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  1. The shotguns were ghostshotting for some mysterious reasons before rework, now they seem ok, maybe a bit op at range but thats all. IR3 is the main issue here, it shouldnt have been changed at all. Its rework hasnt really strenghten any weapon (except atac ;o which can be used at long range, cuz no more bloom/accuracy decrease from ir3), but it made them useless. (For example oscar, rfp fang, csg pr1/2, vbr tempress, obeya, and lots of other weapons). 1 more thing about ntec, it is still good at cqc, if u use it without IR. So not the mod but the weapon should have been modified ....
  2. That's good, so people will start considering the Obeya CR762 instead of the N-tec at long range..which is a harder and more counterable weapon, also changes the damn n-tec meta finally It wont stop me from using ntec, i will still use ntec at long range without IR and u can also jump-lean shot with it ;o so the nerf for IR doesnt really changes anything, except not using it anymore as frosi mentioned previously.
  3. What about the rfp feng i paid for, it feels like it always ghost-shots ;o i cant kill anymore with 3 burst... the normal rfp is better now
  4. Tell me which guns are better now? i see that obeya, ntec, sr15, obir, csg pr2 are having slow shooting rates as hell
  5. IR3 should be reworked ...
  6. SirEdwin

    Rank on OTW

    Uprank my character: Edwin, thanks!
  7. I can't see conc nades in the granade selector? Would u add them ?
  8. SirEdwin

    Something is Wrong

    yep , almost everyone has the same issue
  9. SirEdwin

    Game machine broke

    Citadel, play more than 15 minutes, like a hour and u are going to get kicked more times ... More than that, there is another bug which has just appeared again, sometimes the game randomly puts u in afk mode (i didnt experience this a few months ago).
  10. SirEdwin

    Game machine broke

    same here, i think it has to be about the bugfix today released... maybe they screwed up something ...
  11. Im protecting those ppl who get hackusated for some unreal reactions or skills ... but they are just skillful ones
  12. So pathetic, i guess u think everyone whos better than u is hacker xD ... I havent met any suspecious person in missions since BE was implemented. ;o
  13. SirEdwin

    Second wave of unbans

    I dont think there will be other unban waves. But you can still get unbanned if you write or wrote to support.
  14. SirEdwin

    Second wave of unbans

    Be patient! They havent stopped investigating banned accounts. I got my ban lifted 2 days ago.