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Found 3 results

  1. I know there is a already a topic releated to that, but I would like to share my own idea in a own topic about that. For me it's a big change that I always have to run to the joker machine to buy ammo. But I think it is a good idea to change that, because now the joker machine has a sense in that game. Still I have a few ideas to make it better: More options to buy ammo: Purchcase Ammo for only 1 categorie (we already have that) Purchcase Ammo for all equipped weapons Purchcase Ammo for all categories Automatically buying ammo: I think there should be a option to automatically buy ammo, but if you enable that you have to pay extra money. So for all people who are annoyed of running to joke machine, they can pay extra and get their ammo refilled. All other people who want to save some money can run to the machine and buy the ammo on their own. Example: What you guys think about it? Is automatically buying ammo maybe unfair in gameplay? Would like to hear some opinions!
  2. -25% -25% And not the whole ammo store (Although it consists of one bullet)
  3. Anyone has noticed that, since shotguns reload shell by shell, having a mod that increases or reduces your ammo amount, and also touch your reload speed animation, breaks it a little? Extended Magazine 3 on JG: Increases your shells by 2, which means in your reload animation you have now to reload 10 shells, which is already slower than reloading 8, but, it also makes your reload animation slower, taking way longer to reload every shell. In result it takes way too long to reload the shotgun. In the other hand we have the opposite: Magazine Pull 3 on JG: Decreases your shells by 2, and makes your reload animation really fast, making you reload in literally 1 second. Shouldn't they tweak this mods function in Shotguns? Thanks for reading, have a nice day.
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