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  1. ittibitium

    Random Banning??

    man, this dude is fucked up
  2. so, as the vote had been passed quite a while ago, any news on this? or am I remembering wrong and it is not being handed out to all participiants?
  3. ittibitium

    Autumn Assault!

    holy shit dude we got it. LO got it aswell, Matt acknowledged it. You repeating it a thousand times daily is unneccessary, albeit I do get your frustration.
  4. ittibitium

    Autumn Assault!

    sad to say this but horrendous event, the idea etc. is pretty dang cool but there are a lot of flaws.
  5. next fresh armas-item release when?
  6. can confirm, was a bit puzzled, explains it.
  7. ittibitium

    I kinda hoped for more progress

    Chris du bist so cringe alter ay ay ay schlimm
  8. ittibitium

    LMNTRIX Criminal

    I am the actual editor of that Video, my apologies hadn‘t realized back then Darleena was cheating.
  9. ittibitium

    How to fix APB ezpz

    Aww why not mah dude? I asked little orbit and they told me if Archon said it was cool they'd do it. Now I'm sad. if you want this, delete your characters and recreate them after Engine Upgrade. smh peep and their idiotic suggestions.
  10. ittibitium


    please contribute to the community by leaving.
  11. ittibitium

    Account Wide inventory

    I guess. But then I thought I've never used it much, don't need money, no acc wide inventory, mails disappear after 30 days and there's no way to see sent mail. Then I realized I don't even play APB anymore and I loled. then don‘t make a topic on the forums. i swear your posts are triggering me so much, always those hypocritical statements and shittalking the game. OK dude.
  12. ittibitium

    HAN Character Merge tonight

    IF there is a conflict with names you had one while logging in, if your char was able to keep its initial name you do not get one, afaik.
  13. ittibitium

    merge account

    very, very interesting idea
  14. ittibitium

    Voice chat issue

    I wouldn't put a hold on the UE3.5 upgrade, as every delay you announce is going to cost alot of nerves, maybe even trust to some. But you are the CEO, you gotta decide what has to be due when, as stated above, cool transparency!