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  1. As mister Drake say's.... rare's should stay rare's.. thanks Guys!
  2. Good day to all! ^__^
  3. , geeezz.. Thanks for the reply guys. Well.. i tried....
  4. Is it posibble to Good DEVS to sell ( i pray.. ) Bunny or a Cat headband in the market? OHhhh Pleaseee!! If not... please make an event that we could have those headpiece please. more power to all and have a good day. ^__^ -Brei
  5. hI! Good morning to all! just thinking that... Can we have Like a BUndle Take out Item in mailbox pls???? "like when you have 20 stack of rothium that DONt sell in ah >>> Mail >>>> equals... tired Hands and eyes. i think it would be so easy if we have a bundle take out thinggy... i think.. ^^ just my opinion. thank you!
  6. hi! Good eve to all! since Yesterday i Cant See the Steam Payment in Market. i Can only see Credit card payment. 1st time it happend... not so sure whats Going oN. ty And More Support. ^^
  7. umm.. sorry.. my bad. :( just pls ignore me... just like someone tells me in F.A.. RARE items should remain RARE,, ty so much!!!!! have a good day!
  8. phillipines. ^^ sorry for bieng so childish.. ummm... pls ignore my post.. someone tell me that.. rare things should remain Rare... oh well.. have to hunt my Halo.. :( if somesone is selling HALO pls ohhh plsss.. PM me. ty so much!
  9. can we buy old items back just for 1 week event? that will be so cool. ty so much.! more power guys.
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