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  1. FE's 9 year anniversary is approaching at the end of the month, and a few of us wanted to have an event to celebrate the many years (and hopefully many more to come!). So come pvpers and pvers, lets gather to celebrate a game we all want to see thrive! On Sept. 22, we will be having a gathering at Beau's Tavern in New Flagstaff, along with a few more events during the day. While at Beaus, we'll be placing instacrafts as they expire, and most likely at other points during the day. All players are welcomed regardless of level or faction! Beau's Tavern: /waypoint 4513480 5493226 Events Convoy: I will be hosting a convoy from Embry to Flagstaff prior to the gathering at Beau's. For any lowbies needing a vehicle upgrade, I have a bunch of spare motorcycle keys to hand out (requires 25 coord). I'll also be handing out a cosmetic fastback at some point during the convoy that has no level or stat requirement. We'll be departing from Embry at 12:45 PM EST. (5:45 PM BST) TAO's Melee Fight Night: This will be the 9th annual fight night hosted by The Awakened Order. Players will be bracketed based on level, and anything goes in terms of equipment, skills, etc. if you'd like to participate, inquire with Mutare Nebula via mail. It will be located in the motel pool across from Beau's, and will start at 2 PM EST (7 PM BST) Trivia: Trivia night was a series of events hosted by G1/Icarus GMs a few years back, and I feel like it's long overdue for another. I'll be asking questions related to in-game knowledge, first person to answer correctly wins a prize. Normally I do my raffles in region, but this will be in local chat only! Trivia will be throughout the day (especially at beaus!) Bosses: Following the activities at Beau's, Luka and I will be hosting several boss fights (Most likely GORE/Scav bosses) throughout Deadfall/TW. For this event, its suggested level 40+. If it's your first time, instructions for each boss fight will be given at the event, you can also view them prior on the wiki. Many of the bosses have a decent chance for keys, general books, vol. chems, gore books, and gore parts. We will roll for anything dropped! I do want to note that this is a community run event and all prizes, instas, tents, etc. are supplied by the hosts out of their own pockets. If you want to support the festivities, items can be sent to Lukasocz, Mutare Nebula, and Op Hooligan in-game. Thanks for the support!
  2. ItsHooli

    Help Chat F.A.Q / Encyclopaedia

    To add onto this, there is also an NPC in Mumford that gives info for the ATV questline, might be more elsewhere in other old starter towns.
  3. ItsHooli

    Reapers Flask (RP Bar)

    Great to hear this still is going on! I'll see about hopping on for a bit next tues.
  4. ItsHooli

    Q&A stream with Matt Scott and Nysek

    1.) Any plans for upcoming events? 2.) Is there a possibility for other servers besides Alec Masters and PTS? 3.) Any changes planned for dome round 10 in regards to the bosses/rewards?
  5. ItsHooli

    The History of the Crafter's Market

    Added, thanks, and true that heretic has been pretty consistent over the years. I'd also like to thank you for your help in supporting the market while in 1st canyon army/academy.
  6. ItsHooli

    New player here

    FE has a little bit of everything. After you finish your Lifenet quest in your starter town, the possibilities are endless. Crafting, questing/leveling, exploration, pvp, RP, etc. There's roughly 5k sq km of explorable area, and many hidden things off the beaten path. If you ever need any help feel free to shoot me a PM/Mail ingame, /help chat is also a wonderful resource, don't be hesitant to ask questions! Best of luck in your adventures!
  7. ItsHooli

    The History of the Crafter's Market

    Will see if I can get my old HDD and get my screenshots, but can probably get a bunch from the old forums. bump, added pics, timeline, and fixed some info
  8. ItsHooli

    Earthwalker Raid

    Had a few people get together and managed to get a few kills off, thanks to all who participated! I'll most likely be doing redstone facility next.
  9. ItsHooli

    Earthwalker Raid

    Very good to hear! I was planning on just making it rotating loot for bosses with untradeable items. Thanks for the heads up tho! I'll most likely do rotating on the entire larissa instance also, I end up filling my inventory with fasteners if not lol
  10. ItsHooli

    Earthwalker Raid

    There's many instanced areas across the wastes with fun bosses most people won't get the chance to conquer alone. I'm hoping to start a mini-event series to introduce new players to these bosses and challenges. Stuff like Earthwalker, Redstone Facility, Mother Larissa, Brigg's Point Facility, Alpha bosses, etc. From now on in between markets, I'll be hosting smaller scale raids for people who want to try these bosses. I'll probably end up dropping some instas and giving away items during these events, but It won't be in the quantity like I do for market. The timing for these events will change with each one to accommodate EU/Nz/Aus players We'll be meeting up on August 18th in Rock Bottom for a raid on The Earthwalker at Gritstone Pit. We'll gather around 7 AM PDT, departure to Gritstone will happen at 7:30 am. If you haven't done this event before, have no fear. Instructions for the fight will be given at the event. I suggest only players level 45+ As for loot, loot will be set to master and we'll roll for anything he drops at the end. (this includes the now common Lucky Earthwalker Toe, Keys, Vol. Chems, etc) Visit here for a countdown timer Thanks for the support, see ya then!
  11. ItsHooli

    August Crafter's Market

    Thanks to everyone who attended market and participated in the tournament, I had a great time! See you all next month for FE's 9 year anniversary market!
  12. Hello all, Market time has come again! For those of you new to the market, you can read a little bit about it's history here. This event has been run since beta on the 1st Saturday of the month for people to socialize, recruit, sell and buy, craft, etc. This Market will be located in Depot 66 at 1PM CST (GMT-6) on August 4th, near the PvP zone. If you need help with timezone conversions use this link here. /waypoint 4406771 3450122 for the market site. We got up to at least full raid last time, so most likely we will have 2 teams for instas. Now, I wanted to do an event since I didn't have time to organize one last month. With the PvP zone in mind, it's time to bring back the Destruction Derby. The Destruction Derby is simply a combat buggy tournament, I'll be doing 3 different rounds. i'm planning on doing 2 Free for All rounds, and one team round. For the free for all rounds, be one of the last 3 standing to receive one of the following: 1st place winners: Respec, The Rival Key, Gold Aviators 2nd place winners: Fancy Creeper, 3 Green Keys, Antique NVGs 3rd place winners: 1 Green Key, Spirit Mask, Lambda Clone XP Booster I will be handing out around 20 combat buggies to anyone willing to participate with ammo included. (Mind you have to have 55 dex which is around lvl 25) If you have a buggy and want to participate, feel free to join in, I'll throw some ammo your way. I also have some dyes so everyone can color their buggies, makes it easier to tell who's who. There's 2 different pvp arenas nearby, fort forgotten to the northeast on the map, then one to the south that's not on the map. (pvp zones at /waypoint 4428198 3411497 and /waypoint 4436218 3464239 ) Note this won't be all the buggies i'm handing out, still have multiple in que Rules are simple, 1.) Don't leave the zone 2.) Don't shoot at the buggies with anything other than the attached guns 3.) Once your buggy is destroyed, head to the sidelines with the spectators As far as raffles go, all of my raffles will be announced in region chat, formatted like: "PM me for a chance to win [Items], closed in 1 minute!" Simply PM me anything to enter, be sure to keep an eye on region throughout the day. To keep things fair I roll the number of people who entered and roll for their item. Last market we had a few problems with rolls and I figured this would be an easier solution. Planning on scrapping this format next market and just doing a bunch of trivia. Here's a list of possible items you will encounter during market day (a lot more will be added before market): We will be having instacrafts and raffles as usual, If you drop an insta during the festivities, please let me know and I will gladly replace it. I will be updating this thread periodically until the market. Thank you all for your continued support. See ya' at the market! Edit 7/17: I have had a few people asking if they can help craft anything, I'm going to need about 50k+ LMG ammo total as a safe estimate, I'll buy each 5r a stack. COD to Op Hooligan ingame. Also, I had a few spare Interceptor Security models from last market, and it could be a possibility of doing a few tourney rounds with those as well. Edit 7/23: Good on ammo now, thanks everyone added additional market info, pics
  13. ItsHooli

    Some idea's

    I remember hearing that Icarus had trouble implementing this because of engine problems, they did try to make multi passenger vehicles. If LO can find a solution I'd love to be able to see this
  14. ItsHooli

    The History of the Crafter's Market

    Will see if I can get my old HDD and get my screenshots, but can probably get a bunch from the old forums.
  15. ItsHooli

    The History of the Crafter's Market

    I hope so too, making that mistake once was enough for me