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  1. Maybe you didn't get the memo but there isn't much of a difference between the figures of male/female gamers. You might be surprised to learn a lot of female gamers pretend to be males because they hate the sexism online. So when nearly half of your players are female it doesn't make sense to sell dental floss. We want our characters to look sexy, tough, empowering, like a fluffy bunny if that's what you are into. Not like they are only on show for perverts (well most of us want that, there are exceptions). Plus we are not talking armor just underwear that btw we don't buy. Games with better customization have full cover panties but huge range of clothing that doesn't look anything like armor. There is huge choice in how you dress your character, unlike FE. Got to admit we are pretty limited in this game.
  2. To use the code go to Fallen Earth marketplace. Log in using your email and password for your account. Up in the right hand corner you should see 'Redeem Code'. Click on that, put the code in and redeem. No need to link to steam at all. Job done
  3. FE is unique. Nothing quite like this old game.
  4. Played Borderlands? It might have what you want lol
  5. Don't think we need player lvl 60. Too much would have to be changed to achieve this.
  6. A way to make faction armor better would to make the stats like the GT suits (for lvl55) but adding some buff that only each faction would have. For example giving a rifle damage boost to Enforcers a healing boost to Lightbearers. Something from the original lore of the game that only each individual faction has.
  7. Firstly I want to start off by asking if the staff at Little Orbit are OK? No one should go to work and suffer harassment of the level witnessed on the FE discord today. It was beyond appalling. While it is understandable why the players feel outraged, there is a right and wrong way to voice their concerns. The personal, hateful and sexist attacks witnessed on the discord were perpetrated by people that have always been very toxic in FE. Most of us never condone their behavior. We are just as appalled and outraged as we suspect LO staff to be. It goes beyond harassment to all out sickening personal attacks. I am sorry that the staff at LO had to suffer this. But I want you to consider why they were outraged. Having GMs that have in the past been banned for nefarious activities was never going to be an easy pill for the community to swallow. I don't know what the reasoning behind making previously banned players GMs was. Perhaps the number of applicants was very limited. I don't know why you did it but after todays fiasco I hope there will be better screening in the future. People want and expect their tickets to be handle within a decent time frame. When they are not getting replies they start to get angry. We are not talking about replies to tickets over minor things but some tickets are about refunds for items from the marketplace. When these tickets are not dealt with in a timely manner, people become disgruntled. I don't know how many staff you have. How many you have to deal with tickets but the time frame of answering tickets is hurting not only the FE community but LO reputation. If you have a way to change this it might help people feel a little less abandoned. All of this comes on the back of the server change. It was never going to go smoothly as FE from my understanding is a coding nightmare. Something was bound to break and it did spectacular. Unfortunately not everyone has the patience to wait for FE to run better. Not sure anything can be helped or improved there. It is beyond my expertise but I constantly heard from others they just wished for more communication as they felt they were in the dark. The FE community has been lied to. That is a simple fact that cannot be denied. Some that became GMs we were told would never, ever be one. I could list all the grievances people have here but I wont. Because I want you to remember that not all players are like those attacking the LO staff. Not all players take great pleasure in such demeaning insults. There are many very nice players in the FE community that are just wanting to play the game they love. Please consider those players when making any decisions about FE. I would like to finish by saying that not everyone is ever going to like 100% of what LO does. It is impossible to make people happy all the time. You took over a game that had a community already deeply sown with mistrust of the powers that be. It was never going to be an easy road. Some are just grateful you keep FEs lights on and have tried to improve the playing experience. Hold onto that, take a deep breath and remember tomorrow is a fresh new day.
  8. I get the feeling LO is maned by a small group of people. Most of their attention is focused on APB, which makes sense. More players, more revenue, etc. It does feel like they are stretching themselves very thin and just don't have enough people to deal with everything. This doesn't help FE players. It doesn't give them the warm, fuzzy feeling of being loved they like. So for all you players with outstanding tickets. For all the players that feel left out in the cold. For all those players that feel they are not being heard, have a hug.
  9. It has happened many times over the many years I have played. Usually restarting the game or the server getting a swift boot fixed the issue. This is not to say it happened on a regular basis but often enough to be a known issue that was more irksome than anything else. Kinda like the bug where something gets stuck in the craft queue and you have to relog to clear it. Or when your characters load and are naked. Not game breaking but made you go 'tsk tsk' at FE.
  10. As the original patch notes were on the old forums I had to do a little bit of digging to get my facts or 'LIES' as you call them. Everything I listed was posted as updates from Dec 2011 and onward. You cannot refute the facts when they are clearly placed in front of you Aroa. Your constant request to return the game to a previous version from 2011 will indeed remove all of the things I had listed and so much more from the game. You might laugh at me but the whole community is laughing at your appalling inability to understand nothing you say is remotely clever. You can look it all up yourself here Facts are facts my dear.
  11. There is a very angry person on the forums that feels they need to down vote everything I post to make themselves feel better. I thanked them for the laughs because it really is pitiful. But I digress... When on roads out of towns you get a speed boost. It isn't something you triggered by accident, just a little bonus of speed the game likes to give us. There are quite a lot of references to movies/tv series if you keep an eye out for them. The original devs where nerds just like the rest of us and had a sense of humor. Happy travels. A car makes exploring the wastelands so much more enjoyable.
  12. FE and its quirks are always frustrating. Good luck with resolving the disappearing characters. It has happened off and on over the years and had become part of FEs 'charm'. A charm many would be happy not to see again lol. I'm cheering for you guys.
  13. For non marketplace cars you need to be level 27 before you can drive a car. The journey to 27 can be done in a day or 2 if you want to grind it out but that is long and boring so be prepared. To get there without grinding takes longer and the time taken depends on what you do in game, from missions to crafting. The more xp you gain, the faster you level. So it could take days or weeks depending on how you play. If you feel like being generous to yourself you can buy a marketplace car which has no level requirements and be on the road as fast as saying "here is my credit card". Happy driving!!!
  14. You realise I stated facts? Facts that are easily looked up, can be verified and are true and correct. The list of items that would be removed is greater than just the sample I provided. To say that I lack experience because you deem I didn't play in a time that others have shows how little you know about how the world works. Experience of a wise person is gathered from many sources, learned from both the young and the old. A wise person listens to the views of others and bends them with their own. That wise person can be very young or at the other end of the spectrum, very old. They can be somewhere in between. They gain experience not only from the doing of a thing but from listening to the experiences and history of others. They learn, they listen, they adapt. While I do not consider myself wise, I am smart enough to listen to those that are. This is a skill you should try and learn as well. So lets look at the time the Steam charts jumped in numbers and to their decline. When FE was placed on Steam one would expect an influx of players. Steam has a huge number of members so it is logical to see an increase when a game is newly introduced on Steam. Some found FE and tried it. Some stayed until they got bored, some left because they they found newer games that peaked their interest. Some left because they disagreed with how the game was changing or run. The decline in player base was consistent. It shows an influx of interest then a slow and progressive decline as people decided for themselves if FE was the game for them. There were small peaks in player base around the same time as some major updates implemented in 2014. One would consider this as being a majority of older players returning to check out the new updates to see if they found the game enjoyable again. They must not have as numbers quickly declined again. You cannot say from the numbers on Steam that all this decline in player base is due solely to the implementation of patches that in your opinion broke the game. This is not a fact. It a simple minded ideal to try and further your own opinion without any real data to back it up. The simple truth is FE was never a highly popular game. It never will be for it is not a game many enjoy. And that is OK because entertainment for a gamer is the the driving reason for us to play any game. For this a game must make us want to play it. For many, FE does not provide the enjoyment they desire. This brings me back to my original point. By removing all content from late 2011 and beyond you remove the very mechanics and content that many players now enjoy. You wish to revert to a previous version of the game that would not have these items, maps, PVE and PVP content. It would be a game less diverse than it is now. That is a fact. Not a mathematical equation drawn from Steam Charts. Not a graph of player numbers but a simple and undeniable fact. Removing core updates, removing essentially DLCs is reverting a game back to a smaller, less content filled game. Your options are reduced not enhanced. And FYI just because my forum profile states I joined in 2014 does not actually mean that is when I started to play FE. Someone with actually experience with FE would know this. Now you too have been enlightened by another FE fact. You are welcome.
  15. This is a short list of things people would lose in FE if the game went back to 2011. No G.O.R.E. bosses. No more girlfriend for Eric. That is a bad deal. Poor Lilith. No Blight Wolf Mount. No Foothills PVP zone. RIP another PVP spot Back to the original tutorial which was trimmed to help new players get into the game. No multi sell/buyback. Everyone would have to sell items one at a time. No AP weapons No Outpost and all its fun (OK maybe that can go.........Na) No GT suits No TC-District. RIP harvesters. No farms. This is just a sad thought. No more raising baby spiders. No Dome. No world bosses No faction territory controls There are other things too but here is a short list of all the things players have enjoyed since 2012 that if the game was reverted to pre 2011 they would lose. Say NO to reverting to a game with less in it than before. SAVE THE BABY SPIDERS!!!!!!
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