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  1. the fact they haven't even touched the nfas speaks miles lmao
  2. Yeah, servers lagged out incredibly hard and crashed.
  3. I never saw any blatant cheaters (in NA server only, I had seen them in EU) since BattlEye release and basically no obvious closets. There definitely are private cheats out there but they aren't common enough that the amount of cheaters comes close to what it was back when you could readily buy public cheats. EAC, on the other hand, I don't notice much of a difference. Still no return of public cheats. One thing is for sure is that AHK should be blocked again because you can easily make not just triggerbots and macros but memory based cheats with it and using a scripting tool like that is easier and more widespread to share than an actual full hack with bypasses and whatnot. but really, they can add a million anticheats to the game. there is still going to be private cheats, just like there is for literally EVERY game out there. public cheats are gone and that's about as good as its going to get. I know the idea of a cheat free game is great, but its not realistic. You're never going to wipe out private cheats in any game. May as well get used to it and learn how to beat those people.
  4. Agreed completely. I used to enjoy baylan to an extent but full pop is just awful
  5. Haven't ranked up in 3 weeks because Waterfront is almost never open on NA. This is a problem.
  6. Some good changes. How about giving us clotting agent and removing the ability to purchase primary weapon?
  7. Yeah this problem exists for lots of AU players atm. VPN usage is allowed though and that can fix it
  8. This isn't a topic complaining about cheaters in apb. I'm not the hackusate type and don't think there's very many left, but more a question I wanted an opinion on! When talking about good players, people always give the names of people who were previously banned for cheating. [attempt at covering up name and shame].. Tons of others like them that were banned multiple times as well. Name and shame removed. No warning. - Flight Some people have a hard time accepting that the best players in the game are previous cheaters. Doesn't necessarily mean they cheat now but we also can't really know for sure. It's hard to understand why someone would cheat if they're really good legit, ya know? Doesn't make sense to me. Why throw away what you've worked for to cheat? The idea of "once a cheater, always a cheater" is strong. So just to get an opinion from you guys. Do you think past cheaters can truly change and play completely legit now and even be really good at the game while clean? Or do you think people like that can never go back to being truly legit?
  9. Not expecting to be able to pause but there was many days I couldn't play because of ddos so I'd like my lost time back
  10. They also had a much larger playerbase. The current NA population won't last more than probably half a year so it's a little more worrisome...
  11. Oh was it? Lol. I didn't play for a long while and assumed RP had stopped updates long before LO. Either way it should definitely be adjusted!
  12. G1 gave up quickly on ever succeeding apb and I have fear that LO will do the same, maybe regret buying it and seeing it's more work than they imagined. With the dwindling playerbase, the lack of updates (and even worse balance changes), and an engine upgrade that is still not happening I worry that this game will go under. Apb may be riddled with problems, but it's an incredible game at it's core and there's a reason people stuck with it for as long as they did, and even some of us are still here. Whether we want to admit it or not, many of us love this game and we know LO must have seen even a glimpse of the greatness in this world to have took on the task of working on it. Please don't let go of that... I'm sure that working with the code is a nightmare and the engine upgrade isn't a guaranteed savior, but if it fixes performance and gives you the power to balance the game easier and create content then this game could last for many more years. But you also have to be willing to listen to the players and learn from mistakes. Many veteran players are waiting on the engine upgrade to come back. Even a big name like Summit plans to return after the engine upgrade. And that's great. If you can pull this off and get the engine upgrade out, that will be a huge step in the right direction. But that isn't what will save the game. Continuing to communicate with the players and consider their input on changes while working to add new content and balance the existing is what will keep this game going. G1 gave so many promises. They continuously told us the engine upgrade would be close year after year. They even announced a new br game mode and disappeared. I'm begging you not to do the same because you're so close. And I know it's not much but what you have done so far is an amazing starting point. I know people will always think the game is riddled with cheaters but I know from experience that BattlEye has been great and it's the anti cheat we needed for years. and the trading system in game is really nice. A few other qol changes were great too and while it isn't much to show for in the timespan, its more than g1 did for years. So please keep trying. There are probably days where you feel stressed out over how hard it is to deal with this game but if you guys at LO love this game even a fraction of how much the playerbase does then you have to keep trying. And if it gets bad or if you get desperate then tell us.. Be honest. Consider crowd funding if you have to. We will help because to us, in a way this is our game too and we want it to succeed. And because I'm not ready to let go of this game. And I know there are others that aren't as well. There still isn't a new game like APB. And there may never be one. So the best choice is this game being upgraded. So please keep doing your best. This is in no way a hate post to LO and I know there has been no implication of these updates not happening and the game going under, but I've also seen this happen with RTW and G1 so it's still possible.. and I still worry. But it's also still possible for APB to tap into it's potential. And only Little Orbit can make that happen. Just remember no matter how angry we get at you or how much we vent, we are still here with you guys. The playerbase is smaller than ever but the ones still left are some of the most loyal. I believe in you guys so please don't give up and thank you for giving this game another chance.
  13. Apb has actually been having unannounced maintenances every other day the past week, at least for Jericho. I'm guessing it was ddos related though
  14. Because it's power is unmatched. It really should have stayed 30m range. 40 is too much and ir3 version is blatantly p2w
  15. Redhill technology must be shit if it can't stop a 13 yr old from ddosing the game lmao
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