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  1. Sniper rifles due to thier power are effective at all ranges. Its just skill required to use them when up close due to the poor rate of fire which is why I meantion only some sniper rifles. The weapon is usually used as a support weapon but is a weapon none the less. The rate of fire wouldnt be a major increase either. Theres different types of sniper rifles for different types of situations. There are even automatic sniper rifles in existance today. But to slow the rate of fire on a sniper rifle that already kills at about 1.70 which is HVR isnt appropriate. To do so is to take away from its support capabilities. Youd be asking them to make the weapon useless. The sniper would no longer be rewarded for sniping if he cant kill anything. Team members arent always going to be around to finish opponents off. To be able to kill is also apart of support. HVR is already nearing 2sec in TTK and when in a fight 2sec is life or death in majority of the cases for either you or your teammate. Youd be hindering anyone for using a sniper rifle. Youd need a sniper rifle that would one shot kills at this point and I doubt anyone wants that. A missed shot up close or long range already causes death with HVR for either you or the team member youre supporting. 1.7 even with Cooling jacket takes it over 3sec before another round can go out. Youre not supporting anyone if you were to increase this any farther. N tec has over damage increasing its effective range past its drop off before actually having an impact. Then you stack improve rifling on top of that with its rate of fire and you could definitely kill someone nearing 70m. Its Putting out 6 bullets every .70 seconds. If you double that itd be 12 at 1.40. If you were to tripple it youd be putting out 18 bullets in 2 seconds. At 70m'ish you cant full auto but you still fire rounds pretty fast compared to 3 shot sniper rifles. Im guessing itd take maybe 10 to 11 rounds at that range. With a steady hand you could effectively still kill before a 3 shot sniper rifle. at 1.53.
  2. I feel the only true way to deal with this would be to bring sniper rifles closer to rifles in function without effecting the game drastically. The way the game is designed like youve both stated means at most youd get about a good 80m max of space ever between you and your opponent. Increasing the rate of fire on certain sniper rifles would give those who use them a fighting chance at closer ranges. You wouldnt lose the feel or skill required to use a sniper rifle and yet be able to retaliate if you have the skill to do so at close range. This is how most other games solve this very problem. They also use close range sights like red dots on sniper rifles. The way ive delt with it in apb is to go without a accuracy mod on my hvr. This allows me to maintain good accuracy when kneeling and kill targets about 15m away. If they introduced a mod that increased accuracy without the zoom while aiming down the sight Im sure itd help sniper rifles extremely. You would no longer need to kneel and things like mobility sling would go well with it.
  3. I feel that currently most weapon ranges do feel quite right. Like what I meantioned above about n tec being able to snipe doesnt bother me. I honestly feel the weapon is perfectly fine. I would just like to see weapons that currently see no use be useful then to be over looked or completely replaced by other weapons. I think thatd be a very positive thing for the game. Especially weapons like harbinger that offer a more unique playstyle with its ability to rapid fire and snipe.
  4. What I mean by this is that you have weapons like n tec 5 hitting targets at very long ranges with modifications and performing sniping tasks better then weapons specifically designed to do that very task. Anubis at the moment for example has damage drop off at 80m. n tec 5 if i recall has min damage drop off 60 or 65m. It does max damage at 50m with Improved rifling 3 itd make the weapon go to 57m. Damage drop off doesnt happen all at once so your effectly extending the range to about 65m for sure. With the higher rate of fire making it less noticeable and almost instantly replacing the damage lost. Your talking about a fully automatic sniper rifle sniper rifle that could possibly kill at 70m in the right hands. Itd also have more uses rendering certain snipers completely useless.
  5. I have never posted on these forums until now but I felt it was important to address some of the weapons/class of weapons that I feel really need work on a competitive level. I have played competitively for years and have participated in several tournaments so what I post here and what Id like to see posted here are things that genuinely need improvement on a competitive level. This means weapons that when used correctly and to thier full capabilities still cannot compete with weapons that are outside of its class/role. Weapons outside of the designated role either out perform them completely or render them inefficient/useless when performing the same task/role. For example the anubis adeem. As it stands it has no use. Poor accuracy, less effective range compared to other sniper rifles, slow rate of fire compared to weapons like obir or an N-tec 5. These two weapons out perform anubis at its own task which shouldnt be happening. At the most anubis should atleast be able to compete evenly due to range and accuracy because it is a sniper rifle. So below I'll be stating why these few weapons from my personal experience need work and why. Anubis Adeen Rebalancing - From what Ive found on the weapon Time To Kill - 1.53 I feel it should be reduced to 1.43. This weapon has more incommon with a rifle then an actual sniper rifle. So bringing the fire rate closer to a rifle such as obir is a step in the right direction. Accuracy - This weapon needs a buff in accuracy. Its very noticeable how inaccurate the weapon is even at mid to semi long range. For a sniper rifle to be called a sniper rifle it needs to meet this requirement. Even when managing recoil itll miss during tests at mid range even though recoil is repeatedly kept in check when firing the weapon at max speed. It has a built in accuracy modification that when paired with heavy barrel 2 makes the weapon usuable to some degree. I still feel this weapon needs improvement in accuracy though. Damage - As it stands the gun sits at a 3 shot kill. Having heavy barrel 2 reduces that damage to the point that any kevlar opponents makes the weapon a 4 shot kill. Heavy barrel 2 cant be taken off without loss off accuracy per shot due to how inaccurate the weapon is to begin with per shot. I feel this weapon either needs a small buff in damage to keep it at 3 and keep its overall effectiveness or to counter act the required use of heavy barrel and give it the accuracy it needs per shot. Sniping takes alot of skill. I dont believe players who go out of thier way to master such weapons should be penalized for it. Snipings a difficult thing to do to begin with dont make it harder with virtually no reward. Harbinger - Time to kill - .90 I feel the harbinger is completely useless at this moment. Its not functioning like its suppose to at all. Its a sidearm thats an sniper rifle that currently just warns someone with the first shot fired at them. But I feel the time to kill is perfectly fine. So with that we move on to accuracy. Accuracy - Currently this weapons two biggest problems are the accuracy degration per shot and recoil. It already requires 4 shots to kill so these two draw backs need to be reduced to have any chance of making this weapon effective if you decide to go this route. A very small reduction in recoil and less reticle bloom per shot/accuracy degration per shot. This route i believe will have the weapon function as originally intended without making the weapon too strong. It will function alot like a 4 shot rifle. Which is what it is a primary side arm like the rest of the magnums. Magnums are apbs way of giving those who have short range primary weapons a fighting chance against those with long range capabilities. Weapon roles are just reverse. Damage - If you do not go the accuracy route then the next best thing would be increased damage per shot. The gun would still require the same amount of skill to wield with virtually no differences in function except now youd be rewarded for it. By turning the weapon into a 3 shot kill itd give your oppenent less of a chance to get away due to the fact that youd need less shots realigned. This however has a draw back. By reducing shots required to kill and maintaining the same fire rate would cause the weapon to kill at .675. Which is a little faster then average assault rifle Time to kill at .70. So youd need to slow the fire rate down to counter act the increased time to kill to keep it around .90. Recoil and accuracy degration could still counter act this however. Its very doubtful that someone could possible land all 3 shots at max speed at long range due to the accuracy degration itself even if you manage the recoil. I feel this weapon would end up functioning alot more like a combination of the Joker RFP-9 and colby RSA if you went this route. The playstyle would be a cross between the two which necessary isnt a bad thing. Ill post more later but for now this is a small bit of what Ive been thinking needs rebalancing and my reasons why.
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