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  1. Despite the server lag and crashes the Yakuza Skin was worth it. Riot is an okay game mode once you learn how to play it. My FeedBack: Add Respawn Ambulances: You would basically have to pay to the Riot Ambulance to re spawn a teammate. This will: Limit amount of spawns. allow players to stick with teammates when they spawn Can tactically decide when and where to spawn your teammates while also looking out for enemy teams spawning. The respawn system now isn't fun because separates you from teammates, places you too far in the gas (sometimes), and you constantly have to look behind you after you killed a team/player because they may randomly spawn behind you Add a Ping System: This is a very teamwork heavy game. Since most people don't use chat; typing and opening the map to show locations is a hassle. A ping system will promote teamwork allowing players to quickly ping locations, weapons, and enemies they spot. Chaos mode in waiting room Because of the low population waiting for a new game sometimes takes forever and if you afk for too long you can get kicked. Allow players to run around and fight each other until enough players have joined Remove buying weapons Just remove buying your weapons off spawn. You can still find your favorite load out on the map. Keeps from well coordinated teams from always having their best load out every game. Players should always have to adapt. Moving/Better Escape Truck the escape truck is sometimes in areas where it can be impossible to break the winning team's setup. Example: When the Truck ends by the skate park under the bridge. A winning team can easily set up players on the bridge and the apposing building with the ladders and spot/shoot incoming players with ease. A moving truck keeps teams on the move or just have better positions in which the truck can't be easily defended Consumables I wish you would allow them so we can test them. I don't imagine the Med spray, Epinephrine Injector, mobile shield, and the satchel charge are game breaking consumables. I think we should be allowed to use them or have them available for pick up. Final Thoughts I love the map design just wish the there was somehow to make the environment feel more alive (protesting sounds, running civilians, random alarms/sirens) Will this attract new players? Maybe. Players will have to learn the many weapons and their attachments and how they play while also learning the game mode. Overall its an okay game-mode. I'm not a huge BR fan because of the RNG of it but regardless; with these changes I can see my self playing a few rounds of it again
  2. Thanks for stating the obvious . I was saying that riot should be more like a fight club/anarachy/chaos mode. Merged. Hey you're right. My OP is just an opinion. I said "My Ideal" riot mode not the Ideal mode for everyone lol. I had a lot of fun with the Autumn event and how it just sent players to different areas of the map and it was just chaos all around. Only problem was there was no real cover. I was just saying they should use that feature of bringing small event areas to other places on the map with different game modes. I felt it would be perfect with this new map. And no I don't just want domination on financial. I want a rotation of game modes on different areas of the map and the whole server competes against each other like "fight club" It would be a be a new idea because those who enjoy fight club and constant action of it can't rank their character. So giving players who enjoy large scale games a chance to progress their character seems like a nice idea . Again just my opinion. Also I didn't realize many people wanted an "APB BR" of course it was a guess on my part. Regardless thanks for your input on my opinion
  3. Only reason I said have different districts is because I know a lot of people like Kempington don't like large scale games like fight club. They hate the idea of rockets and snipping every where and there being no organization. Riot should be for the players who really enjoy fight club and large scale game modes. Also now a days there's at least one full fight club server and a mission district people can play. So I think most fight club players would play this new riot mode.
  4. This mode is very eh. The mode feels like it tried to make a unique BR mode. I think that's the problem. You guys should have just have just been trying to make a new game mode. I think this game has two different types of players. Those who enjoy small missions and smaller teams and those who enjoy big teams and chaos. I think Riot should have been a mode for those who enjoy fight club/anarchy/chaos modes but want to level their character still. This game doesn't have many players so having many small teams and a lot of objectives on the entire map just thins the players out. The map feels empty and desolate. You hear shots/battles every now and then. Its a pretty quite riot lol. My Ideal game-mode: Honestly it should be basically a moving fight club. Cops vs Crims but a single objective around the map. You can still use the different mechanics you developed like the gas, weapon drops, consumables, etc. so instead of the regular district which is small teams roaming the map completing objectives. Riot District is the whole district completing a single objective like fight club. The map you created is perfect with all the barriers and cars. So basically it will play out like this: Domination in central park. zones all over the park, its complete war-zone in the park to hold the zones, gas is all around the district except central park area. Game over. A new riot appears Cops must secure a bomb from going off in the mall. Cops vs Crims on one Objective. Complete war-zone in the mall and surrounding area. Set amount of lives. Game over. A new Riot Appears You get the idea. Even add after the game mode is over you re spawn in safe non kill zones, and then whole district is a chaos district until a new riot appears. It sounds so fun just thinking about this on the map you currently have. So in Summary: Riot Mode SHOULD NOT BE AN APB STYLE BATTLE ROYAL. It should be a new APB game mode for the other type of APB Players. The players who want to play large scale Cops vs Crims and rank their characters up
  5. Illustration based off my in game character My instagram: dbarrett_art
  6. Just an update. Still going to be working on this, just have been doing personal drawings and research for comic book design. I might even redo the cover as I get better everyday and I already feel I can make a better cover. But anyways thanks for the support you guys I definitely want to bring this comic to life.
  7. Yeah I was trying to figure out if I would draw it or not but figured it would take to long to make it feel and look right. This cover already took like a week lol
  8. Thanks sorry didn't know how to properly link the post in other threads
  9. Hi fellow 2D Artists. Just finished my cover for the fan comic I am doing. If anyone would like to create a variant cover for the comic feel free to do so. Ill add in the best ones and credit you of course. Just create a cover featuring Tip Toe and her brothers or just Tiptoe is fine. Tell me what you think. You can look at more info here on this thread https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/6114-apb-fan-comic-book/
  10. Here's the Comic book for the Fan comic. Took about a week to finish. Tell me what you think.
  11. Problems with event Active event area not clear/different for many players The action ends up on a random street corner meaning little to no cover Lag <-- Not really avoidable but still a problem. Players randomly switching from red to grey and vice versa My Possible Suggestion Host the event in Financial Central park. Has Clear defined area, fits the theme of Autumn Assault (players going crazy inside a park with trees/nature), enough room for players, all gun types can be used, Have players re spawn randomly in middle of park. Add a respawn safety timer If you leave the park you cant shoot players inside area, if your are inside the area you can still shoot players outside (to prevent people from entering and leaving for safety) Maybe add random objects in the middle of the park for cover (like a giant paintball field) (idk if you can do this in short notice just an idea for the future) For Waterfront I would host the event inside the mall area (represents holiday shopping/people going crazy on black friday deals lol) Or host at Baylan shipping area Last suggestion use the Fight club maps for the event. These suggestions fix the noted problems I found with the event and it gives people a better chance at winning. Right now there are to many random variables to win the event other than your ability to shoot straight
  12. Harley quinn fan art wanted to learn from the apb style of art tell me what you think
  13. Not sure if its been suggested. But what if we just hide the threat level and have slow progression through the threat levels? I imagine it would be harder to dethreat when you dont know where your character threat is at. A gold having a bad game or a Silver having a good game could really throw a dethreater off trying to figure their threat out. Not perfect but I think it greatly reduce the amount of dethreaters. Only detheaters left would be extremely determined ones who will lose 100 games before they start playing normally again. With low population im sure this solution wont work much as you could remember the names of the good/bad players. But with a healthy amount of players I think it could discourage dethreaters. I think hidden threat can help the game overall. Im sure a bronze or a low silver get discouraged the moment the mission starts and they see a gold; with hidden threat players are more likely to play the mission vs not trying/quitting. Also people with big egos quitting when they see a lower threat on their team, they'd atleast have to give people a chance to play some of the mission. (unless they remember the player of course, no stopping that) Just a thought.
  14. Double B Fan Art. You can look at my process on Artstation. (https://www.artstation.com/artwork/gJJlrL)
  15. I would love to. Where would i find these "lore experts" Iv only read TipToe's and Birth's Bio's all other contacts I still have to read. Im sure they would give a better insight of the city that is san paro
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