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  1. well "fixing" a broken spawn system by leaving it how it is and adding car spawner doesnt seem a good solution. in my oppinon without car spawner it was still better as enemys couldnt spawn at objective or 35m next to you.
  2. i dont like consumables, remote detonator and car spawner.
  3. @Selali @MattScott Thank you very much for the unbans! I believe there are a lot of people who deserved to be unbanned becuase they where ALWAYS legit! BUT, what i dont get is if there where unfair and false bans, WHY would you rip these peoples APB$ and Joker Tickets off? Dont you think it was pretty unfair they got banned in the first place for not optimized Anticheat or shady and corrupted GM activity? There are people who got punished for nothing for e.g. misbehavior of GMs and now you punish these people for the behavior of the GMs? Sorry to say that, but it's kinda sad you handle the situation like that and dont reimburse them with e.g. a small sorry and 10-20 days of premium!
  4. Better go for the engine update directly instead of wasting money. With the engine update waiting in line, it makes economy wise no sense to pump money into these optimizations right now.
  5. Unbanning all accounts (exept cc fraud) was a very smart AND necessarily move to revive APB. As they stated, there have been false bans due to FF not working correctly all the time. Additionally GM's misused there power to ban players for what ever reason they wanted. To revive APB the game needs a decent playerbase, otherwise its not interesting for new players, you wont join a dead game. So even if cheaters got unbanned, they will either cheat again on that account or they wont even care about the unban because the reroll everytime they get bannd. The more important part is that all the legit players who have been banned unjustified get their accounts back and hopefully return to the game.
  6. And they (g1) and Tiggs did all they could (including banning legit players and scam off the money they put into the game) to keep the game alive for as long as they could.
  7. If the shawcoptering individual is not the team leader you could also remove him from the mission.
  8. How to remove sounds, music, themes & loading screens... Here the post i made some years ago! I havent been playing APB for a long time. So please let me know if I need to change or add anything! Note: renaming the files like "Music.pck" to "Music.pck1" doesn't work! Something like "Music.txt" works! How to remove loginscreen music: If you remove this file you wont hear the loginscreen / character selection music anymore! go to: \APB Reloaded\APBGame\Content\Audio\FilePackages delete: "Streamed_Scaleform.pck", than create a new file and name it "Streamed_Scaleform.pck" How to remove loading screens: If you remove these files you wont see the animated loading screens while joining a district! go to: \APB Reloaded\APBGame\Movies delete / rename: all *.bik files! You can also start the "apb. e x e" (not the "APBLauncher. e x e"!) with adding "-nomoviestartup" under properties. If you do choose this variant, you dont have to delete the videos! (thanks to dreamss!) Like this: How to remove themes: If you remove these files you won't hear themes / the theme instruments (you also cant hear the sounds in the Music Maker)! go to: \APB Reloaded\APBGame\Content\Audio\MusicStudio\ delete / rename: folder "Instruments" How to remove ingame music / ingame songs: If you remove these files you won't be able to listen other players car music or play the ingame music! go to: \APB Reloaded\APBGame\Content\Audio\DefaultMusicLibrary delete : files inside "DefaultMusicLibrary" Note: If you dont delete / rename the folder "Instruments" you will still hearing ingame created songs (created within the Music Studio like themes) from other players cars! How to remove enviroment music (music played in certain areas in the district): If you remove these files you won't hear the enviromental music anymore (Financial, Waterfront & Social)! go to: \APB Reloaded\APBGame\Content\Audio\FilePackages delete: "Streamed_Financial.pck" , "Streamed_Waterfront.pck" , "Streamed_Social.pck" than create a new file and name it "Streamed_Financial.pck" , "Streamed_Waterfront.pck" , "Streamed_Social.pck" How to delete single enviroment sounds: (thanks to chaoticme!) You can browse this folder and search for single files. They are named by their sound. (AS_*** , FN_*** , WF_*** , BSS_*** , RWS_*** , PGB_*** ) go to: \APB Reloaded\APBGame\Content\Audio\ParameterAssets\Emitters How to remove "get your joker ammo" sounds: (thanks to Cpt.Larin) If you remove these files you won't hear joker ammunition sounds anymore! go to: \APB Reloaded\APBGame\Content\Audio\ParameterAssets\Emitters\ delete / rename: "FN_Music_JokerShop02", "FN_Music_JokerShop03", "RWS_JokerMusic", "RWS_JokerTannoy" Note: If you want the files back, simply hit "Repair" located in the APB launcher under "Options". You could also just rename the files (e.g. name "Music.pck" to "Music.txt") and leave them in their folders. If you want them back in the game just change the filename to the original name. You got something to add? Send me a pm and i will add it to the first post! thanks @MattScott @Selali @Lixil An option to remove these ingame would be awesome! Please let us know if these changes are allowed or against TOS.
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