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Found 4 results

  1. sometimes it doesn't recover and i have to force quit its the same pc i always played apb with so its something wrong with the game
  2. Since LittleOrbit never gave an official statement on these crashes, here's an explanation of what is the current issue: There is currently a quite significant crash issue that occurs on ALL Nvidia Turing and Ampere graphics cards which includes cards from the GTX 16xx Series as well as ALL RTX Series cards: Here are the 3 common issues that all have been experienced users of those graphics cards, note that those crashes tend to happen on respawn/ right after a respawn: 1 :Game freezes when you respawn but you can still hear everything happening. You can minimise / maximise the game to fix the issue, or do control + alt + del and click back on the game to unfreeze it. 2: Game completely stops working on respawn and you get "APB Is not responding" OR The crash reporter pops up and shows you "Device lost" / "Result failed" in the log You can mitigate this issue by playing the game in the "Low" or "Minimal" preset, but that doesn't work for everyone, you will still crash at some point. 3: Game stops abruptly and you get an "Out of Memory" error. This bug is more of an overall APB problem, but is more prone to happen on RTX cards, you can mitigate this issue by playing the game in the "Low" or "Minimal" preset, it might either fix completely or only delay the crash. All those issues are common to all Nvidia Turing and Ampere cards, and are caused by their new driver architecture being based around 64 bit instructions. There is no known way to fix these issues other than upgrading the game engine to natively support 64 bit instructions. (Note that this bug is already fixed in the engine upgrade client that has been beta tested by players) Whatever kind of "FIX" you find will most of the time work only for you and no one else. A quick note that i can give, is that older drivers might be able to completely fix all those problems, i sadly do not know which which driver version, keep in mind that the RTX 3000 Series specifically, can't use older drivers due to being unsupported by said older drivers. The occurrence of this bug varies heavily between users, some never had the issues while some crash 70% of the time on respawn, it is absolutely random and pretty much impossible to track down due to pc setups always being slightly different. The only real fix that is known to work for everyone is... well, the engine upgrade, pretty much we can't do anything other than wait for Little Orbit to release the Upgraded APB for us to play without issues.
  3. can someone in admin tell us wtf is going on with the servers??? 60fps 33 server latency 60 latency 0 packet loss. but im lagging like i have 30 packet loss. everyone crashes, all the time crashing servers. and no replies for even a word from admins. can we know whats going on? and don't tell us, thats the personal problem, cause it's NOT. and i still hate u for 77 dmg for HVR its not the canon in CQC. everyone picks scout obeya and oscar for that. scout now have a QS. 2 shots from 45. pistol then momental shot from scout. cause its fastest now. why not nerf scout in jump? its cancer. sorry my patootie is on fire cause HVR have to be powerful. its heavy. now scout is better in everything... i hate scouts. and love hvr. not only me. sorry for my bad english. im russian...
  4. An example today I went to one of the stores in the social district to buy a gun I went to open the store I went to get the PSR JT3 because I already had enough joker points but when I pressed the option to buy my game crashed simply the screen freezes out sound and back when he comes back he closes if someone can help me if i try to close the mail to the store or the custom place my game crash too. A thousand apologies for the lack of commas I do not speak English. I look forward to help.
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