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  1. if u say so there is no date of any maintance in lixils post. the post is from saturday so tell me where should there stand maintance on monday 06.05.19? no where so dont try to joke and screw me
  2. https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/8932-error-code-9/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-115532 go there and read the post of kevkof he answered already the error code 9 problem will stay!!!! they finished the maintance 2 days ago but they cant fix error code 9 so far time to play an other game
  3. stop buying stuff from the armas till they fixed the fucking server if they dont fix them pls stop giving them money just easy. i wont spend something for stuff that is not working correctly same in reallife
  4. The Login issue ERROR CODE 9 is a World Wide Problem for most of the Players Since 27 Hours now so . There is an issue that was reported Lixil said they try their best but nothing happend after 27 Hours. So the Problem is Steam dont work / G1 dont work.
  5. this problem exists since more then 27 Hours and they said they try to fix it. Nothing happend till yet so better forget apb and play other games . This problem is World wide and all players who logged out are unable to login back again.
  6. For real? to the staff pls stop fixing the stupid riot and so on. U should fix the server Problems first not the stupid update. Since u done the move on with the servers, the servers are down all the damn time. Only crashes, error logins, server instability . U should fix that first and stop trying to fix the Upcoming update. No one wants to play the stuff if you cant even handle the normal server problems. 2 days Server went off this week for maintance then 3 days server worked fine now since over 24 hours players cant login through error code 9 . Fix your server problems otherwise i think a lot o player will leave apb !
  7. There is nothing online. U still cant login on PC or something so ..... Kinda useless infromation that pc client is now online
  8. Cmon guys let them work we'll when it comes . They do their work and so on , but the biggest problem is in APB that the most players leaving and the game will be dead soon, cuz gamerfirst was telling people so much what they wanna do but never something happen. I can understand why most players here leave cuz their really mad about what G1 did in the past. But for sure just play on and wait maybe something will happen.
  9. In my Opinion its one of the Strongest Secondary Weapons you can buy from Contracts . U dont need Joker Tickets for it and its kinda nice that u can buy it from contracts. The weapon got a 3burst fire and a good DMG. Even the range of it is kinda PWN if u can handle it and btw u can kill faster with that pistol then with a ntec over the distance
  10. Nice graphic ^^ this potatoe looks like an ugly egg that is flewing out of the IO growls engine ^^ but it looks quite funny GJ
  11. Hey guys im telling you why the hell is no one announcing Server maintance ? Everytime after the Maintaince was, came out an information but no one starts to give informations before maintance goes on.... WTH is wrong i cant even see on twitter and so on that there is a maintance from servers all u can see is ingame Shutdown 02:00 min e.g. but u see nothing on forums or something like that .... a little bit sad
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