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  1. heyas, first of all: THX ALOT for reactivating event i´m a so called FE vet, generally started in beta´s end, have quite a few toons ^^ allways enjoyed FE for its unique style and playability, aswell as the community and officals/community held events i really appreciate it, especally the zombiehunt event, since it gives me a chance to get the weapons, i allways missed the halloween events, when they gave but i would really love to see those beeing repeatable, since i´m one of those crazy collectors (prolly not the only one, since i see many 55ers that play for a while and have better gear, when it comes to stats) so i would like to have all the rewards from it unless its a technical issue, i dont even see a reason not too, since nontradable and no further reward, that could be missused or any best regards
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