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  1. umm.. again DEVS.. please.. i have missing items. :(. please do check my character please. thank you so much!
  2. ummmm... HELP please.. MOUNTS, PETS are not wprking.. (MiA).. i mean. my car helps me a lot when farming,,, i hope you can fix this soon. thabk you so much and more power guys.
  3. hi! umm.. im having problem in logging in.. says loading.......... like i wait for 2 hours.. im in my character mode.. but she cant LOG in to the game. :(. thanks and more power.
  4. help help help Pleaseee! My character is stuck like in Falling Condition..(like sky diving)
  5. woodzzzyyy!!! ^___^ ..yah please.. i really work hard on that.. (items)
  6. hi! i just want to report that before that LONG maintenance i have so much missing Items on my account. 20 instacraft bundle i think. and many more. i just notice it now. Please.. Can you bring back my Items? i really work hard on that (things.. :( ) more power and god bless.
  7. i hope we have free goodieesss.. ^___^ ( just kidding )... thanks for the reply. have a good day all!
  8. Hi to all! it's Me again... why i cannot log in in my account? says NO internet but we have. oh please tell me what to to. More power and thank you so much!
  9. As mister Drake say's.... rare's should stay rare's.. thanks Guys!
  10. , geeezz.. Thanks for the reply guys. Well.. i tried....
  11. Is it posibble to Good DEVS to sell ( i pray.. ) Bunny or a Cat headband in the market? OHhhh Pleaseee!! If not... please make an event that we could have those headpiece please. more power to all and have a good day. ^__^ -Brei
  12. hI! Good morning to all! just thinking that... Can we have Like a BUndle Take out Item in mailbox pls???? "like when you have 20 stack of rothium that DONt sell in ah >>> Mail >>>> equals... tired Hands and eyes. i think it would be so easy if we have a bundle take out thinggy... i think.. ^^ just my opinion. thank you!
  13. hi! Good eve to all! since Yesterday i Cant See the Steam Payment in Market. i Can only see Credit card payment. 1st time it happend... not so sure whats Going oN. ty And More Support. ^^
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