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  1. LO, Can u make old names usable? There are lots of names that were used ages ago. Now noone uses them and u cant change your name to those ones. Can u reset the name database to make them available ?
  2. Oh maybe thats why... yea, thank you for info.
  3. I ve recently been playing a lot of stabba and realized that some of the arrests i do, they doesnt appear on the kill-feed and they dont even count as arrests in tab, neither on roles. It's surely a bug, can u guys look into it pls and probably fix it ? Thanks alot! (It may be affected by the lvl 4 equipment "cuffmate")
  4. I ve already disabled windows and everyother driver autoupdater xD. In order to get more frames in any game ;o #lowEndPC
  5. This bug is still working after the recent patch note !!! I ve just checked it.
  6. SirEdwin

    APB won't start

    Hmm ? That has nothing to do with it, nvm xD im glad u could fix it ;))
  7. SirEdwin

    APB won't start

    Maybe check your services if they are enabled. There should be one named Application Experience and another one Application Management. These help apb launcher to actually launch and patch itself, they must be enabled. I hope u were looking for this fix ;))
  8. Why not just remove vending machines now, i mean really there is no point in using them at all now, save on space and get rid of them, all cuz babies cryed that they don't want to acaully play the game and resupply their selves, it made the game more immersive, in real life if you run out of gas in your car will your car automatically refill its self when you turn on the ignition? see this feature was preparing us for real world now it wont, or can i live my life now knowing that everything i do will auto refill ? It's not role play ;o it's only a game man ...
  9. I experienced the bug on the same spot.
  10. If someone spawns close to an enemy's radar tower car, then he will be spoted on the minimap until the car is blown or he is dead. It doesnt matter if the guy moves out of the range of the radar tower, he will still be shown on the minimap. (+the spoted guy can see the radartower on the minimap aswell the same way) I hope u could follow and understand what i explained above. (sorry for my english, i can't really describe this bug other way).
  11. Servers are back. Working fine ;o ...... nvm they are lagging again ...
  12. SirEdwin

    Pls, help

    Check out this and you might find a fix. (Delete battleye completly and reinstall it with the game.) (To uninstall battleye check the link above, one of the paragraphs contains it.) I hope i could i help u!
  13. Sometimes u can shoot through wall, check out the clip i ve recently cut: It might be related to that fix u did in one of the patches (• Fixed an issue related to being able to use fences and hydrants to see players through walls. • Addressed an issue where players, in some cases, could fall through the floor.) I also experienced it myself today, but i just realised that it is a bug when i checked Quinnen stream.
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