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  1. It isn't a bug, you just have to 'accept' the mission before you can go to the 2nd computer. Common mistake as the mission doesn't just auto accept.
  2. For a business (which Little Orbit is) everything has to measured by its monetary value. You can't keep the lights on if there is little to no income. You cannot pay staff wages to improve or fix a game with an income stream less than the expenses. If you did the company would go under real quick. FE while quaint isn't the be all and end all of games. There are so many great titles out there to play with a lot better graphics, game play, etc. Hence why FE was not that popular. It only drew certain types of gamers to it. Yes those that played it loved it and some would love to see it up running again. But the realists know that before it was closed down the game was in an abysmal state and could not continue as it was. Putting FE back online because people wish it in its current form would be a complete waste of time, money and effort for LO. So while it is fine to romanticise FE being back online for no other reason than nostalgia, the reality is that almost everything is measured by money.
  3. I'd pay a 5 year sub if LO placed all of Aroa's ideas in the trash can along with all their accounts.
  4. Ok we get it it. No one has paid you any attention since FE shut down, so now you show your true Trump supporter mantra. We get it, but still don't care. If you feel so disappointed with Little Orbit. Log out. Delete all your accounts and never look at this forum again. Don't think anyone would mind if you did.
  5. Of course the player base was HUGE, MASSIVE even. It rivaled other games like WoW. So many players that the servers couldn't handle the influx of players online and that there were queues to get into game at its height of popularity. (can you read the sarcasm?) There were queues because the server couldn't handle a few thousand players. Hell I was told by some whom played from the begining, there were times the servers couldn't handle a few hundred players. A few thousand players is not that many when you consider there are millions of gamers out there. FE while unique and loved by most that played it did not interest the majority of gamers overall. Which is OK because that made the game more special to the devoted players of FE. It is not a game that would ever be popular to the masses because it does not offer instant gratification and requires a considerable amount of time to play and achieve anything (eg: crafting, gathering). Those stating this do not hate FE as some imagine, but live in reality. You can love a game but realise its short comings.
  6. There is or at least was a community discord for FE that became so toxic that a lot of players refused to use it and LO left it. You have the forums and FB for updates. Don't need anything else since in reality LO doesn't have much to share.
  7. Ok so there will be about 30 or if you are lucky 40 players in total online. That is 99.9% of FE population before it shut down right? WOW!!! That makes it totally worth while having 2 servers. FE never had enough population to require 2 servers before it went offline, not even at its peak. It won't require 2 if it makes it back. It just isn't a game that is that popular with the majority of gamers. It wasn't boring because they had many alts or because they could grind to 55 in a few days. It was boring because FEs end game was very, very lacking. Raising lvl cap 100 isn't going to stop people having alts. It would actually drive some players away. It would also mean an increase in alts because of people requiring many more to go into certain areas that are lvl capped (if the game stayed the same as before). You really didn't think of that did you?
  8. I agree. Keeping FE exactly the same but with better eye candy will not entice new players, considering the mass appeal of newer games out there. Reducing the content of FE will not bring in masses of players either. FE was unique and only ever had a small player base. Some will disagree but in comparison to other online games, FEs player base was always small. At its peak only a few thousand compared to hundreds of thousands in other games. It wasn't popular for a reason. It was never a game that gave instant gratification, which many gamers like. Wish LO luck in finding a balance in keeping the old but introducing the new. Not always easy to do.
  9. For those that believe something should be up for them to play now I ask what your experience in programming is? You seem to have such broad knowledge on how to fix FE that you must of worked on many, many games to know that in such a short period of time LO should have completed work on a couple of sectors. Just to give you something to do in your down time. Your knowledge of Icarus must be astounding to know without a doubt how easy it will be for LO to port the game over to a new engine. You must of seen the current state of the coding and figured out exactly what must be done. Please in your wisdom show us the extent of your knowledge of things obviously none of us have ever considered. Tell us all how to fix the issues in technical terms to prove you really know anything (because of course we all know those crying for things now, this very instance are clueless on this matter). Stop getting your panties into knots. Sit back and wait like good little children. FE will get back online 'IF' and 'WHEN' LO can solve the issues they have encountered and not before, no matter how many times you stamp your little feet.
  10. For some people yes it does matter, to the point if most of their items/collections are gone they feel there is no reason to start over as it took years to accumulate what they have. Some items where bought from marketplace so people want to know if the items they paid cash for will be transferred over. Which is fair enough to ask and want. There are positives and negatives for both sides of the 'start over' argument but ultimately we all have to wait and see what happens to FE in the future.
  11. Don't forget to give everyone a friendly bash over the head. You do it with such fun :)
  12. Well I have to disagree with this as I never went into PVP zones on first toon due to having no clue on how to PVP, but I did lvl well without defense towns. Never actually went to one until I was in Deadfall. Doing all the quests and crafting all the time got me to 55 without ever stepping into the PVP zones or spending hours in a defense town. Nor did I have commanders. I didn't even go into Dome to lvl until my 2nd toon was lvl50. I think people just tried to rush to 55 without truly exploring all FE had to offer the PVE player. The PVE rewards do suck though. Wish it had been addressed years ago...
  13. But if you don't come back (if that is ever a possibility) who will I compete with over who has the most toons?
  14. Thanks Matt and LO for letting us all know. Good luck with the revamp.
  15. https://fallenearth.fandom.com/wiki/Scrap_Lead Large amounts of scrap lead means lots and lots of ammo making duh!!!!
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