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  1. Well now you have time to prepare, you're welcome
  2. If you consider logical thinking as toxic and banter between like minded individuals as an issue perhaps single player games are better for you. If you post something on the forums you have to be prepared that others may have different opinions or ideas to your own. LO bought a game that is old, bugged, a complete mess, has a dying population. I'm always amazed they still keep the game running considering the fact it is costing them money to do so as the income derived from the game doesn't even cover costs, as LO has stated before. If you bother to check older posts of mine you will find many ideas put forth. In the old forums there were even more ideas. Eric is a good friend of mine and known to help players in need of assistance. If you have issues with Eric that has nothing to do with me but my guess would be you both had different ideas on a topic and your negative feelings have progressed from there. Perhaps you could try and speak to each other as adults, listening to each others points of view and respecting them. Even if you do not agree with someone you can still learn to get along. Name calling is rarely productive.
  3. A lot of the very nice players that have played FE or are still in FE (the very few there is) often only played FE because it was free. Many have stated if they had to pay to play they would never of done so. Many of these free players have contributed to FE marketplace through either subs or the occasional purchase over the years. Making people pay to play would decrease the already non existent player base even more and would stop others from even considering trying FE in the future. From a business prospective it would be detrimental to the income derived from FE. This would reduce player numbers considerably, thus reducing possible income even more. Making marketplace items non tradeable would effect the economy of the game and profits from the marketplace as there wouldn't be an incentive for those able to buy items in bulk to sell to other players in game. This has been a part of FE's economy for as long as I can remember. Having a stable game, engaging content, events, new items in the marketplace would do more than reducing the maps, making it pay to play and making all marketplace items non tradeable.
  4. It doesn't take a year to max all crafting on a character. Can be done in roughly a month or so if you are really organised. I have several max crafters and didn't spend much time doing them all. Leveling crafting is a great way to passively level your toon. But hey, only a person with experience in FE would know this.
  5. Hmmm hard to pick an answer there. How about you choose and we will all agree you are right.
  6. You always get trolls regardless how small the community is and those that like to believe they are better than everyone and no rules apply to them. I'd say stay away from PVP unless you want to be killed constantly by those that love to cheat. Just play the PVE side and find yourself a decent group of like minded people to enjoy the game with. Only put money into FE if you are comfortable spending money with little return. The game isn't being updated, etc so all you will be getting is a few boosts and crafting queues. Most of all enjoy the game, take your time and don't worry so much about reaching 55 as fast as you can. End game content is still meh.
  7. Ever looked at your 'Joined date'? It is 2013. Which means by your logic you were not in FE when it was 'popular' either. As I've stated before, you cannot go by the join dates on the forums as they do not necessarily align with the correct starting date of a person playing FE. As I've said before, I've played longer than my join date, have over 20k hrs in FE (shameful I know) but am far from an expert. Just an avid gamer that happens to like FE. FE was never really popular. It never had 100k players. Its peak when it hit Steam was 1k players. That isn't popular. Only a fool would think otherwise... The older players that have been in FE since 2009 would tell me stories of having to queue for ages just to get into FE and if more than a few hundred players were online (if that) the servers would crash. But that was way back in the beginning. The player base in FE has always been on the small scale for an mmo, admittedly it is now at its worst as far as player numbers go. Who is this Ronnie you speak of?
  8. Are you going to pay for them to quit and start over? Do you realise the costs involved? It isn't as simple as some would like to think.
  9. Way past the line for moderation? So someone speaking their mind and a different ideal to those that constantly make sure their blinkers are on tight need to be moderated? FE was never a very popular game. Can't deny that fact. All good things must come to end. Another fact. Just because someone can see that a game that doesn't make enough money to even cover its costs, is nothing more than a money pit, regardless of how much they love the game, shows they actually have working synapses. Some are glad FEs lights are still on, others realise that things will never improve greatly. It doesn't make sense to invest in a game that would be lucky to get several hundred players (it would be a miracle at this point). Do as one of my friends once stated "enjoy it while it lasts, as nothing lasts forever" and remember to look back fondly upon the good times had when the lights eventually go out for good.
  10. I think most of the players left are glad the lights are still on and happy any company would take the sinking boat of FE and put any effort into it. But as to my previous concerns about GMs it was very disheartening to have you state once Matt certain people would never, ever be GMs only to find out they were. At least they are not now
  11. Gotta the censorship on this forum. If it wasn't for some people quoting others you would never know it was happening. So I guess the announcement you are after has been the deletion of yet more stuff that was pretty tame from these forums
  12. Maybe you didn't get the memo but there isn't much of a difference between the figures of male/female gamers. You might be surprised to learn a lot of female gamers pretend to be males because they hate the sexism online. So when nearly half of your players are female it doesn't make sense to sell dental floss. We want our characters to look sexy, tough, empowering, like a fluffy bunny if that's what you are into. Not like they are only on show for perverts (well most of us want that, there are exceptions). Plus we are not talking armor just underwear that btw we don't buy. Games with better customization have full cover panties but huge range of clothing that doesn't look anything like armor. There is huge choice in how you dress your character, unlike FE. Got to admit we are pretty limited in this game.
  13. To use the code go to Fallen Earth marketplace. Log in using your email and password for your account. Up in the right hand corner you should see 'Redeem Code'. Click on that, put the code in and redeem. No need to link to steam at all. Job done
  14. FE is unique. Nothing quite like this old game.
  15. Played Borderlands? It might have what you want lol
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