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Found 5 results

  1. @Lixil- Care to explain the thought process on this (especially if this is forced)? In game, multiple accounts are not against the ToS (with the caution: if you break rules on one, all your accounts can get the hammer)--since coming to G1, this was told to us. Is this wild idea just to make sure the upcoming "Volunteer GMs" can't evade the rules they will have to agree to? You even said earlier that GMs have separate accounts themselves... On the forum rules, it states: Having multiple game accounts pretty much equals to, nearly by default, multiple forum accounts. Merging different accounts sounds ridiculous especially with those who share internet, VPN, or visit forums on free wifi/cell-service. I'm not saying there are not people who have multiple forum accounts with the sole purpose of violating those rules (which justice should be served)...but I rather not have random accounts merged with mine, lose this one, or some other stupid thing that usually happens with half-arsed merges. I have never heard of any forum-like service that merged accounts. Some people purposely separate their game account from their forum account...much like they should do on the internet. For example: If you are dumb enough to share one email to all services you use, you pretty much leave a single-point of entry to your internet life. tl;dr - What is the point of merging accounts? What does it solve? Who thought of this?
  2. Hello LO. I have a question about the nameschanges after yesterdays migration of the nekrova chars to citadel. Will there be a free namechange for those Players who had the same charnames on both Servers, like it is with my Chars? (DollyDee on both Servers) Now my Nekrova DollyDee is named DollyDee966259 and i would really like to Change that.
  3. Soo, can we expect account merging after the Jericho + Citadel "merge" ? I know this has been answered with "maybe" but that's been a while, might we ask wether it's more on the likely or the less likely side? cheers
  4. Hi. As the title says im missing two of my legendaries on my ex nekrova char. Please help. Writing here bc the support takes ages to answer tickets
  5. Hi. I have a char on Nekrova and i think there is a lots of other players who also got that. Is there a plan that we will be able to merge our chars to Citadel or one of the other servers? That will be good for the game, because nekrova servers are dead nearly. I checked it some minutes ago and there 88 Players on the whole server! I would like to play with my char but when its so less people online that will never be possible. Please do a merge so we can have more fun again and the other servers will get some more new players for competition. An answer would be nice. Thank you in advance DollyDee
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