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  1. LOL what a joke. Maybe people dont play because they actually CANT? OOM every 15 mins. do i really need to downgrade to play a fkin game?
  2. Just like a year ago i again have unsolvable issues which i think i will blame on the anti cheat cuz it was as soon as battle-eye came back. log into any district, 15-20 minutes. disconnected due to 'connection problems' Funny how this sorted itself out when EAC was implemented.
  3. pretty sure he got banned or smth last year
  4. You are just absolutely clueless as to what the engine updgrade would bring to the game.
  5. JG is useless. 4 hits no kill at literally 5 m distance. NFAS unusable, CSG too. WHAT? OCA spray at 30m insta kill. great balance
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