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  1. No need to get defensive about it. I was just curious because for me as a regular player the timing did not make sense. As you even say yourself...most players are in EU and the servers are then shutdown during prime time but i guess LO is just a little fish that has to live with the constraints their provider puts on them
  2. yeah I don't really understand it either....in europe its around 7 - 8 pm when the maintenance starts...thats prime time Besides that i played last night and at some point the servers were almost completeley empty why not do maintenance then instead of the best time of the day?
  3. Summary: Graphics Glitch on 32x9 resolution Game Version: APB 2.1 Open Beta 8/1 I7-6700k GTX1070 Description: It looks like a part of the screen is redrawn or at least some aspects of it. its hard to explain. I have uploaded a recording on it to youtube. the effect is mainly on the left side of the screen. its very visible from 0:07 - 0:09 and from 0:29 onwards When playing on a different aspect ratio (one which is more narrow such as 16x9) i get very weird double vision when receiving damage - im not sure if those issues are related. Steps to reproduce: 1. Launch the game. Set 32x9 aspect ratio (5120x1440) 2. Play the game How many times have you recreated this bug: whenever i use an aspect ratio which is not 16x9 Expected results: This shouldn't be happening.
  4. Just discovered that there is a Wall in Financial where you can "see-through" well at least your Crosshair shows you if there is an enemy behind that wall. Im glad that Nvidia always records. this way i got it on shadow play. Here's a link to a video showing the bug: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScrW_pWdGb0
  5. maybe you liked them already on your old pc and they cache that information on your harddrive. Either way its annoying ^^
  6. Hey Folks, whenever you start the game, the launcher opens a browser window which says something about "like us on facebook". I think this is a) annoying and b) really looks like this whole game is a scam. I know this isn't really about the game itself but about how it presents itself. I would like to see this being removed from the launcher in the next patch or two. What do you guys think about it?
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