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  1. I think it's added up for the future though. So you will of course not be paying for nothing
  2. Great, altough submitting a ticket would not even be an option... Honestly what's wrong with support atm. Waiting time was well over 2 weeks for me. I got asked extra account information and I'm already waiting for over a week again. Usually I'de at least get a response back the next day, when a ticket has been replied to... Also it's a pretty critical one.
  3. Please extend the freaking premium at least, than I'll be happy so I can do some designing now I have the time
  4. If we'de at least get premium compensation while this is going on, it's not wasting subscription and allows me to finish an outfit on one of my chars
  5. 2020 should be all about community feedback, community feedback.. Only then this game can have a great future!
  6. I guess the fact that it stayed at 22 - 0 says enough for the actions and feedback towards next years event
  7. Did you guys actually take into account what players like or would have wanted? To me it would have made sense to take the most succesful gamemode (12 Deaths) and refresh it somewhat to make it a bit more exiting as it already is. Am I wrong about that? I think it would have been a recipe for succes to move around some geometry (maybe from Riot Mode wich isn't being used) and/or change some weapons, move around contacts etc. Am I the only one?
  8. Practically everything is broken... Rewards not working 'again' and I'de consider it a huge failure if the new event is just these snowball fights, just get over it that you can't create events and bring back 12 deaths (maybe with different weapons). The only thing you should have done is keep the succesfull things going instead of trying trash mode after trash mode
  9. What about weapon balance? Thunder, shotguns etc. in what thread is that now
  10. I dislike the change, no way to defend in a close range situation very well since you can't switch. A bit clunky and taking the pace from gameplay, it's just a rifle and not a sniper. If they make this change Obir will certainly have better alternatives
  11. They aren't wizzards who can retrieve data out of the air. If there are no records, they have no other option than to invalidate these items. It would be unfair towards Citadel aswell to have Russian players keep special items of wich it's uncertain where they came from or weren't actually bought as legendaries. Also they clearly couldn't have know everything about the game uppon purchase
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