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  1. APB need the great ideas! I like this mod
  2. makes policemen interesting and criminal. with different weapons
  4. MAN I WANT NOT unreal engine 3.5 deluxe. I want see new weapon new cars. New Enforcer Weapon special. new criminel weapon special AND NOT UNREAL ENGINE 3.5. the developer is very lazer with bring on new stuff
  5. I will Stop playing APB now, it got to many cheaters. bye
  6. lets hope so the big update give us more performance settings and some new cool feature a motorcycle with 4 slots
  7. why can that not do the developer as to use a tool, but cookiepuss thanks to help me,.
  8. hey, Can the developers add more option settings? because I lack some options to get more performance and individualize. I do not handle the config myself and I do not want a tool for that
  9. I m scared now to touch the config lol... >>SpawnMapDelayTime - 0<< no joke in twitch a russian streamer was tell me this commando line in chat
  10. Hey, is this allowed in apb configs: SpawnMapDelayTime - 0 ? this make the spawning map transparent, and where I can find the apb config to put this commando line?
  11. Hey, why they fixed IR3 back `? I think it was nerfed to low fire rate%...
  12. which one is it? i cant find a nade launcher, only just the EOL grenade launchers but they are in jokerbox.
  13. hey, why in arma market shop are no stabber weapons? or grenade luncher... want be cool to see this in arma markt shop.
  14. Hey, when the new trade system come up?
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