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  1. tbf, it allows the app to utilize more than 4 GB of RAM but that doesn't automatically mean it's constantly going to use that much RAM/will want more than 4 GB, if the files are too large then the game itself can be optimized in such a way that it will load in only the necessities and other things will have to be loaded in from the HDD on the run (page file size) which will lead into stutters though there are 64bit ue3.5+ games that run well on 4 GB RAM and I am pretty sure APB is not going to become a "IT'S 2019 SO NOW YOU NEED 16 GB OF DDR4 RAM, DOESN'T MATTER THAT THIS GAME'S ENGINE WAS MADE BACK WHEN HUGE MAJORITY OWNED ONLY 4 GB RAM" game
  2. I rarely get here, but I often see your CTRL + C, CTRL + V comments, time to self-reflect on your issues.
  3. all the hype in Q1? like Engine upgrade? ready my body is
  4. UE 3.5 offers great looking shadows in comparison with this stock UE3 version. So there will be a visual change. Textures and models however, won't be changed. UE4 port would be worthy of a rename. This UE3.5 release could be named APB: Reloaded: Reloaded though.
  5. I use it alongside with NTEC, not because I heard it's OP, but because I kept getting rekt by it. I started some weeks ago when the weapons pass was implemented. So I decided to use those two guns. The pistol is OP, a lot, it is also a long-range weapon in many cases, it's just ridiculously good.
  6. A lot of people are dogmatic. They believe in what they say and won't budge. They'll always find something they dislike about a certain thing/person/team just so they aren't forced to change their view (thus shake the foundations of their ego and superiority) and instead, reinforce their belief. It is the same with finding a reason not to do one thing. There's always a million reasons not to do something. You'll always find reasons, you'll always find something dislikeable. I like Little Orbit, I am pretty sure they are focused on UE3.5 the most, because they know that the engine upgrade is what will distance them from G1.
  7. I felt like the graphics designer was actually just in a phase of learning it all. Looked dorky. I don't mind learners and beginners. It's good it's advancing.
  8. I remember struggling to play this game on my dualcore 2.2 GHz... damn that was a lagfest, now I have an i5-6500 so it works really smooth, thank God, but NOW I WANT MORE
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