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  1. Nanometic

    APB i am bored.....

    You mean some sort of, golden rush event?
  2. Nanometic

    Jericho Unstable

    No one ever said the Engine Upgrade will magically fix everything. Bring APB into 3.5 is simply opening the doors to more possibilities. Same as when it eventually gets brought to 4.0
  3. I been around since RTW, I quit this game a long time ago. Having an account =/= being around I know plenty of people who've been around since RTW, doesn't mean they know any more or less than I do, this statement is irreverent other than for your epeen. i have seen what changes has happen with this game throughout the years And we haven't? please, mister I quit this game along time ago, enlighten us with your tales and stories. If you were chill and didn't actually care you wouldn't have made this topic. I've seen your posts on the forums before you left, I don't even know why i'm wasting my time, your arrogance is your own undoing from what I've seen. Bye
  4. Also, its not even the end of the first month yet, chill.
  5. https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2018/12/29/state-of-the-game-2018 "... I am reasonably confident that a build will go to the SPCT team in January, and then based on feedback, we might have a public OTW build sometime in February. I want to set expectations properly - there are going to be bugs, and I expect OTW testing to take a while before this gets launched for the larger community."
  6. The one you could buy? Because we never got that. Or, at least I didn't.
  7. Once you get the mission reward for a symbol you don't get it any more. Only get each symbol once, then you start getting consumables.
  8. Nanometic

    Cobra Rifle Buff

    I agree, kind of, and I see where you're coming from, but, I don't think an assault rifle(the ntec specifically) should be as effective in such a multitude of ways, cqc has their cqc and long range has their long range, mean while the ntec stands a change a long & short whilst still filling that mid range space too. Push assault rifles into their niche of mid range with slight capability to tickle long range and attempt to hold their own in cqc, obviously there some exceptions like the LCR and the ACES, but, whilst they can fight in those long/close ranges respectively, they'll still mostly lose to equally skilled weapons designed for those ranges. Hence why i'd rather the ntec be put on a slightly tighter leash, they tried to do so with the IR change, and it almost worked, almost.
  9. Nanometic

    Cobra Rifle Buff

    Comparing all the assault rifles to one another, I don't think the cobr-a needs a buff, I think the ntec needs a rework, it makes almost all other assault rifles look subpar compared to it.
  10. If you unlock symbols through retrieving the mails form the KTTC pack and then win missions in action district, you'll still get rewards that are symbols/font unlocks. Also, still haven't received the Halloween symbols.
  11. "asyulm" lmao, i can see it haha. Makes sense to me, but, seeing as the reward for winning has been handed out already i imagine its very unlikely and not gonna happen. I can dream though.
  12. Or, give us an alternate version of the butcher skin to keep those people happy, give us the "Botcher" skin, same skin, just change the colours or even just invert them. Botcher because the event was kind of a botch of a job and because its like someone tried to make the butcher skin but botched it, easy. Lore friendly and effective.