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  1. Can someone please explain to me why this Fallen Earth forum exists if there is really no plan to revive this game? Perhaps the person tasked with screening and approving these posts has some input for us directly from the powers that be??
  2. I'll pay a year too. My only other 2 posts on this forum have been to offer to help in any crowdfunding campaign WHEN one starts. Do devs actually visit and respond to these posts? Are they seeing there is a loyal fan base here waiting for Fallen Earth to return?
  3. Waiting and willing to fund any effort to make it happen faster Just waiting on devs to contact me if they do a crowdfunding campaign
  4. Not new to the forum but I think this may be the first post. I was going through my Steam games and came across this. I played Fallen Earth before it was on Steam and remember loving this. My gaming PC crapped out and it took me a long time to build another one. When you have 2 kids going to college at the same time, gaming pcs go on the bottom of the list. Anyway, even though I didn't have a pc to play on, I still game money to promising Kickstarter projects (some were flops) If the devs of this game or any future owner need cash to bring this game back, please notify me if any kind of crowd funding campaign is started. This is one of those games on my list of must saves
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