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  1. Wow finally someone coming in with some sense! Some people like Beacon and would like some different content. What would actually be cool is if Little Orbit put fc on a rotation. Maybe when fight club restarts every week or so it'll rotate a new map in. Week 1 - Baylan and Asylum Week 2 - Asylum and Beacon Week 3 - Beacon and Baylan ... And so on. That way it would end the monotony of the same thing and it would keep people interested. Like oh man my map is coming next week, I'm excite. And, that way everyone is happy and the fc heroes can just continue doing what they do. Would that be a good middle ground? @MattScott I believe so. Bring back Beacon! - signed miss/missy the ultimate carried player. CBT player for Joker. Original account. Hated by many, loved by all. I know people in MBAH, Africa City, and RAOV. Admin in Virgil's discord. Voted most funny chick in APB, 2012-2018. COD4 Blackout killa. Knows all the words to Baby Got Back.
  2. Hello! THIS IS A CALL TO ARMS! We need to band together as ONE UNIT to plead to the powers that be in Little Orbit to bring back Beacon. I mean come on yall - who likes Asylum- on the real? It's boring. It's WAY too big. It's hard to get a full district, so mostly we're just running around for FOREVER just trying to find someone to kill. And, we want frags! RIGHT? Yeah, I know. And, do you guys remember the Beacon Christmas event with the gun game? How freakin fun is that. Now, just think - we could have that YEAR round. SO JOIN ME DEAR APB FRIENDS. Fight for Beacon. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD. BRING BEACON BACK FROM THE DEAD @MattScott!!
  3. TBH it would be good if they cleaned out the ARMAS market so it would be easier to navigate. If people are worried about certain items going away and not being able to buy them in the future - to prevent future upset - you should put the most common 'unpopular' items on sale and if one of them gets and overwhelming number or purchases, maybe keep that one. That way you can surely see which weapons should stay and which should go. Plus, that would be a nice money maker before you remove them.
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