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  1. Honestly, assuming each pack is a dollar, like the past preset bundles were, and we not only get the clothes but the decals too, I'm... Pretty happy to keep buying them. 3 dollars for cool preset clothes and 3 new sets of decals? I like it Also, is there any chance we'll get a Little Orbiter clothing pack? Or maybe some decals of her She's adorable.
  2. Honestly, Im pretty comfortable getting a bundle of premade clothes for just 99G1C If it were 600 G1C, itd be different, but a dollar for some neat looking premades?
  3. ChellyBean


    "Building a wall around San Paso" Isn't this the plot of Arkham City?
  4. ITT - Community: Nerf the NTEC LO! LO: Yeah, we can do that! Community: Not like that. LO: Oh. Well... How about- Community: Not like that. LO: What if- Community: Not like that LO: Maybe we could- Community: You know, just stop trying
  5. Because of you I've begun signing any and all official/formal emails with "Thanks, [My Name]". I even made it my auto signature in the email app on my phone. MattScott: making APB players sound more official since 2018 Thanks, Chelly
  6. Hey all, Im from the APB community, but I just wanna say that I appreciate Matt's transparency about everything We've had similar issues on our game, and LO has been equally transparent about it. Its just nice to know what's going on
  7. LO reminds me of Eugene from Hey Arnold. You know that kid who had literally every conceivable bad thing happen to him for no reason but never let it get him down and kept smiling? He was a literal jinx and kept doing his best That's Little Orbit. You go guys. *head pat*
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