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  1. for the love of god, please read, you even quoted it yourself.
  2. I got 2, had one banned around 2014 and the other one is my main. I want it cause I‘d like all my chars on one account, if you do not want to merge your two accounts don’t do it, if it comes it will certainly be optional
  3. so it is definitely possible same here, ready to pay the fees
  4. Soo, can we expect account merging after the Jericho + Citadel "merge" ? I know this has been answered with "maybe" but that's been a while, might we ask wether it's more on the likely or the less likely side? cheers
  5. so can we use RTW shaders or not? without all the fog removal stuff logically, just colorization?
  6. except for, it is. incentivizing to engage with said content, but I get that people wanna have a „choice“
  7. idk, I don’t play on consoles nor do I know about the bugs/issues you guys are encountering. All i know is you guys are on 3.5 since launch
  8. love how you tirelessly try to have an logical argument with that dude. never have I seen such a lack of thorough-thinking & empathy for different perspectives. I wouldn‘t want to waste time with him, glad you are doing it for us, hopefully he is capable of understanding
  9. You guys are already on 3.5, the Engine Upgrade is referred to PC
  10. I am talking about your cheater = P2W argument. Most idiotic statement I‘ve heard. Unfortunately that logic is so flawful I won‘t explain it to you in detail, hence why I asked you to re-evaluate yourself. & no, OSCAR is not P2W, in no way.
  11. I am getting serious migraine by some comments on here. I want to ask you to re-read and re-evaluate what you wrote. Can‘t be serious with that logic, am I right?
  12. Had the same issue, disabling and reenabling „Tokenize“ from the gamersfirst account page did the trick for me. maybe it‘ll help you too aswell
  13. You aren‘t able to view from another perspective are you? A pre-season of RIOT is essential, imagine this as a big test run, to gather bunch of feedback & more. Season 1 is going to be the finetuned version of RIOT launching with Engine Upgrade and the marketing plan. Now I get you, I do, I anticipate 3.5 aswell and egoistically want it to be here asap, but it is better to launch them simultaniously, as in... would you go into a game, find out it has a variety of gamemodes (referring to RIOT) just to hop in and realise it‘s not really polished and not a lot of fun? As soon as marketing starts for this game, everything has to be as perfect as can be, considering the critical state of it. Adding RIOT later on without it being catered to the needs of players would be fatal. my 2cents.
  14. agreed, so much. gives people who do not want to wait for activities a chance to get one and those whom got multiples to sell them.
  15. so, as the vote had been passed quite a while ago, any news on this? or am I remembering wrong and it is not being handed out to all participiants?
  16. holy shit dude we got it. LO got it aswell, Matt acknowledged it. You repeating it a thousand times daily is unneccessary, albeit I do get your frustration.
  17. sad to say this but horrendous event, the idea etc. is pretty dang cool but there are a lot of flaws.
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