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  1. Dracio

    Top Sugestions by Players

    Riding your horse while shooting arrows would be awesome. There are a few RPers that would love that.
  2. Dracio

    FE Valentine's Day 2019 Event

    Can I just have a free one of each sent to Eric Cloud on my behalf because I can't be bothered logging in? I promise to say "thank you Luka" many, many times.
  3. Dracio

    Wiping progress

    What is this P2W stuff you talk about? As none exist are you talking about FE or APB? As to the restrictions for F2P it is about time the restriction on chips and especially global chat access was completely removed. Make people pay for extra character slots and cosmetics but stop penalising new players with restricted access to basic functions.
  4. Please Aroa follow the rules you so like to tell us about every time you know you lost, are wrong and/or have been shown to behave childishly. Of course I cannot respect someone that cannot see anything but their own limited point of view. Find anti-intellectual people, those with stunted emotional growth to be just tiresome individuals worthy of derision. As for the original topic "What is the point in playing with remastered coming?" that is something only each individual player can decide for themselves.
  5. Dracio

    State of the Game: Fallen Earth 12/31/2018

    Not sure PVP is that big in FE since you see the PVP nerds log in, fight for a bit and log out until the following day or so, yet the PVE players are all still there hrs later and make up most of the player base. just saying....
  6. Funny a lot of my friends stopped playing from boredom, lag, toxic PVP players such as y...(Oh right don't want the post deleted from people complaining, so no names )not the fact there was no anticheat. Go figure.....
  7. Dracio

    State of the Game: Fallen Earth 12/31/2018

    Totally agree and anyone that has played FE for some time knows faction lore. The stories are complex and at times somewhat entertaining.
  8. I showed a school teacher and a psychologist your ramblings. They want to know if you have finished primary school yet (you know, school for kids under 12). I won't repeat what else the psychologist said..... it wasn't very nice. Anticheat systems are not perfect. they do not detect all cheating. Having an anticheat in FE in its present state will do nothing for player numbers which you just cannot understand because you refuse to look at anything logically. Maybe that is why you got an extended holiday away from FE. Implementing an anticheat in FE isn't going to magically conjure up players for PVP. It isn't going to make people go "Wow!!! That game has anticheat so we should play it" If a game doesn't feel fun for you, you just don't play it. It really is just that simple. So people NOT playing FE is not because of no anticheat but because they don't find the game that exciting for them. FE is NOT for everyone. Just as Pokemon isn't for everyone. It real is a simplistic concept. The only reason you want an anticheat is because you are convinced most who beat you are cheating. Time to put the ego to rest and realise some people are just better players than you. Something a few in FE need to learn.
  9. Once again you show you cannot discuss anything at an adult level. Comparing an anticheat to leaving my house unlocked to be robbed is nonsensical. Do you even think before you type? Or is it you realise my statement made more sense than yours so have to go all childish about it? FYI I was a PVP/PVE player so I see both sides points of view in many things. An anticheat isn't going to bring players in. Only a fool would think it would.
  10. Dracio

    State of the Game: Fallen Earth 12/31/2018

    You seem to not grasp the fundermental aspect that FE is both a PVE and PVP game. Not everyone will go and PVP because they just don't enjoy it. It isn't you MUST PVP, it is a choice and for a lot of players this choice means they never, ever PVP. BECAUSE THEY DON'T LIKE ANY PVP GAMES, or hate the PVP mechanics in FE. And that is fine, because it is their choice on how they play, not the simple minded PVP nerds that think everyone should flag up just for their entertainment. When I started has no bearing on the fact my statement was true. People do not think FE is garbage because of no anticheat. Anticheat will not stop people calling others botters. Anticheat will not make others PVP. Anticheat will NOT draw people in. Stating the people you got to try FE played FO 76 means absolutely nothing. That game is so plagued with problems it isn't funny. These 2 games are NOT something you can even compare. Having an anticheat would not of kept those of your little 'social experiment' in FE. They tested it and found the game wasn't for them. The end. Once again you fail to understand the basic discussion being had. FE is not for everyone and installing an anticheat will NOT help anything. You will still get those that lack the skill, the gear, the build, the luck on the day calling others cheaters regardless. So stop clogging up the forums, the chats in FE with your demands because that is all anyone sees from you. We all know what you want. LO know what you want so now its ok to give it a rest.
  11. Dracio

    State of the Game: Fallen Earth 12/31/2018

    A lot of people won't play FE because it does not give instant gratification. This is what newer games give, fast pace action that you just jump into and because of that they are hugely popular. FE will never be this. So your 'social experiment' was a waste of your time. Those that love FE don't play for fast action or instant gratification and that is why player numbers are small. FE requires a lot of time from a player and in a world where time is short for many, FE will not be their ideal leisure time. Lack of anticheat is NOT why people think FE is garbage. It just isn't their style of game. That is a reality few seem to grasp.
  12. The problem with your idea is that no anti cheat in the world would ever truly be good enough. There will always be people calling others cheaters because they lost to someone better skilled/geared, more knowledgeable or just lucky at that present time. A lot of those recently accused of 'hacking' are laughing their heads off at the ludicrous judgements of the salty losers. Implementing an anticheat into FE in its current state will do nothing to improve player numbers. Though it would be funny to watch you and some others cry it doesn't work when beaten again.
  13. Dracio


    Limit chips to 10y. Can't hold more than max amount of chips, can't expect to have the economy currently in game. You can't see past 9y99r99b99w anyway so just cap it. Not ideal but would stop those that have dupped chips from being the wealthy few ruining the game economy.
  14. Dracio

    We Want You!

    I'm afraid some of the players you have recruited have made some of us question why you would think those players would be acceptable GMs. It is a small community so the GMs can hardly hide their identities. Though while many of us can see why LO has created this volunteer program(cheaper to have volunteers that play), we can also see the negatives of such a program. We have already witnessed GMs favoring their friends over the rest of the community. There will be bias, favoritism and eventually if not already some corrupt behavior. You cannot give power to those that have abused it in the past and expect them to all of a sudden behave. You state there is LO oversight of these volunteers but as we saw with APB there were those that abused their GM powers. The community there rallied to have them removed while LO believed nothing was wrong, until too much proof was submitted. Have the mistakes of the past been a tool to learn from or just swept under the rug? So I guess my question is "will there be better oversight of volunteer GMs to make sure they do not misbehave since you have allowed some very undesirable people, previously banned for wrong doings to be part of the program?"
  15. Dracio

    We Want You!

    Some toxicity like the players being very abusive in Help channel greatly effects many players. I hope there will be some kind of rules and tools to help GMs deal with these very toxic individuals when they raise their ugly heads. Their vulgarity is enough to turn players away.