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  1. FE has never been a very popular game, nor could I ever envision it ever being so. That being said it has dedicated players that still love it, play it and will always do so. Perhaps one day there will be more interest from new players in the future. Who knows. For now enjoy the game if you like it regardless of how many play or its unknown future. Games are meant to bring the gamer pleasure. If it gives you this, that is all that matters.
  2. OK the rule you refer to is about forum accounts NOT the game. Many people have multiple game accounts with 4-6 toons on each. Which is fine and allowed. This does not mean those people are doing nefarious things on those accounts or are storing tons of duped items. They are legit accounts with legit items (this is not to say there are not people with multiple accounts with duped items on it but there would be less people than legit). So if you are going to spout rules, please use the correct ones hon. If you feel intimidated by people that differ in views and ideas to your own, I feel sorry for you. No human can grow intellectually without expanding their ideals by looking at and considering those of others. To live a stinted life, stuck in a limited view point of your own does not mean you are right. Many people are very happy that their items will be transferred over and this is great news. This means some who intended to quit will stay now. Those that return from time to time have no fear of having to start from scratch each time. Which btw has stopped a few from returning. The grind is real and some don't want to do it over. Stop putting up rules to suit your purpose when the forums are full of you abusing said rules. Just go back and look at your posts.
  3. As a person with many, many accounts, was never perma banned and have lots of items stored on various toons, this is pleasing. Am happy that my stuff is going to be transferred over. What isn't pleasing is seeing this.... Only way to stop Aroa flooding a thread with abusive rants and false concerns about things they have no clue on is to lock the thread. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS UNHOLY..........STOP THE AROA 'FAKE NEWS' and lock the thread.
  4. We need mice ears. Who doesn't want to be part of Mickey Mouse Club?
  5. This will allay the fears of many long term players but I do question what items will be limited and to what amount? Some of the popular items to dupe were farmed legitimately by some players in vast amounts. Obviously not the same amount as those that duped same items but still, substantial amounts gained the correct way. Knowing if these mats will be limited (eg: Dome and DT parts, etc) would help people with excess parts decide whether to make items or sell parts ahead of the changeover. Or even if it is worth still farming for more mats of those to be limited until afterwards. Thanks for the update LO. Global chat might finally quieten down on the subject. That is a win right there.
  6. https://www.gamersfirst.com/fallenearth/news/2018/12/31/state-of-the-game-2018 Now you know as much as the rest of us.
  7. How about I say thank you very much for the thought Luka
  8. Last year we had to change our passwords, it is quite possible you have been caught by this. Best of luck with the wait times for tickets. It has been almost a year since LO took over so one would think after this many months they would finally have caught up.
  9. Riding your horse while shooting arrows would be awesome. There are a few RPers that would love that.
  10. Can I just have a free one of each sent to Eric Cloud on my behalf because I can't be bothered logging in? I promise to say "thank you Luka" many, many times.
  11. What is this P2W stuff you talk about? As none exist are you talking about FE or APB? As to the restrictions for F2P it is about time the restriction on chips and especially global chat access was completely removed. Make people pay for extra character slots and cosmetics but stop penalising new players with restricted access to basic functions.
  12. Please Aroa follow the rules you so like to tell us about every time you know you lost, are wrong and/or have been shown to behave childishly. Of course I cannot respect someone that cannot see anything but their own limited point of view. Find anti-intellectual people, those with stunted emotional growth to be just tiresome individuals worthy of derision. As for the original topic "What is the point in playing with remastered coming?" that is something only each individual player can decide for themselves.
  13. Not sure PVP is that big in FE since you see the PVP nerds log in, fight for a bit and log out until the following day or so, yet the PVE players are all still there hrs later and make up most of the player base. just saying....
  14. Funny a lot of my friends stopped playing from boredom, lag, toxic PVP players such as y...(Oh right don't want the post deleted from people complaining, so no names )not the fact there was no anticheat. Go figure.....
  15. Totally agree and anyone that has played FE for some time knows faction lore. The stories are complex and at times somewhat entertaining.
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