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  1. What are you talking about? War is the most profitable thing on earth. Ask Tony Stark
  2. Honestly, this seems more like Innova's fault than Little Orbit. The fact that Matt tried reaching out with no response shows that they either aren't getting his messages or don't care enough to get back to him about a very big issue. Plus if Nekrova is bleeding money, and has been since last May then it's a miracle that it's been up this long. I think this anger is misdirected, frankly
  3. When the Golds who made fun of you for being Silver can't play anymore because the only populated districts left on Jericho are Bronze #Silver4Life
  4. Gotta admit, you guys are handling this migration much better than the last time a certain company moved Innova players to Citadel
  5. LO: "You must have had some lousy devs work on this! This thing is being held together by paper clips and chewing gum!" Reloaded: "We put some sticky tape in there too." LO: Reloaded:
  6. Posted in a Discord: I'm not a huge Alienware fan. They're overpriced imo, but they DO have an established name in gaming. So a promotion with them is good news, since it implies that LO has enough faith in the game to show it to potential advertisers/promotion dealmakers, and that those potential advertisers are willing to play ball with them. The car is meh, but the implications that a promotion has are awesome. Tbh the only other one that comes to mind in the last half decade was that little MechWarrior game, like with the police Mech/MechWarrior car we could get in game. (Was that even the name of the game?)
  7. But... But Dirty Harry didn't carry a .50 caliber revolver...
  8. I've figured out how to beat the mods/LO Staff We need to lewd them LEWD THE LO STAFF
  9. Matt: "Hey guys! We chose some prominent members of the community to help us out with the game and test new stuff! We hope you guys like-" Community: "REEEE! I don't like them! These choices suck! Post count! This company sucks! LO is giving special treatment! LO is ruining APB! The game is dead!"
  10. I mean if they've got a small list of people to watch over, I can't imagine it would be very hard to figure out who's doing the leaks.
  11. Two things: 1.) Im getting some Borderlands-y vibes from the art. I dunno why. 2.) Please have the HoHoHoPGLs say "Snowballs made from the frozen tears of angry forum users"
  12. *to the theme of Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny* The forum hate went on for page after page Some players wondered if they'd reached a dark age Then a champion stood, he spoke quite frank MattScott killed the thread with but a "Thanks"
  13. Perfectly Balanced. As all things should be...
  14. Don't you do that! Don't leave us shivering with antici....
  15. Hey guys! I've been wanting to do a community project of my own for a while. I've made APB versions of various Youtube trends, like "Drake and Josh get stuck in..." video I also did the "X Represented By Spongebob" thing And so on and so forth. Anyways, I've been wanting to make one of those "X dubs (insert scene name here)" videos, where fans of something record various snippets of a scene that they like and dub it over the original scene. For example, some people did a dub of the Dark Knight Rises opening scene. I wanted to make one for the APB:R opening cinematic. The one that plays every time you start the game (unless you use the Advanced Launcher). You know which one I'm talking about: "I just want to know how it feels. You know, realizing you're trapped in a situation where you're just losing control of the city" "That's a matter of opinion..." " 'Opinion'? Yeah, there's YOUR opinion and then there's the truth!" I figured it might be a fun way to bring the community together to work on a small project! If you want to be a part of it, just message me on Discord, and if enough people show interest, we can get things rolling! Discord: Chelly#2667
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