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  1. OCA is overbuffed. ACT44 was already useless. now is worse than snub. Obeya CR762 shoud be nerfed like Obir.
  2. EAC was much better. Oldest hackers is back. Also hitreg is gone to poop now.
  3. Got lag spikes and ghost shots. Can't kill silvers with OCA.
  4. Nothing interesting. Better add trade permanent JT weps for ingame money between players.
  5. So macro might be bannable? How about encrypt all config files?
  6. <- Wallhack for Tryhards. Ruining the game.
  7. Rifles (CR762, OBIR, joker) cuz not fun against macro kids.
  8. "No muzzle flash" is bannable or not? I want try that too, cuz it's give advantage.
  9. Some people still streaming with "no muzzle flash" and "no fog" shaders. They don't care.
  10. NERF OBEYA CR762 Fast as possible. With macro rapid fire that weapon kills instantly from any distance. Bayland is full of them.
  11. Better allow trade JT weapons on the market.
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