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  1. several days later, and playing a much more demanding game, GTA V, no crash. Its just APB i'm having the issue with.
  2. 2160p native maybe its just a huge coincidence that my gpu started to die on the exact same day I started playing APB. Just seems weird since APB isn't very GPU intense and i've never had thermal problems (never seen my gpu temps above 72) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I remember sometimes having visual glitches in APB before when I use to play, so I assumed its APB's fault since its the only game I've experienced it all in.
  3. my gpu isn't manually overclocked, and I don't have an issue with any other games No idea. I was able to quit the game just fine and everything returned to normal, It was just the game glitching out nope, never happened outside of APB, unless its just a huge coincidence my GPU has started to die as soon as I started playing APB, but I kinda doubt that. see above. to be clear, I have a gtx 980 running the game at 1440p. I've played much more demanding games than APB. I get ~80fps uncapped, but cap the fps at 60fps.
  4. Ah, yes, I now remember the reason I stopped playing this game. Happened after 15 minutes of playing. Played yesterday and the game crashed twice.
  5. any update? There is an old post i'm looking for
  6. seriously? This was true 5 years ago, but if you still don't have a pc that can easily run APB, then thats on you.
  7. The engine upgrade ruined APB. Once focus was put on the upgrade and away from updates, the game started to die. The upgrade should have been given less attention, or at least not diverted away regular staff.
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