necessary isnt a bad thing. Ill post more later but for now this is a small bit of what Ive been thinking needs rebalancing and my reasons why.
  12. Hi everyone, As the title says, its about the stuff that can be added into the joker store. The joker store was put up into the game with one motive "try before you buy". The cars were put up later on. Ppl jus buy mods like mobility sling from the jokerstore on a regular basis. The 4x4, firebomb and crown are bought by the players after a long time. My idea: Some of the rarely used guns can be put up in the jokerstore so that players can get to play a variety of guns in the 1 week period. 1. The norseman series guns- for example is one of the rarely used guns in the game. Only a handful of ppl in the game own these guns. 2. SBSR IRS - Not a much preferred rifle amongst players. Ppl generally stick onto obeya cr762/sr15 3. SWARM series - least used lmg in the game, 4. Mountie nunavut and northwest Modifications 1. Muzzle brake can be added to the jokerstore. Would be helpful for players who jus have the shaw556. Consumables: Putting consumables for ingame cash would be a good thing as well. I dont think players purchase ammobox from the jokerstore for 75 jokertickets. Any suggestions and ideas are welcome
  13. I specifically said the first time to leave auto shotguns alone but noo you people just had to whine about them and now i am seeing posts of people claiming some automatic shotguns are broken or over op or less op g1 may screwed up on a lot of things but they sure knew how to keep the shotguns right I’m just glad i see the same people who disagreed with me in the first place now disagreeing against the new changes im glad you’re upset you deserve to be upset. and the topic is about why the new shotgun changes is unnecessary
  14. When APB launched under RTW, the gun models were very artsy, and only roughly based on their real life counterparts. Then G1 took over, and all the new weapons were modeled after real guns, which was a huge improvement as they actually looked good. I've made a quick comparison between some of APB's ugly weapon models, to what they were based on. As you can see, the game models are absolutely disgusting. The CR5 looks like the deformed brother of the M4A1: The SR15 is a disproportionate SIG 552: The CR762 is an ugly SIG 550: The OBIR might be an HK93? It's so ugly, who knows. The OSCAR looks pretty similar to the OBIR, so I guess it's a tacti-cool HK93: Any chance you could update the original game's weapons to look more inline with the new ones?
  15. For those that don't know about the previous thread or want to check up on what's already made in the weapons thread. For those that don't know about the previous thread or want to check up on what's already made in the vehicles thread. For those that don't know about the previous thread or want to check up on what's already made in the vehicles thread.(Alternate thread) For those that don't know about the previous thread or want to check up on what's already made in the mods thread. (Scavenger) For those that don't know about the previous thread or want to check up on what's already made in the mods thread. (SteamAnimator - Broken Images) Basically, we'll try to suggest/brainstorm new things for future reference/request so the devs can get an idea of what the community wants. For the new stuff that gets added, I'll try to keep the OP regularly updated. Vehicle Suggestions: Cont'd Weapon Suggstions: Cont'd Mod Suggestions: Cont'd
  16. A few suggestions: + add delay to switch back to pistol. or + reduce weapon damage with this mod. 3-Point Sling 3 shoud be ballanced.
  17. Once the dust has settled on the engine updates and we can get the ball rolling on content again, I'd like to see the following weapons make an appearance in some form in order to diversify the weapons on offering in APB. Please note that this is a subjective list and as such you might not find everything to you're liking. That's okay! If you want to make your own, here's a format to copy and paste: Weapon name: Weapon model: (If you're not making a generic weapon.) Unique mods/mechanics:
  18. Especially the bloody mary at least some reduced recoil or something to improve them a little bit more?
  19. Ok so hear me out. I think it is cool if you have a grenade launcher on the Joker CR-5. Which is an M16 in real life? This Idea popped in my head after watching a madness combat incident (by krinkels, not fan made) That had Deimos pick up an M16 with a grenade launcher and he loaded the shell in it. When he Shot it had exploded the L33T agents to pieces. But In APB this could be a good Attachment if done right. It could even have a Stunt mode where it's full of stun Grenades and for enforcers. Ok, let us go over the details. The weapons that can have this are... The Joker CR-5. (The gun can be used since LaRocha got a back thing with a black CR-5 with a grenade launcher) The COBRA-VENOM. (I'm gonna go over the pros and cons) I would say atac but it's more toxic when you're using atac and use a perc grenade to finish them off with the launcher. (I'm gonna go over what grenades that can be used) NTEC-5 since AK'S have grenade launchers but a different type. Ok, you can add your suggestions on what weapon can be used but here are the pros and cons. Pros: Can be used to finish off or stun someone. Make your weapon look badass or ugly. Makes use of perc grenades or stun grenades. Cons: Percs and stuns can only be used (MOST GL weapons and launchers have impact grenades that go off at a certain distance) Uses the 2 grenades you have on you. Expensive (Don't want everyone running around spamming this shit) removes grips from weapons (Cobra grip, And other weapons) Only in the joker store and costs 15k joker tickets since It's perm. That's about it for Grenade launchers. Now, how about lasers and silencers to weapons? Silenced weapons can have different sounds but do less damage due to the silencer. Lasers that can turn on by D-PAD UP or... E on the keyboard. Pros and cons for silencers. Pros: Makes you not appear on radar, Adds a suppressor to your weapon, Looks cool. Cons: Changes reticle due to recoil being reduced (I may be wrong on this) Makes your weapon do less damage. Joker Only Attachment. Pros and cons of the laser. Pros: Makes your weapon looks badass with a laser on it. Laser color can be customized by buying skin colors for this with in-game joker tickets. 100 a piece. Laser appears on the person's chest. Lowers Reticle due to the laser. Adds a realize laser that's long and seeable when you walk. Cons: Can be located when shooting. People are aware of the laser meaning they can follow the laser while they're shooting and get caught off guard. This wraps it up. Please add on in the comments. And Please don't shit on me for my shitty cons, pros, or my Suggestion
  20. We almost have armas version of all weapon in APB i wish to get new version of NFAS-12 as ORIGIN-12 like this https://www.artstation.com/artwork/n6o89
  21. Hi, i don't know if this thread has been discussed before or not. Please add this to the road map, weapons are not balanced. we have seen it there, for example PMG ! dat OP range.
  22. i thought the weapon balance like you said in the video was going to be very minor changes if anything now i feel like the best choice would be to stop the nerfs in general and to stop this new weapon balance because i feel like it will further make apb lose players everyone is so used to quick scoping or whatever you call it and many people out there cash out on a lot of money on the yukon because of the way it performs i know this game is very fast paced but that's what makes apb very nice and very different and diverse compared to other games a lot of games out there have very repetitive weapon balances but what i liked about apb the most is the weapons on here were very different from one another which makes it diverse i don't like the improved rifling nerf and i am sure a lot of people out there don't like it either also i can speak for the people who don't like the yukon nerf and the nhvr nerf im going to be very realistic about this if this weapon balance does come a lot of fast paced players like me will just leave apb i like the weapon system the way it is now if anything the registry system and the servers just need a fix since when did people become so bad that they want this game to be slow paced and the weapons to be nerfed if i wanted such a weak weapon balance i would just go back on gta v honestly and people most of the time just stick around here because of social district due to customization my last proposal is to keep the current weapons the same and bring out new weapons that you want to implement the nerfs on to because in all honesty i would not be surprised if i still see a majority of people using the old weapons compared to the new ones i just don't see why as individuals we can't learn to coexist and coplay with and against each other than that the reason im typing all of this is because im trying to save my ogre and i learned how to go up against quick switchers with snipers and yukons and i still won a lot of times why can't everyone do the same instead why not just buff other weapons that aren't mainly used as much instead of just adding downgrades to current weapons and mods that are being used and that are actually good. and just because this post get's a lot of dislikes doesn't mean that of all i just mentioned wont happen because it will probably happen not everyone gets on the forums and when they find out what happended to their beloved weapons it's just going to end up being a dispute these changes are too much if people whine so much about not getting access to a joker weapon or if they feel that it's so overpowering why can't you little orbit just take off the joker boxes concept and start selling those legendarys for double the profit which guarantees that you will get the weapon instead of just gambling for them which will give less excuses for people to whine about just think about it.
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