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  1. Worst purchase? Probably my 3 CSG's without IR3 atm, The Swarm, Star LCR maybe... Most other weapons I don't like atm are either legendaries, loyalty rewards (tommy gun) or weapons from packs
  2. Didn't they describe they wouldn't transfer money and legendaries?
  3. This might be the final, not so well executed plan in a short while, that'll actually kill this game forever...
  4. That's doen't seem like a very good idea to me...
  5. I'm not saying that. Atm it's a straight downgrade wich is the problem... You ever wrote the description of it's mod? Outside Marksmanship: -10% base accuracy +50% equip time (!) When in Marksmanship Mode: Switches to a 4-Round Burst (wich makes it even suck even more) You can even kill somebody with an entire mag like this quickly unless you are basically hugging this player and there's nothing special about that TTK anymore. Combine that with bad reload speed and it has become absolute trash
  6. It's very good they did, but it would have been better if they changed the burst fire mode so the weapon would still be decent and/or change equip and reload speeds of it.
  7. Another problem... Yukon is also way worse now after this "fix" than it should be. It has very bad equip time and reload speed so right now there's no reason for it to exist. The normal mountie is much better now and can actually be used is MM mode. The burst fire mode of the Yukon is really bad... It's like they don't understand that I as a player have spend 40 euros in JMB's to get such a weapon for it to be nerfed into the ground again. Same with my 3 freaking CSG's. And totally of topic but freaking help me and my friend with our support ticket after trying to get a reaction for 2,5 years!?
  8. To be fully honest I can't understand how they tried to rebalance things but actually didn't fix a single issue and created new ones... They didn't learn from G1, it takes time, testing and feedback. Weapon balance is still completely trash. CSG is now clearly worse than JG, it's OCA, N-tec all the way... I mean, how hard could it be. Make nerfed weapons usable again like the tommy gun and fix N-tec, OCA, Nfas etc.
  9. They can't do -50% as I would want to charge back all my weapons I paid much more for
  10. Overlay crosshairs are allowed actually, so there's not an issue at all
  11. Looking at the past neither players from my clan including myself ever got banned. I got reported a million times and called out aswell as a cheater. Still I have never seen anybody get falsely flagged
  12. It's like 1 death : 5 kills... Of course it's possible as a legit player aswell. You can do 5 - 1 | 10 - 2 | 15 - 3, but you can't get a score of 76 - 15? Ofc it's not very likely considering the difference in kills compared to all other players, but impossible? certainly not!
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