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  1. All I was saying, is you need to fix bugs. Fixing bug's is time consuming specially if you never wrote the original code, sometime rewriting the entire thing is faster than finding the bug, that was caused by a multi-threaded application. We all know there is a leak somewhere, we also know that there is a issue with the collision detection when 2 players come in close proximity the latency between both players and the server cause hit detection to go the one with better ping. Lastly known bug, is the issue with wep drop being treated as a entity in game, and probably creating as much lag as a player in the proximity. I am unsure but, just based off the income LO is generating I don't think they have more than a few developer's even working on the project. By all intent purposes even the known bug's are not being tracked, as the new engine is priority or some other function *cough* riot *cough*. At this point, just from a players perspective, they downgraded the server hardware due to a cost against player's purchases. Even if they had a influx of players, I don't think their servers can handle it. My opinion still stands though, "wep drop mechanic was fun in the action district, it added flavor to a stale game, it even made the wep purchase mechanic seem like a non issue. I was actually interested for the first time in a long time to make a purchase in game. But, the decision of wep drop removal was like a kick to the teeth. They modded a mechanic unintended, it was like they never tested their code they pushed to the players."
  2. BUG'S are meant to be fixed, but if you don't expect the company to fix it, should probably not support them.
  3. I think i was misspoke, I never said you lied. I did this too, I agree with you it is totally a thing. I enjoyed killing someone that had a nfas and switching weapon to the nfas, making it easier to kill them the 2nd time, 3rd time... so forth. Anyways this is just a discussion, in the end it is pretty futile since weapon drop is not coming back. I do still believe that something needs to be done so the new player can actually get into this game. Catering to veterans is not the way to get new player base, veterans are not going anywhere. I been playing since open beta, I just don't post or get involved with the community, because honestly everyone that plays this game is a bunch of wankers. I really don't like most of you guys. I happen to actually get along with both people that I been going back and forth discussing this topic. They don't cheat, and are actually fun to play against, or with. My views are different however. I decided to start posting recently, mostly because the server went down and I happened to want to play. But, this is just going back and forth and no one is going to change each other's mind. In my opinion is just that, my opinion . I think replacing your weapon with the enemy weapon is "fair and creates additional depth to the game"
  4. that is only true if you carried a nfas into the match and someone just died, if your going to just make stuff up.. sure
  5. You can change load out mid mission, so that is not supported by the current game. Even if the developer's believe it is.
  6. In the end of the day, most people playing APB are 255 max ranked on weapon of choice, and this whole thing you worked too hard is not really an argument. The basis for my argument is that we need to attract new players or it is like the pessimist are saying "game died, gg move on". The current meta only benefits veteran players, veteran players are not going anywhere. All features should lean towards attracting new players. The trial feature is poorly explained at best, to a new player. My personal opinion are different, and may not be exactly right. I would never have thought that changing weapon de-balanced the game, specially since it is part of the strategy to change weapon. Every weapon has a +- , not a single one is perfect, but some are perfect for a situation. The weapon drop punishes everyone and benefits everyone involved since it creates a 2nd level of play. Everyone is entitled to their own. In the end the only opinion that matters is the developer's. A lot of players played around the time the weapon drop mechanic was there and enjoyed it. If you want new younger player base, you have to cater to younger generation. This generation has never been bored their entire life, they have more options then their life time can let them try. Grinding in game's is a phasing out very quickly. The most popular game today, has no grinding. MMO's have phased out of existence from their former self's and only old people play them. People want to have fun, enjoy a game. By creating a grind for 195 required for this weapon or car, all you do is lock content behind a wall that is imaginary, and then double punish the player by match making him against someone that is 255 and there 40. Change is a good thing, if everything stays the same, the trend of player base will continue the same. The current meta is not attractive in the current market place of games.
  7. Most mechanics about missions that are lame, need to be look at. Having to blow up a vehicle because OP put it in their trunk... ya that makes sense... Or not being able to move a vehicle because ya know its on top of the objective.. ya that is "working as intended" I am pro fixing the many little issues that really just don't make sense. To be honest try to put on the "I am a new player" glasses, instead of "I am vet respect me" glasses. Use logic its a forum, everyone just wants the best for the game.
  8. I never said you should let them lol... Complexity is neat. Tricked out characters are cool. Progression of other players is nice. All I am saying is during the mission they can take your ride, instead of you know blowing it up. Doesn't have to be easy, you could use the car jack mechanic + a hot wire mechanic. Obviously remote detonator would be hilarious, specially after all that work.
  9. Why do you keep coming back to APB day in and day out ? With any luck this is read, and it is thought about before making large changes... Personally I like 1. Driving around, while listening to music 2. Customization of the character. 3. Action district missions, when the match is fair or close.
  10. I get it, but as of late game district are not filling up fight club is only a weekend thing. If there is a rotation in game modes, everyone wins. I personally would even add fight club missions to the action district, to make it more reactive. Some new missions would bring some much needed life to the stale game it is. Which I think was the idea behind riot.
  11. You got to at least believe, else why even continue playing.
  12. +1 TIRES!!!!!! Honestly I think it be a better method of monetization, color flash muzzles, and custom bullet traces. I'd Buy!
  13. It is not riding on your coat tail. Just giving a fair chance to everyone involved playing. They have to kill you to grab your gun. Also this creates a level of complexity that did not exist before in the game. I know the vote is basically split down the middle on this subject, but reality is we need more players. Anything that allows everyone involved to have a good time should be a positive. You always retain the advantage since you own the gun, but to be honest would even be neat to be able to grab enemy car's for that matter to expand the idea, and to create more possibilities as far as strategy is involved. The reality of 0-255 + wep mastery + contacts is a long road. It should be fun for everyone involved. There is a reason why people get turned off when starting out the game. They feel like its unfair. With the addition of wep drop, it adds a sense of fair or at minimum the illusion. Some games *cough fortnite cough* go as far as giving players hidden health bars at the start of the game and putting them against worst players on purpose. Most people fall in love or hate with a game with the first few matches. If you give the player enough to make them feel good at the end of their first session, they will keep coming back. In the end people will purchase gun's regardless, the more people in the game the more purchases, the better the servers can be, less lag... maybe even more money for LO to have a few more developers/testers.
  14. This + This Give me this: Would be way more fun that this shit.
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