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  1. Triksterism

    Least used guns.

    I'm sick to death of meta weapons but winning is nice sometimes.
  2. Triksterism

    [BUG] 145 fps causing floating/sliding movement

    I just noticed this today and thought I was going crazy.
  3. Tiggs gave it out to a few streamers and I was one to receive it as well. I never use it though.
  4. Triksterism

    I Miss Colby

    Hey Byrt, check out my hacks
  5. Triksterism

    APB Uses BattleEye....

    Well, it's the only game of its kind in existence right now. We don't really have any options.
  6. Triksterism

    Vandalism Objectives Bug

  7. if (game == broken) { fix(); }
  8. Triksterism

    3840 x 2160 video resolution

    Shouldn't be an issue. I run at 2k just fine. You'd be lucky to get 30% GPU usage in APB, it's more cpu-heavy.
  9. The original batch files were from some big forum guy wayyyyyyyyyyyyy back in the day. These batch files were later edited by another guy I can't recall (it's been ~4-5 years). I found his post and further edited the commands to be more efficient. I've never claimed to be the original batch dude nor have I stated anywhere that I made them all myself. I just happened to have a solution to a problem the OP has.
  10. Disable Music (themes optional) ren "%~dp0APBGame\Content\Audio\DefaultMusicLibrary\*.mp3" *.back ren "%~dp0APBGame\Content\Audio\DefaultMusicLibrary\*.wav" *.back ren "%~dp0APBGame\Content\Audio\FilePackages\Music.pck" *.back REM cd /d "%~dp0APBGame\Content\Audio\MusicStudio\Instruments" REM for /f "tokens=* delims= " %%a in ('dir /b /ad /s') do rename "%%a\*.wav" "*.back" Remove "REM" in front of the last two lines to disable themes as well. Save as a .bat file INSIDE YOUR APB DIRECTORY. Restore Music/Themes @echo off ren "%~dp0APBGame\Content\Audio\DefaultMusicLibrary\*.back" *.mp3 ren "%~dp0APBGame\Content\Audio\FilePackages\*.back" *.pck cd /d "%~dp0APBGame\Content\Audio\MusicStudio\Instruments" for /f "tokens=* delims= " %%a in ('dir /b /ad /s') do rename "%%a\*.back" "*.wav" Save as a .bat file INSIDE YOUR APB DIRECTORY.
  11. cd /d "%~dp0APBGame\Content\Audio\MusicStudio\Instruments" for /f "tokens=* delims= " %%a in ('dir /b /ad /s') do rename "%%a\*.wav" "*.back"