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  1. Dracio

    Maybe Just Fallen Earth 2

    I remember back in maybe 2014 we players were sent a survey. It asked what we would like to see in FE. The jokes in game afterwards of requests sent were very entertaining but one was for a FE2. People didn't want the same game (as in same missions again) but wanted the game on a new engine, new server with a whole new story line in the FE theme to follow. People wanted something new to engage them. Trion tried with Defiance 2050 by altering a few core game mechanics but the rest of the game has remained the same. Same missions, same game play. Trion has now sold the company as their last ditch effort to save what was once a great game failed. Making the game more pleasing to the eye did nothing for actual player numbers. No one wants this to be FEs future. A prettier version of a game but nothing new. We all want something new, something to excite us, something fun. A prettier FE will just be that, prettier. Most have already done all the missions, explored all there is to see. What keeps people playing games is fun because isn't that what games are all about? People stop playing when it is no longer fun for them. Honestly do not think FE on a new engine will bring in thousands of players as some predict. For you can dress up a pig in satin and lace but it is still a pig.
  2. Dracio

    Turn The Tides

    You realise that you make no sense right? I could pull apart everything you just said but its cruel to pick on children so instead I'll say this. Eric talks to people in FE all the time. He has many friends in FE. He is often seen hanging out with new and old players, helping to do events or missions. So I think he does understand what the players of FE, the MAJORITY OF FE PLAYERS feel about starting fresh on a new server. Majority means that more players have stated they don't like the idea of restarting than those that stated they don't care either way. In mathematical terms this could be put like this: 7 out of 10 players said they would not start over. 3 out of 10 said they didn't mind starting over. Does that make the concept of majority more clear for the children on this forum? Just in case that didn't help here is the dictionary definition of MAJORITY: a number or percentage equaling more than half of a total
  3. Dracio

    Turn The Tides

    At least my high horse is right
  4. I am quite aware of the steam charts and the number of players in FE. A 'state of the game' isn't going to increase player numbers and it will be nothing more than what we have already been told. They are working on putting FE on a new engine. Which takes time Aroa. Stop expecting everything to happen when you click your fingers.
  5. They already gave a state of the game. You know they are working on putting FE on a new engine. You don't even play FE as you have stated over and over so how about you stop bugging LO and let them work.
  6. A few games I've played over the years have a timer for events. Some only have a 10 minute count down, some an hour which list location of event giving players time to get to the event and not miss out. These events are run hourly at different locations, giving players time if they have access to the to other locations to attend all. These timers vary from a chat notification to an actual clock at the top of the screen. Any would be welcomed and could also be useful for over mini events like defense towns and world event bosses. This would be a great addition to any future events or the new FE. Having events run every 2-4 hrs isn't involving all players. Hourly event gives those that log in for shorter periods of time a chance to be involved in the event as not everyone has hours upon hours to wait for a event spawn.
  7. Dracio

    Halloween Event 2018

    Aroa please stop posting since you don't even play the game. No one cares for any of your thoughts of why you don't play any more. Find a new game and seek attention in their forums please
  8. Dracio

    Turn The Tides

    People are allowed to NOT want to start over. That doesn't make them childish or any other name you want to throw at them. It is just a fact. Some people do not wish to start over and accumulate everything again. It really should be easy, even for the feeble minded to grasp. It is a choice, nothing more. Do I want LO to fail in a relaunch of FE? Hell no. I'd like them to succeed but realistically I cannot see FE ever appealing to a large audience or being profitable for any company to keep running. This isn't a salty statement but a mature and realistic thought. Something many on this forum seem unable to understand. As for offering LO advice, making the point of Defiance's down fall should point them in a direction of what NOT to do. It is way better than the insults you would rather throw at people
  9. Dracio

    Wipe Server Clean

    'Madness will explode'. OMG that is funny. It will only be the same people pvping that pvp now. That will be your great explosion. As for the dream game, you must really have low standards or little imagination. FE is not a dream game for the majority of gamers. If it was there would be more people interested in it and lets face facts. Even since the very beginning it never had that many players. Most popular online games have 100,000+ players. FE has never even gotten close to that, EVER. It isn't a popular game. Get your head out of the sand. Oh and FYI most people online in FE regulary are PVE players not PVP.
  10. Dracio

    Wipe Server Clean

    Finally figured it out. You both want a wipe so you two can be the only people playing. If you wanted a date night that bad just ride out to the middle of no where. You'll get the 'alone' feeling you are after.
  11. Dracio

    Turn The Tides

    This line "The salt and childish demands of all the die hards is despicable. If you actually love this game, waiting and getting wiped for new life and longevity should be exciting." has to be the funniest thing I've read in a long time. Most of us 'die hards' have spent hrs accumulating all that our vaults and mounts contain. Do we want to start on a new server and have to start from scratch? NO NO NO..... Fyi this isn't childish of us, this doesn't make us salty. It just means we don't want to spend thousands of hours to gain all we had before. It didn't take us a few days, it didn't take us a few weeks. it didn't even take us a few months to acquire all we have. It took years, so you'll have to forgive us for NOT wanting to start again regardless of how PRETTY FE may look on new server. If what has happened to Defiance is any indication of FEs future this is what you will see on new server. An increase of player base in the beginning as people check it out, then when people realise its the same game, same missions, same everything with just minor alterations they will get bored again, slowly leave until FE resembles the ghost town it now is. Oh wait we already saw this when LO took over. Guess history will just repeat. and did you pay for a sub that stated it had rewards only not to recieve it? Guess your opinion doesn't matter either. Skippicaa. Do. Not. Matter.
  12. Dracio

    Halloween event. yes? no? maybe?

    Should I act all cute and pretend not to see the truth, just to make people happy? Most are not expecting miracles, just something to keep players logging in. It has been months since LO took over. Those I've spoken with understand that the game is in a bad state, that it is hard for LO to fix things but games are meant to be fun, entertaining, engaging. Without that people don't log in. People stop playing. Without players there is no game. So hoping, asking for a small event to make the very little player base want to log in doesn't seem like a big ask. Honestly I have little hope LO can bring FE back from the dead. It would have to be a whole new game to make people want to play it. Perhaps that is their plan. Who knows...
  13. Dracio

    Halloween event. yes? no? maybe?

    You must be new....
  14. Dracio

    Halloween event. yes? no? maybe?

    I guess for the minuscule population left playing an event would be nice but don't hold your breath. Receiving a 10 day prem code for the anniversary was meh. So you poor plebs might be lucky and get another. Makes me wonder why they are making FE 'pretty' for as they can't keep the current players invested in the game. Player base is still shrinking. FE Steam Chart see for yourselves
  15. Dracio

    Q&A stream with Matt Scott and Nysek

    Check the who list at different times of the day, the numbers are not that much higher than what is listed on steam. And of those on the who list are mainly PVE players. Not everyone that plays FE is a PVP nerd, some detest PVP. So will those that never PVP, will never ever PVP, get a zone to place harvesters with possibly a reduced output considering less risk? Will the questions already asked by the greater FE community that have been asked since May finally be addressed? Will the questions asked on old forum also be answered? Considering FEs low population, the fact it doesn't appeal to many gamers, why would LO spend valuable resources on updating FE? Does FE really have the potential to give LO a good return? For without a decent return the players couldn't be expected to invest their own time or money on FE. It is a catch 22 situation, without players spending on the game, it generates no income but without incentive to spend money, the players will not do so. Will the lag be reduced? When will stack splitting be returned? If you are putting FE onto a new engine, does this mean all maps will be ported over or will some content be removed? Matt had once hinted the game maps were too large so this seems a legitimate question. Some individuals (that most of us laugh at their absurdity) are asking for a game reset. On a new engine will people still have all their characters or will they have to start from level 1? Or will their be a reset of all accounts on FE as it currently stands? What time frame are we looking at before we will see anything change in FE? There has been talk of removing many things from FE, from clan vaults to all items that players have. Can you finally confirm or deny these rumors so they might be put to rest. We were told we would have new rules to govern us. I see them for the forums but not for the game itself. Is there a set of rules players are to follow and if there is, where? When will tickets finally be answered? Quite a few toxic players have been reported by many in FE, yet these toxic individuals continue to enjoy playing the game with no consequences. You even have people in FE claiming they know LO staff personally and will have other peoples accounts banned for disagreeing with them. When will LO finally act upon the tickets sent in about these people? They have made a few new and old players leave FE for good. Where are your player GMs? LO unbanned some of the worst offenders in FE with no oversight. Why does LO even communicate and seem to value the ideas of a player that showed total disregard for the contracts they signed with G1? Many of the community find this insulting. Lastly what is LO vision for FEs future and what direction are they going to take the game, if at all?