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  1. Here's my screenshots, mostly of first day; Thank you SR and Ella for hosting event!
  2. Could be something simple like a link button (like $ button on minimap) to take you to event subforum posts. Would mean that it's already moderated by LO, a text box of sorts ingame would have to be watched by GMs if implemented.
  3. An ingame notice/info board for player run events would be a huge addition imo, but that's more of a QoL than a necessity. Bringing premium rewards back for subs would be a good one too
  4. Thanks for the video vit! God damn you keep on target
  5. Thanks to everyone who came out, and especially to all the donors! Was nice to see the derby back in action
  6. Heyo, running out of vault room so I guess it's time again! For those of you new to market, it was established in beta before auction was created. Always on the first Saturday of the month, it was the main way crafters sold their wares. Now, it's a way for the community to get together and have a little fun! (more info in the history thread here) This month the market will be located in Rest Stop S1, (north of the town, south of the pvp zone) Starting at 11AM CST (GMT-6) on Dec. 8th, it'll be slightly earlier than my usual time. Market Site: /waypoint 4119533 3736891 Countdown Timer here For events, I'll be hosting a combat buggy tournament, trivia, and plenty of Instacrafts. The tournament will be hosted inside the pvp zone to the north. Players over level 15 will receive a debuff, but that shouldn't be a problem for participants and spectators. I'll have tents setup for ramps, and campfires to mark the bounds. Do be careful heading around the left side of the zone, Project 432 and his handlers aren't too friendly. I won't be handing these out the vehicles advance, but will have many ready for the event. Combat Buggies will be handed out to as many people who meet the requirements, and want to participate. Requirements to participate in tournament: Already have a combat buggy (I'll throw some ammo your way) Must be lvl 25 with 55+ dex, you'll recieve 3 dyes, a combat buggy, and ammo. Rules for the event are simple: Be the last buggy standing to win a prize. If your buggy is destroyed, head to the sidelines and wait for the next round. Don't go past the marked play area or you will be disqualified. Spectators can watch from the opposite side of the fence, or on top of the satellite dish. Trivia will be announced in region, first to answer correctly wins a prize. All my trivia is fallen earth related, some questions easier than others. Also, since /roll is working again, i'll be giving away random prizes in the instacraft team. Contact me if you have any questions, or would like to donate towards the event. Hope to see ya there! -Op Hooligan
  7. Nice spots everyone, Boneclaw acid baths are lovely! Ominous Facility in north S1 is also another favorite of mine. Before I learned the cycle trick, I had a group of people up their once launching over the fence with tents and Buggys/ATVs.
  8. Thanks to everyone who came out! And congrats to the winners of the vehicle show, here's a few pics!
  9. Thanks for hosting Ella! Here's a few pics I took, cylen went haywire;
  10. Automatic chat notifications for world events (Similar to Globaltech Crate announcements, and GORE Crate in FH) would increase player retention IMO. Some of the holiday events in the past, the most active were when the events bugged and spawned a boss/reward every 30 mins or so. This allowed for us to form up raids, camp out, and kill bosses. Events in FE give players an incentive to log in, whether they be dev made or player run.
  11. Added in below matts post, still needing to add in info on the faction quests thought
  12. took a few notes while I did some stuff today, many thanks for the update LO! it was a pleasant suprise! Creeper quests require you first collect 15 masses from enemies at the locations below, then turn in the quest for the 2nd part with broodmother. Note that the mission X may not be the closest spawn location for the broodmother/minions. "From Beneath You" is not repeatable but "Devoured!" however is. Respawn times seem to aprox 2m for minions, 2-4hrs for broodmother. Treat bags contain a wide selection of halloween cosmetics Seems also people who have completed the quest in 2009 are unable to recomplete. Seems the broodmothers all respawn at the same time too 11/9 Unsure if anyone has seen S2 broodmother spawn. S1, S3, Deadfall, and OP I have heard of others seeing spawn or seen myself OP/Deadfall quest can only be completed in either OP/Deadfall, other quests correspond to the same sector you picked the quest up from Dr Medford Locations (quest giver): (S1) /waypoint 4508085 3937390 (Watchtower) (S2) /waypoint 4546171 4999155 (Sunshine) (S3) /waypoint 6529390 5217131 (TF) (DF) /waypoint 5522419 5120507 (LA) (OP) /waypoint 6288767 3549462 (south of vista camp, at intersection with "56" on map) Creeper/Broodmother Locations: (S1) /waypoint 4722455 4040136 /waypoint 4736064 4040363 (near barrows/spider hill) (S2) /waypoint 4206390 5084203 /waypoint 4209199 5099007 (east of devon) (S3) /waypoint 6244322 4763120 /waypoint 6253350 4785350 (between blackridge and WC camp) (DF) /waypoint 5685928 5108185 /waypoint 5699074 5088365 (east of LA) (OP) /waypoint 6519760 3402486 (south of GT HQ) /waypoint 6343067 3534247 (north of lifenet labs) /waypoint 6538725 3398799 (slightly east of 1st coord near GT HQ) Days of the dead requires you kill 100 zombies at specified locations for one of 3 untradable weapons. These quests are only in S1 (lvl 5 weap), S2 (lvl 20 weap), and S3 (lvl 35 weap) and cannot be completed more than once each. Do note that the zombies level counts towards quest progression, not the sector they're in. (Ex: terance has been invaded with lvl 45 zombies, but they only count towards the S3 mission, not the S1) Only zombies specified by waypoints will count, preexisting zombies will not count Bankers (quest givers): (?) /waypoint 4479757 5517888 (S1) /waypoint 4245007 3229536 (Embry/lvl 5 weap) /waypoint 3958037 3080608 (Odenville/lvl 5 weap) /waypoint 4507824 3935792 (Watchtower/lvl 5 weap) (S2) /waypoint 4479757 5517888 (Flagstaff/lvl 20 weap) (S3) /waypoint 6540884 5216315 (Trader's Flat/lvl 35 weap) /waypoint 6107440 5689866 (Dieseltown/lvl 35 weap) Zombie Locations (according to lvl): (S1) /waypoint 4428422 3381774 (Terrance, lvl 35-45) /waypoint 4405460 4066470 (between pinkston and mowbray, lvl 35) /waypoint 4491687 3905250 (near Watchtower, lvl 15) /waypoint 4269618 3207844 (SE of embry, lvl 10) /waypoint 4030248 3114696 (NE of odenville, lvl 5) (S2) didnt see any in post (?) (S3) /waypoint 6650809 5148030 (NE of repository, lvl 30) *use these rotters for S2 mission progress (lvl 20 weap)* /waypoint 6623685 4767396 (SW of Tannerfield, lvl 30) /waypoint 6608516 4858028 (East of Tannerfield, lvl 20-30) Tetrax Shards seem to apply the Brain Rot debuff, resulting in death in 6 hours. Be sure to have a snare dispel or Brain Rot Cure handy. These spawn locations also work towards the 100 kills Tetrax masters: (S1) /waypoint 4497066 3904580 (SW of watchtower) /waypoint 4027859 3117451 (NE of Odenville) (S3) /waypoint 6076433 5447982 (NE of Warhall) /waypoint 6650809 5149917 (NW of repository) faction quests seem to be neutral missions and require no rep. Tech missions (quest givers): /waypoint 6099383 5686844 (dieseltown) /waypoint 4243180 3219164 (embry) /waypoint 4510389 5493996 (NFS) /waypoint 3951465 3079683 (Oden) /waypoint 4535870 4992816 (Sunshine) /waypoint 6526248 5206392 (TF) /waypoint 4507158 3936643 (Watchtower)
  13. Unsure what step of the process your in and totally mac illiterate, but here's some more relevant stuff. There's a website a former community member made in the post with some downloads as well Hope this helps! https://forums-old.gamersfirst.com/topic/394590-mac-beta-issues/?hl=%2Bmac#entry4390232 https://forums-old.gamersfirst.com/topic/374066-cannot-find-mac-client/?hl=%2Bmac#entry4095953
  14. Never have used a mac for FE, but I found this on the old forums, might be relevant https://forums-old.gamersfirst.com/topic/407136-mac-os-client/?hl=%2Bmac
  15. Hello all, it's time again! For those of you new to market, it was established in beta before auction was created. Always on the first Saturday of the month, it was the main way crafters sold their wares. Now, it's a way for the community to get together and have a little fun! (more info in the history thread here) This month it will be hosted in the S1 Capital of Embry, at 1 PM CST (GMT-6) on Nov. 3rd Countdown Timer here As for events, I'll be doing my usual trivia for prizes, and a vehicle show! The winners for the vehicle show will be selected by judges, in one of 4 catagories; ATVs Bikes/Choppers Buggies Cars Lowbies are also eligible for a free cycle key and dyes (if you don't already have one) In addition we will have nonstop instacrafts during the day, if you drop one down please let me know so I can replace it! If you have some extra items laying around, donations can be sent to Op Hooligan, these donations will be used in trivia for prizes. Thanks for the continued support, see ya' at the market!
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