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  1. ItsHooli

    August Crafter's Market

    Hello all, Market time has come again! For those of you new to the market, you can read a little bit about it's history here. This event has been run since beta on the 1st Saturday of the month for people to socialize, recruit, sell and buy, craft, etc. This Market will be located in Depot 66 at 1PM CST (GMT-5) on August 4th, near the PvP zone. (coords will be updated in the post at a later date closer to market) We got up to at least full raid last time, so most likely we will have 2 teams for instas. Now, I wanted to do an event since I didn't have time to organize one last month. With the PvP zone in mind, it's time to bring back the Destruction Derby. The Destruction Derby is simply a combat buggy tournament, destroy everyone else's buggy and you win a prize. (possibly a prize for last 3 standing) I will be handing out around 20 combat buggies to anyone willing to participate with ammo included. (Mind you have to have 55 dex which is around lvl 25) If you have a buggy and want to participate, feel free to join in, I'll throw some ammo your way. Rules are simple, 1.) Don't leave the zone 2.) Don't shoot at the buggies with anything other than the attached guns 3.) Once your buggy is destroyed, head to the sidelines with the spectators As far as raffles go, all of my raffles will be announced in region chat, formatted like: "PM me for a chance to win [Items], closed in 1 minute!" Simply PM me anything to enter, be sure to keep an eye on region throughout the day. We will be having instacrafts and raffles as usual, If you drop an insta during the festivities, please let me know and I will gladly replace it. I will be updating this thread periodically until the market. Thank you all for your continued support. See ya' at the market! Edit 7/17: I have had a few people asking if they can help craft anything, I'm going to need about 50k+ LMG ammo total as a safe estimate, I'll buy each 5r a stack. COD to Op Hooligan ingame. Also, I had a few spare Interceptor Security models from last market, and it could be a possibility of doing a few tourney rounds with those as well.
  2. ItsHooli

    Some idea's

    I remember hearing that Icarus had trouble implementing this because of engine problems, they did try to make multi passenger vehicles. If LO can find a solution I'd love to be able to see this
  3. ItsHooli

    The History of the Crafter's Market

    Will see if I can get my old HDD and get my screenshots, but can probably get a bunch from the old forums.
  4. ItsHooli

    The History of the Crafter's Market

    I hope so too, making that mistake once was enough for me
  5. Was looking back at some of the older market stuff, and figured I'd make this post before we lost all of the old forums. This is an event that has been run for at least 7+ years, and I'd hate for it's history to be lost, and every person who's contributed to be forgotten. If you have any info about the market prior to 2013 or during the Icarus age, please contact me, I'd love to be able to add it here. If any information is incorrect PLEASE correct me, I only hosted market from mid 2015. Everything prior has been either something someone's told me, or something I dug up from a forum post. The Crafter's Market was started in beta by Jude Fox, always on the 1st Saturday of the month in New Flagstaff. It was originally organized by TAO, with help from a few other individuals and clans (specifically Nebula, Ardenn, Tai Owens, and CPO Tanner, sorry if I missed anyone). It served as a way for people to trade their crafts, materials, socialize, RP, PVP, etc. This was before the auction chat, auction house, and Lifenet systems were in place, making an event like this practically a necessity. 1st Canyon Academy ran a convoy from S1 to Flagstaff for any lowbies trying to attend. The market has had many different groups/individuals support and host the event over the years. There was a 2 year break between April 2013, and march 2015 when Ardenn and I hosted the market. In March 2015, I hosted my first Combat Buggy Tournament (pics can be found on the old forum here, down in the comments) with Ardenn hosting the market. After that. we continued for 7 more markets, with at least 1 event during each market. Some being more successful than others, we included raffles, a Radio DJ (your music was the shit Engel), ugly/best dressed contests, PVP tournaments, and a few times GMs got to their shenanigans also. We ended up swapping towns every month, from Embry, all the way to the Outpost raid site. If you'd like to look at any of our older posts, do so here while the old forums are still up. There was a few people that hosted market during my ban, and I greatly appreciate Roadkill49, Falloutkiller, and Vit for carrying on the tradition. I want to give a special thanks to the following individuals and groups, for carrying on the market tradition and contributing to our festivities. In no other game have I seen player run events like such. Without a community like this, none of it would/would've been possible! (could've repeated or forgot a few names, some are forum aliases, other IGN's.) Without you all, this game would not be where it is today. Alex Delazorra Ardenn Mekino TAO Sang and BoS Nebula Assynt/Jude Fox 1st Canyon Academy Brother Engel Rowdy Ronny Sharkdog Vit Eliasek Jacob Crow Wariwulf Tai Owens CPO Tanner Jozvan I will be expanding this post as needed. Thank you all!
  6. ItsHooli

    This caught my attention..

    +1, vendor stalls/houses have been asked to G1 for years for market purposes.
  7. ItsHooli

    This caught my attention..

    Crafter's Market is still a thing. Hoping on reviving my Combat buggy tournament for the next. Going to see if I can dig up some more market history for my next post. I highly encourage any player run events, some very friendly people i've met in that screenshot.
  8. ItsHooli

    July Crafter's Market

    Thank you to all who came out and supported the market. I hope to have an event or two next time, but was fun nevertheless
  9. Interesting guide, had no idea harvs gave that much xp. Thanks for the write up, might have to check it out!
  10. ItsHooli

    July Crafter's Market

    Hey all, been a minute. Saw I had some extra stuff lying around, and figured why not. For those of you new to markets let me give you a little bit of a rundown. The first Crafter's Market was started back before the auction and /auction chat was in place. It served as a way for the community to gather up and recruit for clans, sell their wares, pvp, rp, etc. It was always in flagstaff on the first weekend of the month, with a convoy from S1 to S2 escorting new players. Me and Ardenn teamed up to do the market in March 2015 and continued for 7 more markets, adding our own twist to each along the way. Should be going one-man-army on this market (as far as I know), and i'm hoping to change a few things from when I last ran the market. I liked the raffles so I'll be doing those every 30 mins like the previous markets. I plan on doing instas all market, and handing out farms/farming supplies to any early birds. I'm hoping this market will be more crafting/selling based. Materials, Weapons, honestly everything is in high demand right now. I'm not planning any events, however I'm sure there will be quite a bit of Open World lvl 55 PvP. The market will start at 1 PM CST (GMT-6) on July 7th and continue for most of the day. I want this one in S1 somewhere, so I decided on Rest Stop. (Specifically between the PvP zone and the actual town. It wont be hosted inside the zone so any high levels should be fine) Here's a countdown if you have trouble with timezone conversions Market site: /waypoint 4119533 3736891 As far as the raffles go, they'll be announced in /region chat. Highest roll (from /roll or /random) wins after 1 minute. Note that this is not the final list of items for raffles, I will release an updated one when the market draws closer Any questions, comments, concerns can be posted here. Feel free to also contact me in-game @ Op Hooligan, Thanks Edit, updated pics: