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  1. SirEdwin

    OTW 1.19.7 (1016)

  2. SirEdwin

    Orange Car Modification (Suspension Jump)

    Because it would change the physics of the game and the gameplays ...
  3. SirEdwin

    Refer a friend system

    I agree, but the most important are the rewards which should be the same.
  4. SirEdwin

    Refer a friend system

    The refer a friend system should be fixed and reimplemented in the game with the same unique rewards so that new players can benefit from that as others had in the past. Moreover the game's population would slightly increase.
  5. Will there be any roadmap in the near future? Are there any news about the Armasmarket rework?
  6. "bullshoot" , nvm lets close this conversation ...
  7. Lets continue in private messages, i dont want to spam this topic.
  8. Why would i? If i use it i'll probably die.
  9. Then tell me why had i spent money on it ? to not use it ?
  10. The speed at which bullets move wasn't changed, so that's not really anything that needs fixing It was changed, that's why they want to change also cooling jacket to increase the speed of the bullets in burst fire mode. I d also played alot with it , got used to using it, but when i tried the standard one, i realised that it is better ...
  11. Yea, but im saying that other rfps are actually better than the fang, so i bought an armas weapon thats less powerful than a free weapon. I dont have any problem with its burst interval reduction (it seems balanced with the range), despite those 3 bullets from a burst are moving so slow towards the enemy that the target can even easily evade them... (if the enemy is running u cant really hit any) It should be changed or reverted, but only the speed of the bullets, not the burst fire rate.
  12. Guys, what about RFP "fang", will it be changed? improved rifling affects its burst fire-rate and also bullet speed ... normal rfp bought from contacts beats it both at close and long range ... Also SAS-PDW "falcon" has ir 1 in it as modification. So i would recommend some specific changes to the range and fire-rate.
  13. The shotguns were ghostshotting for some mysterious reasons before rework, now they seem ok, maybe a bit op at range but thats all. IR3 is the main issue here, it shouldnt have been changed at all. Its rework hasnt really strenghten any weapon (except atac ;o which can be used at long range, cuz no more bloom/accuracy decrease from ir3), but it made them useless. (For example oscar, rfp fang, csg pr1/2, vbr tempress, obeya, and lots of other weapons). 1 more thing about ntec, it is still good at cqc, if u use it without IR. So not the mod but the weapon should have been modified ....
  14. That's good, so people will start considering the Obeya CR762 instead of the N-tec at long range..which is a harder and more counterable weapon, also changes the damn n-tec meta finally It wont stop me from using ntec, i will still use ntec at long range without IR and u can also jump-lean shot with it ;o so the nerf for IR doesnt really changes anything, except not using it anymore as frosi mentioned previously.