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Found 2 results

  1. can someone in admin tell us wtf is going on with the servers??? 60fps 33 server latency 60 latency 0 packet loss. but im lagging like i have 30 packet loss. everyone crashes, all the time crashing servers. and no replies for even a word from admins. can we know whats going on? and don't tell us, thats the personal problem, cause it's NOT. and i still hate u for 77 dmg for HVR its not the canon in CQC. everyone picks scout obeya and oscar for that. scout now have a QS. 2 shots from 45. pistol then momental shot from scout. cause its fastest now. why not nerf scout in jump? its cancer. sorry my patootie is on fire cause HVR have to be powerful. its heavy. now scout is better in everything... i hate scouts. and love hvr. not only me. sorry for my bad english. im russian...
  2. Hi, Player from asia in here. I started apb in 2013 in obeya server. My ping was around 170ms at that time. Obeya players were jus simply good and my timezone was +5hrs more than EU's timezeone. I didnt have much players online when i was active. So i found the han server and i just moved on. I got a decent 90-100ms ping in han, my work timings changed and i became more active during nights, moved back to obeya and it was during the end of 2014. I noticed that my ping was around 200ms, but i jus thought it might get fixed eventually and it didnt. Years rolled by and my ping is going up and now my ping is around 340ms. At times it touches upto 450ms. I have been using the same internet service provider all these years. If i use my 4g data at times, the ping comes to 260ms which is a decent ping to play with. I jus want to know, whats the issue im facing, and are there any others who has increase in their ping in the past few years?
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