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Found 13 results

  1. So in my paranoia I had a thought. What if LO decided to add Two-Step Authentication to accounts? I mean with how much money people spend to only have their account compromised or lost you'd think they would implement some sort of extra security measure as a last resort kinda thing. I just can't see a downside to it. Even if it's an email two-step authorizing first time sign ins for the forums or even the game itself it'd make me feel a lot more safe. Just my two cents on it. Thoughts? Opinions?
  2. I am not able to login to my account for more than a week now, already submitted a ticket week ago, how long more are you going to take to reply and assist? If you need manpower you can hire me to work in your support deaprtment #helpmematt
  3. i took a break for 5 months and when i came back, there was an update for 180MB. i logged in normally but after i chose a character the error shows up and get logged out. Pls help.
  4. I need to talk about something with Support/Developer about my account Any Discord/Steam
  5. Soo, can we expect account merging after the Jericho + Citadel "merge" ? I know this has been answered with "maybe" but that's been a while, might we ask wether it's more on the likely or the less likely side? cheers
  6. Hello, After years of not playing i recently tried to play again. My account (2 characters) have been switched to another server. When i log in i'm on the (jericho NA) server. xxpuma2xx That used to be the same as my playmate : xxpuma1xx Citadel EU The screenshots are dated 2012. The screenshots i provided both coming from my own steam & the person i played with. Could you please swap me back to Citadel EU here is the url of the pictures: https://app.gemoo.com/share/image-annotation/572277641518653440?codeId=vz8K1d1WrZB35&origin=imageurlgenerator
  7. Hey there, As the PS4 section has only a bug report section, I added it to the title accordingly. I'd like to suggest the similar linking of GamersFirst accounts and their APB characters / information, instead of the Steam account = APB account, and now PS4 account = APB account. I feel this is a tiny bit iffy if the specific account is either lost or compromised, giving the user no other way to sign in and use their APB character(s). I would suggest on startup of the game to be prompted (on PS4 or Steam) to log in with an email and password, as it is when registering with G1 and downloading the installer, without logging in automatically using the PlayStation ID or Steam account/id. Is this a possibility, or is it simply the way the game is designed to work on Steam and console/PS4? Apologies for any misunderstandings, I don't think I've worded this well. Thanks!
  8. There were 2 things most of us wanted from G1 ages ago but was never implemented 1: Mail accountbound items(clothing, vehicles etc) that you spend hours designing on 1 character and wants to send a copy to another character on the same account, or characterbound to other characters that also own the characterbound pack. 2: Inventory sorting/filter. Imagine playing on 2 diff character while you have the same accountbound guns in the inventory but you still gotta scroll 3times to find that 1 gun that u can find way faster if you could sort it for the better. 3: Trading system(LO said they will work on it soon so its confirmed already..sort off) 4: District enter Queue when full
  9. I really need help with my account problem, I forgot my e-mail account but I really remember the password, my APB account nickname is "Iyangs" Jericho server, I thought if my account was lost then I tried to create a new account and then I entered the exact same nickname with my previous account on the Jericho server but the nickname is already in use, that's the sign that my account is still there, it's just that I forgot my email account please help because I have a lot of memories :) I really really miss APB thanks -iyangs
  10. I went to login to my APB account after not playing for who knows how long and when i went to login it said my password had expired. I thought this was normal after not playing for a long amount of time and so i went to login to my account on gamers first with my steam login and password. I could login however so i went to change my password and put in my email in which it said it had sent a password reset to my email. I waited about 151 mins and did not get an email from gamersfirst. So i thought to myself ill try and make a new account with the same email and even see if i have an account still. when i put in my email that i use with steam it made a whole new account with nothing on it.. I also went onto an old gmail account and searched the inbox for "gamersfirst" and found i have gotten emails from the company on that email meaning i have an account with this gmail account. I went and reset the password on that gmail and logged in to still find i have nothing and all my time and money on my characters are gone. I send a ticket but havent heard anything back and it looks like others have the same issue but arent finding a solution anywhere and the company isnt helping much. I just want to play the game with my character again. PLEASE HELP. Thanks. i have also found purchases through my steam account on APB so my account must be under my email but it is still not working and even when i try to login with my steam username and password it does not work.
  11. account was hacked 5 years ago after recently opening volcano and nano then gamersfirst perma banned me with no reasoning little orbit unbanned me but am now missing multiple guns and cars. If i was able to choose what i got back it would be my volcano thats legit all i want. Anyone in the Jericho NA server able to help me out please D:. i have loads of transaction history purchases joker boxes just wish it told you what you got because i was so hyped when i got them but of course no one believes you because no screenshot which is so annoying. If you can help me i greatly appreciate it. Name in game is WhitesUnite. Dont question my name lmao i know its a little racist but ive seen much worse
  12. Matt Scott promised same, that banit accounts forever not will. He wrote in some article that the block accounts will not be forever. Matt Scott promised that unban, who get banned. But it’s wrong to blocked forever in this game, it is not so popular and famous. Here online is scanty and so, and you block forever the players who have been familiar with this game long time, also invest money in the game. You promised that players won’t blocked forever. Make the first block for a month, then for two and etc. Easy Anti Cheat does not want to understand this situation. I perfectly remember that in some article "little orbit" talk about blocking, forever will not block. And will come up with another measure punishment. EAC they respond with a pattern.
  13. Hello, I've recently installed Fallen Earth. The issue I'm having is not finding my account name. All I have to go on so far is my email address and the password I set for the game, which gives me an error. Thank you in advance for any help.
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