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  1. umm.. again DEVS.. please.. i have missing items. :(. please do check my character please. thank you so much!
  2. ummmm... HELP please.. MOUNTS, PETS are not wprking.. (MiA).. i mean. my car helps me a lot when farming,,, i hope you can fix this soon. thabk you so much and more power guys.
  3. hi! umm.. im having problem in logging in.. says loading.......... like i wait for 2 hours.. im in my character mode.. but she cant LOG in to the game. :(. thanks and more power.
  4. help help help Pleaseee! My character is stuck like in Falling Condition..(like sky diving)
  5. woodzzzyyy!!! ^___^ ..yah please.. i really work hard on that.. (items)
  6. hi! i just want to report that before that LONG maintenance i have so much missing Items on my account. 20 instacraft bundle i think. and many more. i just notice it now. Please.. Can you bring back my Items? i really work hard on that (things.. :( ) more power and god bless.
  7. i hope we have free goodieesss.. ^___^ ( just kidding )... thanks for the reply. have a good day all!
  8. Hi to all! it's Me again... why i cannot log in in my account? says NO internet but we have. oh please tell me what to to. More power and thank you so much!
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