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Found 28 results

  1. Hi there! I am a long time player and i just wanna ask a simple question. Is there anything to look forward?! Cuz the recent years i didn't experienced anything new regarding the new engine (note: i was at the beta test)
  2. idk if i am the only one who thinks that some vehicles have horrible physics like the patriot v20..ect, this is something that really should have change in this game cuz vehicles are kind of important in it. it won't take much work could be improved with the engine upgrade.
  3. I know there is a already a topic releated to that, but I would like to share my own idea in a own topic about that. For me it's a big change that I always have to run to the joker machine to buy ammo. But I think it is a good idea to change that, because now the joker machine has a sense in that game. Still I have a few ideas to make it better: More options to buy ammo: Purchcase Ammo for only 1 categorie (we already have that) Purchcase Ammo for all equipped weapons Purchcase Ammo for all categories Automatically buying ammo: I think there should be a option to automatically buy ammo, but if you enable that you have to pay extra money. So for all people who are annoyed of running to joke machine, they can pay extra and get their ammo refilled. All other people who want to save some money can run to the machine and buy the ammo on their own. Example: What you guys think about it? Is automatically buying ammo maybe unfair in gameplay? Would like to hear some opinions!
  4. Well basically I see all these little changes to PC and no road-map or any future update news for Console, so I would love to know what's in store for console (update wise) in the future and also if the dev team right now is even considering console and they are just set on PC? Thanks for your time, Wankatizer.
  5. So in my paranoia I had a thought. What if LO decided to add Two-Step Authentication to accounts? I mean with how much money people spend to only have their account compromised or lost you'd think they would implement some sort of extra security measure as a last resort kinda thing. I just can't see a downside to it. Even if it's an email two-step authorizing first time sign ins for the forums or even the game itself it'd make me feel a lot more safe. Just my two cents on it. Thoughts? Opinions?
  6. The last couple of months has been pretty crazy for the APB community. So many old players are coming back from the unbans and so many new players are trying the game for the first time, we're hitting population levels higher than ever in the past two years. APB received it's first update in over a year and a half iirc. LO has people's attention and a great deal of hope is being placed in them. Things are changing at a way faster pace then it was a year ago, but for better or for worse has yet to be determined. Everything so far points towards progress so with that in mind what are some of the biggest changes that you guys are looking forward to seeing in APB with the coming months/years? Obviously an engine update is in need, so before they really decide to add anything major to the game it should most likely wait till post engine update. But personally I'm hoping that after the update we see at least a handful of new cars. Not super sport luxury or anything of the sort. Just maybe a bigger verity of civilian cars. More compacts, sedans, SUVs and trucks. Or even at least different kits/models for the existing ones. I feel a weapon rebalance should be a thing, not suggesting what should be rebalanced though. Maybe a wider array of weapons too? I know we have a lot right now but the majority of them are remeshes. Honestly, ask yourself, in your weapon lockers, from Loyalty rewards and the likes, how many damn remeshes do you have? Sword, PDW, C9 and PSR. Those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. And two of them are the same thing! So definitely adding weapons just to bring something new to use into the game would be nice. Given they aren't ARMAs or Joker Distribution guns. Gotta make something new for the common man right? Something to get people to work towards. New cars from contacts would be nice. Unlike the Growl that was supposed to be for everyone turned out to be a half a mil sad mess that didn't have any other slot variants besides freebie 2 slot or premium 4 slot. (As far as I know, and I even bought Pack of Rev on launch for acc bound). Oh and the Coywolf is only available to free players though a massive grind and it's not even customize-able. And this is coming from someone who owns two of them for both his crim and enf. Again, just spit balling ideas. As always, curious to hear what you guys think. TL;DR Want new civ cars that are available to FTP and P2P gamers alike. Same with weapons, More unique weapons that aren't remeshes and a weapon balance.
  7. We know that after the trading system that the UE3.5 is next to come if that vivox thing don't put a hold on that work. Will we get a blogpost/post on where the team is now with UE3.5? Some screenshots/video's anything to show progress? There was a video of UE3.5 on another POST where Matt said that the game does not look like what LO has right now so i'm sure most of us are curious on how it is now. Good or Bad news, share it with us, as you mentioned in your old blogpost. It doesnt have to be tomorrow, but maybe next week or 2. Give us an update on where UE3.5 is atm if posible!
  8. Im sick of getting team killed and going negative because of irresponsible team mates but it shouldint count as a death when it comes to the leader board that’s it why should team killing count as deaths?
  9. So I had a thought. I know they're usually trash but, I thought that the option to remove parts on cars while customizing could be a nice addition. They have (for the most part) very detailed internals and when the hood breaks/bends it exposes the engine and whatnot. So why not be able to remove the hood? Or take out the head/tail lights. Maybe even bumpers? The new "mad max"ish customization could be endless. And it'd be pretty cool to just have exposed engines anyways. Oh, and while doing this I faintly remember someone saying something in an old thread about "it'd defeat the purpose of having armored engines" and whatnot in the game lore. BUT I do agree if someone were to remove quarter panels or doors that it wouldn't be a bare skeleton, Most likely with some sort of metal plating, probably the heavier looking based on the vehicles weight (Nulander "class" having thick 10mm plating or something) But as far as the engine goes, It'd def show the armored engine bay, there's no way it wouldn't. But as for the top side. (nades being thrown in and whatnot) If that's an issue just add a clear bullet resistant plastic hood. Or have the option of a top armor plate. Kinda like the Waragi plate but it'd be thinner and go between the heatsheilding in the hood. Just some thoughts, curious to hear what you guys think.
  10. Now I'm not saying by any means that these ideas I'm putting out there are fool proof nor perfect or what should happen in fact. It's open for discussion. For the most part, a one stop and shop in the corner of social is the only spot of "social" interaction and players huddle around there and then either hang around for a while longer or move dist. I personally think that social is very underutilized and could benefit from a few things and sort of "fill out" social and make it more lively. I know it would be at the cost of convenience but I've got a few suggestions of my own and I'm always curious as to what everyone else thinks on this. - Separate the "one stop and shop" corner. - Spreading out the shops and make each shop unique to what it sells and style the interior accordingly? - Make faction only items available only from a shop/contact in the faction clubs. (That's kind of a thing already but it's not locked to them or anything. Again, "one stop and shopping". - Usable seating in clubs, social areas and park benches. (I know that sounds kinda RPish and cringey BUT it would help with social grouping and making the game lively. If it isn't your cup of tea than so be it. You don't have to use it. - Mini games? Arcade area? Something that can show the peaceful atmosphere and inspire friendly competition between crims and enfs in true spirit of Social. - Update the car customization area/dealership. Make people's display cars open to the public, maybe lay a few out in front of the doors going into the dealership. (Contest winners held by LO/CMs for customization?) I don't exactly know, those are just a few suggestions that I've thought about. I'm a sucker for the lore and the free spirit of APB, I'd just hate to see so much potential go to waste with social.
  11. can someone in admin tell us wtf is going on with the servers??? 60fps 33 server latency 60 latency 0 packet loss. but im lagging like i have 30 packet loss. everyone crashes, all the time crashing servers. and no replies for even a word from admins. can we know whats going on? and don't tell us, thats the personal problem, cause it's NOT. and i still hate u for 77 dmg for HVR its not the canon in CQC. everyone picks scout obeya and oscar for that. scout now have a QS. 2 shots from 45. pistol then momental shot from scout. cause its fastest now. why not nerf scout in jump? its cancer. sorry my patootie is on fire cause HVR have to be powerful. its heavy. now scout is better in everything... i hate scouts. and love hvr. not only me. sorry for my bad english. im russian...
  12. This is more of a question directly posed to the devs, since I don't think any of us from the community has seen the code changes. Q1: Apart from the shown shadows/shaders facelift, will the game bring improved physics and other things, such as an increased spawn distance + more pedestrians to give the city some more life? (since optimized code should strain the servers less) Q2: Are there going to be any additions that G1 had done but didn't/couldn't finish? EDIT: I understand that it's about upgrading the code into the new engine version to make it more workable with, however my question is that whether along those lines, if during those long years of development hell there were some projects/improvements that were meant to be released with the update/upgrade.
  13. Revert patch please :c http://prntscr.com/kjf1zp Whenever I try to join district on my group or friends i get this message. broken APB Nevermind, I think it has just been fixed in the most recent patch.
  14. Last time I'm bringing this up but when the SDK passes can we get the showstopper and the new joker store weapons cause people would be delighted to have better joker store weapons. Either way I gotta stop asking this. Also I had saw on OTW that the joker store was updated with new weapons and some even being from legendary boxes. It be nice if the first update after the SDK passes and we get the new joker weapons in the shop on the consoles. Sorry to keep asking.
  15. cyral


    Needs to be REMOVED from the game RIGHT FREAKIN NOW...... My Character with the keyboard and mouse UNPLUGGED continues to move on his own and look skyward. he moves in a RIGHT CIRCLE pattern I NEVER had this problem until the update 2 days ago. With repeated LAUNCHER REPAIRS these actions are starting to stress me out.. the ANTI-CHEAT still keeps kicking me alot... But with PERSISTENT log in attempts I'm able to log in... Now do I have to go on the bandwagon just to get an LO appointed "individual" to even look at these problems and respond accordingly???? The Launcher is FUCKED...my character doesn't have keyboard or mouse commands and goes ballistic on his own...even EMPTYING clips of ammo BY HIS FREAKIN SELF.. WHAT GIVES????????? Merged. no worries...I just LOST a FREE Premium weekend on the update issue... I've already uninstalled and will install AFTER the bugs get worked out.. good luck getting the buggy shit 2 wor
  16. It is the year 20XX where the war between the vigilantes and criminals of San Paro has escalated to its literal peak. After the introduction of commercially available space craft in the 2030's, the battle for San Paro has reached the new lunar colonies that inhabit the desolate surface. The colonies and their many colonists are now under a constant threat as the war rages between the two factions. With the recent discovery of a scientific technique called generational weaving has given birth to what equates as time machines which allow the denizens of modern day San Paro the accessibility of entering the new lunar front and later returning back to the present. Welcome to the moon in the future! The surface is abundant with large clusters of steel hulks and towering observatories. These structures provide a varying range of utilities such as safe zones for when the atmosphere runs thin or shields for the occasional meteor showers. Multiple entrances and exits are available on each hulk such as large oxygen induction ducts or regular automatic bulkheads. Interiors of these hulks usually comprise of very open and very vertical halls that incentivize the use of the moon's low gravity and their new Jetpacks. But you may be thinking, "That's all nice and all, but how can we do anything if we can't breathe?" Good point, sir! Let me introduce you to the atmospheric generation towers! These large, towering towers contain huge turbines in the upper hull that create and pour out more than 10,000 gallons of oxygen every minute! This constant expulsion of oxygen has produced small spherical areas of breathable surface across the vast sea of white lunar geography. Along with the advancements in human infrastructure comes the advancements in weapon technology. The future's weapons use various types of elements for multiple scenarios such as punching through armor using HVFSDST rounds or using super-focused beams of light on soft targets. Let's look at some of the new additions to our ever-growing arsenal! These are only a few of the many new additions you'll be able to obtain and use in your space arsenal! Other weapons include, but are not limited to, laser-guided meteor launchers and subsonic grenade launchers which are sure to suit the new high momentum gameplay brought in the update. And speaking of high momentum... Ever seen how astronauts on the moon just used to hop around to travel? Not really practical in a firefight is it? Well no need to worry! We've got that covered too with two new modes of transportation for astronomical conflicts! Introducing the.. Your Lunar Rover can be equipped any existing vehicle modification and still maintain it's defining characteristics! The open-top design of the rover also grants the perk of quick exiting and entering of the vehicle, which IS handy in a firefight. But that's not all! All of your dreams will come true once you are able to obtain your very own... That's right! A Jetpack! This new character modification takes you and your battles to the solar skies as this opens up a whole new range of tactical options and environmental navigation! In the current times, a new modification like this just being released would be exceptional... But in the future... what would be a new modification for your character that couldn't be modified itself!? We're not cavemen! Say hello to Jetpack Modifications! These serve to diversify the usage the and the versatility of the new jetpack to help during certain situations. Such as blasting off into the air right before your rover blows up. Or just a bit more fuel to stay airborne while the enemies fall to their doom! Take a look at the new modifications below! And with the modifying of modifications discussion going on, we're going to show you how to modify your jetpack, just look below and follow the guide! Now you might be literally riding the edge of your seat and seething at the mouth by now due to the shear amount of excitement building up inside you. And want to know how you too, can fly around and shoot people on the moon. Well no need to fear, all you would need to do is purchase an Eclipse Ticket which grants access to the time machine in the Social District. The ticket won't be a cheap ride for newer folks, costing a whooping $1,000,000 of in-game cash, the method of acquiring those funds is up to you, but the cost is non negotiable. You can purchase from one of two contacts in front of the time machine, who will also provide the missions, activities, and equipment for the new stellar battleground. After purchasing all you have to do is interact with the machine and accept the warp. And from there, the rest of the adventure is for you to discover! That pretty much wraps up the majority of the concepts for proposed update, any and all feedback would be appreciated! I thank everyone who read the entire article or takes it into consideration. Remember! With enough support, this update could become a reality! Now I know that some of you more observant folk probably realized that you've seen and supported this proposal before! Do not fret however! This is just a simple migration of APB history to the new forums; and besides, it seemed apt being the new company is called Little Orbit. Can't wait for the future! So everyone... - SteamAnimator
  17. Suggestion to improve the game with few resources quickly and get new players. "APB Fast and Dangerous". "Run over all" concept are very funny, fast and fragile cars on crashes and explosions. Why not increase speed of cars to more fun gameplay? More fast much more fun. I think its a good improvement to get new players. Honestly i think a good cars with fast engines are "sexy" to new players, New players love fast cars!!!, big jumps and stupid crashes are funny its perfect for all. Little orbit is working on repairs the game source-code to update the graphic engine while developing RIOT, but I'm sure that fast cars and sexy characters will attract a lot more audience. New clothes or more clothes for new players are good idea to get new players. Fast cars and good looking characters get new players sure 100% Thanks for read, Regards Español (lengua nativa) (native languaje) Una manera sencilla de ganar jugadores es hacer los coches más rápidos y que sufran daños fuerte al estrellarse para hacerlo mas divertido, añadir algo de ropa y hacer anuncios de coches con chicas/os guapos siempre funciona, seamos sinceros el clásico "Coche rápido y chica guapa" funciona podriamos granar jugadores sin tener que trabajar mucho en ello. Algunos videos en youtube y Twitch bastarán. APB tiene un personalización excelente hay que explotar eso. Me comprometo a formar parte de esto, si actualizan los coches para ir mas rápido, haré videos estilo "Fast and Furious" es algo que no falla. Los personajes femeninos de apb bien editados son especialmente llamativos suma eso a unos coches bien rápidos, bonitos, y potentes es una apuesta segura desde el punto de vista del mercado, mejorar los personajes masculinos también estaría muy bien, al público femenino no parece agradarles mucho y esto tambíen es muy importante. ((ejemplo: Overwatch tiene exito por sus "chicas" y Need For Speed simpre pone una chica guapa casualidad?)) es completamente cierto que las chicas bonitas y los coches rápidos dan ventas, apb ahora necesita agarrar lo fácil, habrá tiempo para mejorar más tarde. Hay mucho que mejorar, este es un recurso fácil y rápido porfavor piense en ello! Espero que esto llegue a Little Orbit deseo ayudar apb y tengo muchas ideas, pero necesito un mejor contacto con el juego para comprender cómo funciona internamente y ayudar. Muchas gracias por leer esto, Saludos
  18. Hello, my in-game username is NixonDT, and i've seen that over the past years of playing APB; no new noticeable police features has been added. I feel like it would be better if they include some real police cars and features used in real life. So if APB could insert some popular police cars with a little tweak to it; that'll be amazing. After all, this is a Police vs Criminals type of game. Here's a few short-term and long-term goals that I suggest you guys should add: Short-Term Police Vehicle Goals 2017 Dodge Charger: Ford Interceptor SUV: Chevrolet Tahoe: Long-Term Police Vehicle Goals Ford Taurus SHO: BearCat (Different from the Pioneer): Ford "Bomb Squad" Truck: Short-term Enforcer Car Feature Goals: More police lights on vehicle body New spotlight that actually work New siren sounds Detailed interior design Actual police horn sound Long-term Enforcer Car Feature Goals: Ability to deploy spike strips Speed radar in police vehicle In mission districts, AI vehicles move out the way when siren noise get near Option to switch between emergency lights with no sound and emergency light with sounds (maybe by adding a hotkey 1-5 when in vehicle) Headlights that can be activated/deactivated and have a noticeable reflection on the ground at night (For all vehicles)
  19. I'm writing a post here because the topic needs to be refreshed. Matt-Scott and the administration agreed that they will increase the limit on items in the inventory, It's about weapons locker, themes, song, equippments and etc In an interview Matt tell that it will be done. In inteview Matt don't decide whether it would be an option to buy, or maybe in the event game, everyone does not say anything... During the events, there was more than one occasion, for add some prizes like this... but everyone seemed to forget about it. there were events with such a win a few years ago and no one saw the problem. They always said yes, and nothing doing. again.. there were events with such a win a few years ago and no one saw the problem. Can someone from our wonderful administration finally share any possibility to increase these lockers. any possibility... Yes I know Matt promised more content for this year... Well, I'm not going to talk about this topic because He has time until the end of the year And yes i don't have slots to receive my permanent weapon without deleting another permanent weapon (i am sad)
  20. Good night, I think we need more beards in the game, we have few to choose, and all are similar , i have some ideas to make to look more manly. I hope you like them. I really think the part of editing character needs new stuffs i hope you like some of the beards, thank you.
  21. had no problems with my latency and packet loss before the useless event update:( Removed Naming and Shaming. - Azukii ping went from 20-50 to 90 and higher. Packet loss is like 1-8%, just in case if it'll help o/ Merged. UPD: connection from UA , some russian friends have the same problems
  22. HOLA TIOS Hoy estuve jugando el clásico de Falled Earth y se cortó el juego, no se si hay alguna actualización o mantenimiento. ¡Gracias! ¡sigue jugando!
  23. Erm... seriously where did everyone go? Nearly a month since a blog post was posted and no news on another open beta. And here I am waiting to report something, I'm forced to resort to speculative articles. So what's going down at the ol' Lil' Orbit? I'll just leave this here since they don't get shared anymore :
  24. Small ideas for LO. 1. If you block someone their avatar is set to the loading default avatar. Or blocking anything made from the symbol editor. 2. Account blocking to block all there alts with one block. 3. If the user is perm banned or deletes their account they are removed from the block list so they don't take up space. 4. Client-side ignore list. This will allow players to have a small file on their own pc so it doesn't take up room on your servers. I don't want to remove one troll to add another If I block you I have a good reason to do so. An added note. I would love a streamer mode where you can block all avatars by default unless they're your friend. Or blocking anything made from the symbol editor for non-friends. Extra note from Saxtus on Discord. If you block someone their car is also set to a default type of that car.
  25. So far I've seen 3 issues that are pretty common. Rubber banding/Warping. Random D/Cs. Random PLs/High Ping. So, with those being common and most likely in correlation with either the BE update or DDoS attacks. I've noticed a few other things myself that have been either insanely frustrating or even game play breaking to a degree. With the frequent warping and rubber bands, loss of car control (Unresponsive steering), inability to switch shoulders consistently or lean timely and peak without warping into the open AND disconnects. I just can't find myself playing the one game I would happily spend all day doing. The lag is just too much. Even there are times that my game will randomly black screen for half a second and show some activity circle from a frame a few seconds prior. Like the bugs are getting out of hand, whether it's client side or server they need to be addressed and as soon as possible. It's worse than it's ever been. So from what I've covered above, has anyone else seen or had anything else unusual happen since the update? I'm curious if I'm the only one on that out of place frame bug I'm having or not, or if anyone else has had something similar happen.
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