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  1. They aren't wizzards who can retrieve data out of the air. If there are no records, they have no other option than to invalidate these items. It would be unfair towards Citadel aswell to have Russian players keep special items of wich it's uncertain where they came from or weren't actually bought as legendaries. Also they clearly couldn't have know everything about the game uppon purchase
  2. Well, blame the company who origionally caused these issues... Innova is the cause, not LO/G1 who shut down it's services, basically they should be happy to keep any items and be able to play with their old accounts again.
  3. Whatever you guys do, don't kill legendaries all together or release them in other ways because after the Armas weapons releashed in the Joker Tickets store it will be the final time this game has ever seen G1C from people who paid for them. Already too many times I got screwed over on legendary boxes like Tiggs give away and the Medusa's.
  4. It should be like previously in Baylan shipping... And they could just aswell replace normal fightclub for the time being
  5. The point of rebalancing is creating balance, hence why you should include all other relevant secondaries aswell. What's the point now? We all know RSA/Commander and ACT 44, Harbinger etc. are way worse than the current RFP so that should be accounted and leveled better. Also creating changes will eventually create other issues or required rebalances so you can't just do this in these kind of phases.
  6. Actually 2 yolos are enough to kill somebody (575). But you might actually be right somewhat. They have the travel speed, fuse time and amount of 3 grenades going for them. With 6 seconds fuse timer you can deal 2 x 57,5% damage wich 115%, in 9 seconds 3 x 57,5% damage traveling into the direction of an enemy dealing 172,5% damage. Frags/concs deal more damage and have a larger explosion area. Concs for instance could deal 99% damage, in 5 seconds and 198% in 10 seconds with a slower travel with the benefit of doing more damage to vehicles. That seems somewhat fair since yolo's need to serve some purpose aswell. - I think though that reducing one of the apects above would still make them great grenades. Like 3,5s fuse or whatever, but I wouldn't know unless different aspects get tested. It's just the general opinion I saw a lot on the forums and I just added it to the list.
  7. It's a huge issue to get the ability to stay alive a few more seconds? I can think of many situations/objectives and fights with multiple players involved. Of course it's meant to give cover but it's just not a good idea in APB. You can just drop it almost instantly in any place to get almost 100% safety, certainly when your teammates are involved in the fight the enemy will have no chance to coock a nade in most situations. Also in case he is tagged aswell you can just peak over it quickly and kill him (an enemy would stand no chance), if you'de have to hold the shield it would also be really different. TTK of weapons is like over just half a second aswell, so a few seconds without piercing ability... I don't know.
  8. The issue with shields is that in certain situations it's almost functioning like some kind of god mode when you are tagged or would normally die, unlike kevlar or the elpherine spray wich will allows you to run away more quickly or have (some) extra health there's no downsides to it either. Especially when you're level with your opponent or on higher ground placing the shield, it can be a challenge or impossible to kill the other player behind the shield since you can't pierce it or shoot over it unless you have a commander or cap 40. Taking the time to trow a grenade will allow the player to easially kill you or you'll already have been shot by his teammates in the time you try to re-position yourself behing the shield, wich of course also has allowed the player to re-gen his health fully. - Just an example here:
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