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  1. heyas o/ great event as allways, THX luka, LO and clones
  2. HELLYEAH THX alot, cant wait to be back in the apoc just curious, if i should create a new account in case, old data will be used one day
  3. no, those events START after maint (approx 15.00 CEST) with open end, depending on my mood and tiredness today is the last chance for the random giveaways but you need to participate in the anni event, low interest on that atm the hide&seek on friday 11th (after maint with open end) will be held via /global and /help its simple, i hide my toons somewhere and announce it, give some hint and the first clone to get to me wins
  4. well, i am very sorry to say, but i have to CANCEL the car and fashion show due total lack of interest by players, so far only 1 offered some help, 3 called it a good idea and 2-3 would maybe be there, NO participants even asked about surely could have advertised it more, so its partly my fault since i still have to do event with some toons, i will do /rolls here&there and the hide&seek on friday WILL happen still on saturday i will participate in the GORE/scav party and maybe hand out some /rolls on sunday i will place my toons in different locations and do some screenshots monday we will see...
  5. heyas o/ ya might know me as satanicsarah, kranke schwester and all from the slaytanic clan or some of my other toons, maybe even some of my well known secret toons ^^ beeing part of the FE community for 9+ years and participated in many player and officials held events the 10th anniversary event is actually fun to do, but getting less attractive to players, due low population and most grindet it from start, i hoped for LO to show up and let theyre officials have a small additional GM event, those random funstuff ya know, but it not happened yet therefor i decided to spice the last days of our beloved Fallen Earth up with some little events here & there and make a fashion and car show as final i am still in the planning stage and try to make it part of ella´s Survivor's Refuge co-ordinated 10th anniversary event and also blend in with other player hosted events PLEASE, LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS, IF YOU PLAN AN EVENT i will grind tokens on many of my toons, THOSE will be host, set instas and lead team (unless my crappy i-net prevents me from) some mini events will start on friday 4th october after maintenance with open end (prolly up to 2-3 am CEST) and run trough the week, those are : quiz about FE and its items, random /rolls and random giveaways, ALL that as part of the offical 10th anniversary event (need to be in team/raid for rolls) on friday 11th october after maintenance with open end (prolly up to 2-4 am CEST) : *** seek&find my toons, first to get to my location will get reward (different sectors, but mainly in s1/s2, higher sectors for lvl 50 gear items) on saturdayday 12th october after maintenance with open end (prolly up to 2-4 am CEST) : *** mini events in offical 10th anniversary event UNTILL luka´s GORE/scav party starts, maybe additionally within that AND FINALLY *** on sunday 13th october after maintenance with open end (prolly up to 2-4 am CEST) : the fashion and car show at this point, i am not absolut sure about its location and time schedule barret manor seems nice for, but would need some sort of escorting for lowbies and i would need volunteers for that, i hope some of you will be brave and nice enough to ASSISIT ME THERE, otherwise the event needs to be held in embry crossroads/lower S1, so every player can join and be part of it will be with different themes, such as steampunk, wasteland beauty and warrior, horror and most crazy unless i get some more volunteers for building a jury, it might be judged by voting DESPITE the fact, Fallen Earth gets shutdown to an unknown future, i sure as hell will give out rewards, such as: wardrobe unlocks all GT suits jackals and luna vault extention wardrobe items from all over the years serendipity drops and others some funstuff *** NOTE: dates, places and such are subject to change to glance in with other events, i will update here and announce ingame I REALLY HOPE, TO SEE MANY CLONES AROUND, SO WE CAN GO OUT WITH A BANG AND MAKE A PARTY TO THE DOWNFALL OF FALLEN EARTH untill then: c ya and have fun Merged. umm, no clue, how to edit, so... rewards will also be vehicles, pets and dyes
  6. o/ heya all clones, LO officals and all FE friends, i am a long time player (startet my first account in beta) and played it on a daily base for 9+ years, with an average of prolly 8hrs a day. of course i took some shorter breaks here&there, but FE allways was in my heart and mind, since it is the FIRST AND ONLY mmo, that got me playing longer then lets say 9 month. so, yeah, Fallen Earth is actually a big and important part of my gamers life and i really was shocked, when i heard about its shutdown, surely all players knew about the low population and the massive issues FE has, aswell as the low income it surely brought the last years. over all the years, i spend something between 3-5k Euros on FE with my 6 accounts and i don´t regret a single cent, since it was a nice and timefilling hobby to me, actually a passion i remember the old days, when FE was much more populated and one could meet a clone in most areas/towns, instead of finding an abonden canyon sure, fallen earth is a nichegame with a step learning curve and the post-apoc, aswell as the free build system and many other unique things about it doesn´t attract hundredtousands of players, but FE allways was perfect for loners, but also for socializing, it gave players multible choises of how/when to do, whatever the crand canyon had to offer, wanna run missions? sure, plenty tousand outthere. not in the mood to? well then hang around somewhere and enjoy the world or meet up with others to shitchat wanna take ya time getting lvls, make missions and explore, craft and collect mats for or to sell, or rush forward solo the most or team up with others for missionruns, mats gathering, xp grinds, crafting sessions or just to hang around stay neutral or get into faction, maybe even shoulder- or mixed factions roleplaying (with /e, commands and speshul items even and in specific areas (barret used to be the place) or the entire canyon make the build of choice: tanky DD, tanky healer, healing DD, crafter or not, with or without mutations most of the stuff ingame is either craftable or elseways gainable, market was NOT p2w and just offered cosmetics and some stuff to ease up the cloner´s hardworking day i am absolut sure, if FE gets the love and passion and the propper knowledge/manpower to recreat on new engine, it will become a big thing, IF: the actual game is FIXED and transitioned to a stable and laggfree server (if possible transfere ALL the unique/removed/speshul rare and marketplace items fromactual FE-accounts) new sectors with massive amount of missions (neutral, NPC- and player choosable factions) aswell as the beloved serendipity bosses and exploring areas with nodes as it is in s1-s3 lvl-raise to 65/75 with craftable gear/buffs and tents and all the good stuff, but in variable versions as it was before lvl 45, when it only became a set of suits and a few weapons to choose maybe some allways wanted stuff addet (player housings with barbuff/workshopboost or something, multipassenger mounts, unattune item on marketplace) the rewards in lower areas are more balanced, when it comes to amount of chips and a few buffand equal items (xp seems to fit imo) NONTRADABLEs rewarding missions should be reapatable [many destroy lowlvl stuff (often mission requires a higher lvl to do, then the reward) and later regret that, cause it will never be in collection] GORE weapons are rebalanced again, they were nerfed to death after beeing OP at the beginning for some players DOME gets further rounds and tier5 speshul rewards BLOODSPORT should get a survival mode (mixture of battle royal for like 4 clones, that have to kill others, but also be attacked by NPC and have to make PvE mission) bring back old recipes to creat fasteners, plastic and such add a augmentable trinket (in style of AP weapons) make factions worth again (new ranks, missions and gear, maybe just make versions of other gear, like a *insert faction* GT suit with additional modifiers, fitting the factions origin) either add mute-ability, maybe for 1hr temporary to hazmats (aka knowledge helpers), aswell as acces to some tools to create and host events OR have GMs be present make random GM held events. as they used to be (GM or maybe hazmats/others spawns/turns into enemy like earthwalker and have clones kill it as a rewardet mission, hide&seek and other events) add new cosmetics, vehicles, mounts and pets (both could be based on existing creatures, like grendel, earthwalker, tiny shiva, bears and so on) i got plenty more ideas, that would help to (re-)gain population, but with some worthy stuff and updates, aswell as advertising in all socialmedias (former owners hardly did at all), a propper reworked fallen earth WILL have a great future I WILL MISS NEARLY ANYTHING ABOUT FALLEN EARTH AND ITS COMMUNITY i do have faith and hopes in you, LO and matt also i want to thank you for creating the last stand event, its one of the last fun things to do and meet the players before the shutdown bringing back old events and theyre rewards after takeover of G1 was also great, thx for that PLEASE MAKE FALLEN EARTH GREAT AGAIN untill then: c ya o/ have fun and i hope to see ALL the old Vets, weekend-clones and masses of new players in the wasteland 2.0
  7. o/ heyas the event is a nice last thing to do for my "few" toons, especally since it rewards old nontradable items, i often missed on some toons or never got but also the new created ones and the mission itself, raises my hopes for FE2.0 THANKS for that and keep on going
  8. dear matt, dear lo team and other officals, this really is good news to prolly most, if not all fe-players i personally would either quit for good or stick to original fe, as long as its up, if i would loose my collections, since many items are unique, given out long time ago on events or giveaways, rewardet for beeing suscriber, most have a personal meaning to me and alot arent available anymore. i would be fine with regaining lvl, mats, gear (if craftable or still dropped) and reputation for faction, IF (!!!) : the relaunched fe comes with the collection and a future as in new sectors with many missions and a story, aswell as serendipitys and unique recipes and all we loved in the early fe also i would love to see: max lvl raise with new gear and buffs (maybe just higher tiers of existing ones adjusted to actual combat- and buildsystem) factionmissions and storyline continued, faction gear as one topnotch as it used to be for a while (just merge gt suits and helmets with max faction ones, add adjusted modifiers and make it 780k rep to wear) but faction suit as look ! new stages of DOME (imo add a ticket to tier4 merchs, that allows one to enter new stages to avoid conflicts with buff/tent time) make neverender´s revenge augmnetable, so many people still love them, me includet GORE stage 2, add new recipe to create augmantable ones from the existing weapons, adjust to fit BUT: at the moment fe is expiriencing many laggs again/still (idek) , FIX THAT PLZ either split option needs to return or some items and components need to be sellable, so we can use the merch workaround thx for ya time with hopes and greetings o/
  9. if it started regular, maybe there is hope for some fix or even minor update :D
  10. they could add similar, but new item with same stats to marketplace, like dog ears ^^
  11. heyas, first of all: THX ALOT for reactivating event i´m a so called FE vet, generally started in beta´s end, have quite a few toons ^^ allways enjoyed FE for its unique style and playability, aswell as the community and officals/community held events i really appreciate it, especally the zombiehunt event, since it gives me a chance to get the weapons, i allways missed the halloween events, when they gave but i would really love to see those beeing repeatable, since i´m one of those crazy collectors (prolly not the only one, since i see many 55ers that play for a while and have better gear, when it comes to stats) so i would like to have all the rewards from it unless its a technical issue, i dont even see a reason not too, since nontradable and no further reward, that could be missused or any best regards
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