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  1. It's like 1 death : 5 kills... Of course it's possible as a legit player aswell. You can do 5 - 1 | 10 - 2 | 15 - 3, but you can't get a score of 76 - 15? Ofc it's not very likely considering the difference in kills compared to all other players, but impossible? certainly not!
  2. FluttershyI


    Devs have to fix it, we can't do anything about it
  3. FluttershyI


    The game has screenshots build in aswell xDDD
  4. To be honest I think it's a good thing they are at least getting in some new events. As long as the issues wich present themselves get resolved in the process or shortly after
  5. This exactly illustrates the problem. You either choose to run and die or to keep standing and die...
  6. Just the reduced cooldown that premium gives has to be eliminated. Premium should not ever give an in-game advantage. Right now a player who isn't premium has to wait much longer to be able to activate their modifications. If you ask me mods, grenades, cars and cooldowns in general is something wich they should adress and play around with. It's way more interesting and a bigger improvement than weapon balance. For instance: Low yields and percs, damage and amount of grenades you can carry? Why can percs stun a player etc? Almost nobody is using spotter, will it be a more viable mod with lower cooldown? Why would you use a Growl if has no speed advantage over a 4x4? etc. etc. And usables!? Why can you drop portable shields wich makes it (almost) impossible to kill you? And isn't fieldsupplier kind of underpowered compared to ammo boxes now)? This could use some overall revision now things have been changed and added. Make more set-ups viable and allow this diversity...
  7. It might have been ok, if they can't drive the car up to your position. It's not like grenades wich have a fuse time of 3-5 seconds and can be dodged or survived. If you are doing a point or are at any place there's a wall or fence you'de have to climb to flee into the other direction you are simply dead. Also when you see the warning flash you are dead already and the audio doesn't work many times you die from it so... In short, the problem is that it can not be anticipated many times you get killed by it. Either because you can't run from it or you'de have to stop fighting to flee the explosion but get shot anyways by an enemy. In my opinion it's simply too much of a problem and the mod doesn't have any drawbacks (you can use it like a regular car and place all mods you'de want), it's a 2 second landmine compared to 5 second grenades wich tagg you 85%. Firebomb with it's cooldown and preset mods (no carspawn and it gets damaged faster) is far less of a problem.
  8. Even more important, they should increase the time it takes to explode the car. Most of the time you notice it's activated and you can't do a damn about it anymore because it's an Espacio with Explosives 3...
  9. @MattScott Can you guys create some minor improvements before the re-launch of 12 deaths? I have 2 main concerns: The PSR is still one of the weapons while it's nerf will make it really difficult to play with. You can't move easially and still have accuracy to hit with decent damage. Also some the SBSR isn't great so maybe switch around just a few of the weapons... Please make a seperate district for snowball wars so I dont have to play this event or end up hopping back and forward... I just want the ability to play 12 deaths during the holliday as it's great fun and many people dont like snowball wars.
  10. FluttershyI

    Did they ever Nerf the NTEC?

    They nerfed the improved rifling modification, so if it's in your N-Tec is therefor will shoot slower. The weapon itself hasn't been nerfed though.
  11. Ok, this instantly convinced me to revert this. It will be broken asf due to bad hitboxes of cars.
  12. @MattScott I have more details on this now. Showstopper Thunder says: "Jokerbox" and all other legendaries "tradable" when you are trying to select them with the new trading system. This is the issue why players are now still forced to trade it trough marketplace.
  13. I have been running into the issue that I haven't been able to select my Showstopper to use it in a trade (With the new trading system, can be placed on market). Another player had the same issue while the weapon was NOT traded previously and not on cooldown. Can you guys please confirm if this is indeed a bug with this latest legendary and needs to be fixed?
  14. There's nothing wich would make a CSG better apart from 3PS maybe. There's already the TAS 20 with RS3 + Mag Pull and a CSG with Tagger and Mag Pull. So I see no issue to make PR1 an open slotted weapon but we also have the PR2. Maybe keep that extended mag and add 1 open slot