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  1. That's a bad event if you have to explain it to your players. Just saying. p.s.: me first time joining the district: 1. what the hell 2. 50x50 lag p.p.s.: 5 more minutes playing: 1. why it is so boring 2. can it please stop lag like really LAG for 10 seconds with no updates at all and then unlag 30 meters away from my lagged position
  2. importing from reddit. In normal conditions: 1. clicking 'forgot password' 2. typing email, solving captcha 3. checking email, clicking link 4. typing new password two times. now: 1. clicking 'forgot password' 2. typing email, solving captcha 3. checking email, clicking link 4. system asking for your email and password
  3. This is actually being worked on. But remember, these aren't virtualized servers. They are traditional hardware that we have to provision and pay for 24/7. OTW US is a copy of what we run in production, so committing to OTW EU means additional cost year around. I see. Glad that this has being worked on. Because last time i tried to OTW - i could not figure out was it i that bad with shotgun, was it shotguns or was that my 190 ping (p.s. i got 24(interpolated)-45ms ping on europe server)
  4. Honestly, if you want us to test things like shotguns - europe otw server is a must
  5. please uprank the following characters: kidi, Exzare, POKER
  6. if someone is too lazy/limited to transfer to redownload the entire client - copy all folders except 'Launcher' from your current installation (do not copy files like zip xml in root location of APB) and unpack the launcher from here to the root folder (it's SFX archive you can open with your 7zip or winrar or etc so you are safe) as soon as your run that it will 'repair' your installation to OTW version with 30-300mb
  7. Banning for using macro is stupid IMO. This is something that can be fixed in the game itself. VBR is great example - the faster you shoot, the worse your bullets spread. No point of using macro. The same can be done to SR15 and other reskins. P.S.: for those who say that Oscar is OP with macro - guess what? It's not. you can just tap two times per second and get the same accuracy and TTK.
  8. Proud owner of this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/AOC-G2460PF-Response-Adustable-Speakers/dp/B01BV1XBEI/ (Over two years) Can recommend
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