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  1. It is the year 20XX where the war between the vigilantes and criminals of San Paro has escalated to its literal peak. After the introduction of commercially available space craft in the 2030's, the battle for San Paro has reached the new lunar colonies that inhabit the desolate surface. The colonies and their many colonists are now under a constant threat as the war rages between the two factions. With the recent discovery of a scientific technique called generational weaving has given birth to what equates as time machines which allow the denizens of modern day San Paro the accessibility of entering the new lunar front and later returning back to the present. Welcome to the moon in the future! The surface is abundant with large clusters of steel hulks and towering observatories. These structures provide a varying range of utilities such as safe zones for when the atmosphere runs thin or shields for the occasional meteor showers. Multiple entrances and exits are available on each hulk such as large oxygen induction ducts or regular automatic bulkheads. Interiors of these hulks usually comprise of very open and very vertical halls that incentivize the use of the moon's low gravity and their new Jetpacks. But you may be thinking, "That's all nice and all, but how can we do anything if we can't breathe?" Good point, sir! Let me introduce you to the atmospheric generation towers! These large, towering towers contain huge turbines in the upper hull that create and pour out more than 10,000 gallons of oxygen every minute! This constant expulsion of oxygen has produced small spherical areas of breathable surface across the vast sea of white lunar geography. Along with the advancements in human infrastructure comes the advancements in weapon technology. The future's weapons use various types of elements for multiple scenarios such as punching through armor using HVFSDST rounds or using super-focused beams of light on soft targets. Let's look at some of the new additions to our ever-growing arsenal! These are only a few of the many new additions you'll be able to obtain and use in your space arsenal! Other weapons include, but are not limited to, laser-guided meteor launchers and subsonic grenade launchers which are sure to suit the new high momentum gameplay brought in the update. And speaking of high momentum... Ever seen how astronauts on the moon just used to hop around to travel? Not really practical in a firefight is it? Well no need to worry! We've got that covered too with two new modes of transportation for astronomical conflicts! Introducing the.. Your Lunar Rover can be equipped any existing vehicle modification and still maintain it's defining characteristics! The open-top design of the rover also grants the perk of quick exiting and entering of the vehicle, which IS handy in a firefight. But that's not all! All of your dreams will come true once you are able to obtain your very own... That's right! A Jetpack! This new character modification takes you and your battles to the solar skies as this opens up a whole new range of tactical options and environmental navigation! In the current times, a new modification like this just being released would be exceptional... But in the future... what would be a new modification for your character that couldn't be modified itself!? We're not cavemen! Say hello to Jetpack Modifications! These serve to diversify the usage the and the versatility of the new jetpack to help during certain situations. Such as blasting off into the air right before your rover blows up. Or just a bit more fuel to stay airborne while the enemies fall to their doom! Take a look at the new modifications below! And with the modifying of modifications discussion going on, we're going to show you how to modify your jetpack, just look below and follow the guide! Now you might be literally riding the edge of your seat and seething at the mouth by now due to the shear amount of excitement building up inside you. And want to know how you too, can fly around and shoot people on the moon. Well no need to fear, all you would need to do is purchase an Eclipse Ticket which grants access to the time machine in the Social District. The ticket won't be a cheap ride for newer folks, costing a whooping $1,000,000 of in-game cash, the method of acquiring those funds is up to you, but the cost is non negotiable. You can purchase from one of two contacts in front of the time machine, who will also provide the missions, activities, and equipment for the new stellar battleground. After purchasing all you have to do is interact with the machine and accept the warp. And from there, the rest of the adventure is for you to discover! That pretty much wraps up the majority of the concepts for proposed update, any and all feedback would be appreciated! I thank everyone who read the entire article or takes it into consideration. Remember! With enough support, this update could become a reality! Now I know that some of you more observant folk probably realized that you've seen and supported this proposal before! Do not fret however! This is just a simple migration of APB history to the new forums; and besides, it seemed apt being the new company is called Little Orbit. Can't wait for the future! So everyone... - SteamAnimator
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