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Found 6 results

  1. I specifically said the first time to leave auto shotguns alone but noo you people just had to whine about them and now i am seeing posts of people claiming some automatic shotguns are broken or over op or less op g1 may screwed up on a lot of things but they sure knew how to keep the shotguns right I’m just glad i see the same people who disagreed with me in the first place now disagreeing against the new changes im glad you’re upset you deserve to be upset. and the topic is about why the new shotgun changes is unnecessary
  2. Hey, i have been testing the Shotguns and Ntec changes in the prototype districts since they were released and have a few comments -Shotguns feels great. The only thing i could point out is that there could have been alitlle more damage on the CSG shotguns. Nfas could have had alitlle less damage and less spread. Else than that i have no complaints what so ever. -The Ntec i have mixed feelings about i think it would feel alot more balanced if the bloom modifier was set to alitlle more. And the shot modifier cap to be alitlle less. Else than that it feels better and the CQC abilities has been decreased a bit and the gun overall feels alot more balanced. Which is what was needed from the start. -The next gun i would like to be looked at is the misery. That gun is alot of fun to use but it just dosn't compete with the guns of it's class and should have had an improved TTK. Everything else on the gun is fine could have lowered the bloom modifier a bit to be able to keep alitlle more up with a faster TTK aswell. Thanks for taking the time, SarRzer
  3. Why did the СSG shotgun make the shotgun JG inferior in all respects? Yes, its accuracy is greater, but because of the large number of pellets and small damage to the pellet, the player has almost no margin for error. And if you get to the edge of the hitbox, the damage will be very small (20-30 hp, less often 40 hp). Sometimes you have to make up to 4 hits to kill an opponent. But with a shotgun in the melee is not so easy to get all the shots without a miss, the enemy does not stand still. It needs to be a genius to consistently fall into the center of the hitbox. As a result, the game with CSG becomes extremely unstable, but with JG is another matter. Even with CSG it is much easier to kill the enemy at a distance within the limits of the permissible value than with JG. And this gun (CSG) last for G1С? Here's an idea for you to do CSG by type Stabba - NL9. Make all the parameters as in Stabba - NL9 only change the Stamina Damage to the Health Damage. After all, there must be a difference between CSG and JG. After all, initially the advantage CSG was in the range but with less damage per shot. Well, or at least make the characteristics CSG and JG completely identical. P.S. It has been translated into Google by a translator from Russian, I don’t know the English language myself.
  4. Hi there, I've been getting into shotguns as of last week and starting to appreciate their playstyle. I landed on the good ol 12 gauge JG, mostly because I feel like the Colby CSG/TAS is less trustworthy in terms of damage output when fighting around cover. Any opinions on this opinion from more experienced pump-action shotgun users? Auto shotties I dont consider a real weapon sorry, no offense.
  5. Anyone has noticed that, since shotguns reload shell by shell, having a mod that increases or reduces your ammo amount, and also touch your reload speed animation, breaks it a little? Extended Magazine 3 on JG: Increases your shells by 2, which means in your reload animation you have now to reload 10 shells, which is already slower than reloading 8, but, it also makes your reload animation slower, taking way longer to reload every shell. In result it takes way too long to reload the shotgun. In the other hand we have the opposite: Magazine Pull 3 on JG: Decreases your shells by 2, and makes your reload animation really fast, making you reload in literally 1 second. Shouldn't they tweak this mods function in Shotguns? Thanks for reading, have a nice day.
  6. Heavy Barrel has no effect on shotguns As a test it would be interesting to see Heavy Barrel get the added benefit of reducing shotgun spread, now that Improved Rifling murders TTK -10 / 20 / 30% Accuracy loss -5 / 10 / 15% Shotgun pellet spread ( a far cry from the DOW's 35% ) -5 / 10 / 15% weapon damage It'd prioritize aiming properly since you need to make up the damage loss by hitting more pellets, and their CQC effectiveness will also be reduced, as tighter spread = need better aim = less likely to hit partial shots unless your aim is on point The effectiveness at range would still be kept in line by the damage reduction, seeing as shotguns don't have great drop-off ranges
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