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  1. Trick question, everyone knows the best weapon for asylum is the grenade. Nice try.
  2. FFBans was a cesspool of toxicity. Also, this community technically has no right to (almost) anything here, LO could've just shut APB down and still can, obviously they wont, just making a point. Legally, the APB community doesn't have the right. Morally, that's up for debate.
  3. I did it alone and won a couple times, its not impossible, just much, much harder.
  4. Would make more sense as a S-AS PDW or N-FA 9 reskin.
  5. Nanometic

    Yakuza skin bug

    Turns the ISSR-a into ISSR-b model.
  6. I'll do my best to summaries Will add more if need be. Respawns Problematic and need a rework, had times where I was spawning 600m~ away from the safe area. Spawn us with 1 hazmat rather than forcing us to equip it and put it on cooldown immediately when spawning in a contaminated area. Groups Playing solo it's very unlikely you'll win against a semi-competent team with comms. Give premade teams some sort of "debuff" of sorts like increased cost on spawns. Would also like to be able to group with people of the opposing faction, I have friends who main the opposing and we just have to fight or get lucky and random group it. Powerful Spots Areas like the roof of the city hall need a rework or to be removed, they're cool, but with no grenades in RIOT it makes them incredibly strong. FBW Starting Weapon With how good the FBW is there is no real reason to pick up or even bring another weapon to RIOT, unless you bring a CQC weapon and a fang. But, during "final stage" spawning with anything other than an FBW would make winning impossible so i'm not actually sure how to solve this. UI It's intrusive and needs reworked or to be down-scaled at the very least. Need a better way to display what mods are on guns(be it the one you have or ones on the ground) having to aim at them or open a menu to check is tedious at times. Start With Less People/Start Timer Really only seems to be an issue on NA, maybe have a secondary system for districts with <15 people that starts a smaller, faster version of the game with a faster shrinking zone and force people into to teams no bigger than 2. The 2-3 minute timer seems excessive, 1 minute max should do. Rewards Make them account bound, having to grind this on multiple characters every x period wont be fun. Bugs: Gresty merchant Worksite has an item spawn inside a cement cylinder that isn't reachable, located near the center between the cabins. Central Golden Mall has a legendary weapon spawn being indicated as a regular weapon spawn on the east side on one of the small bridges/walkways. Outside The Praetorium there is a car partially in the ground. Notes: I don't mind the running, if you've played a BR before this is pretty common. You guys complaining about no rewards need to remember this is season 0, content will be added properly in future seasons. Level progression feels fine. Being able to purchase your own loadout weapons feels fine. There is some uncomfortable geometry that is frustrating to traverse as @Ketog mentioned in his post. The nameplates showing/ not showing is cool in my opinion and fits the game mode. Current spawn costs and escalating price feels fine. Would like more creepy ambiance, like some of the sounds from asylum. Let weapon roles progress in RIOT.
  7. I'm on a diet, can we make it sexual low fat yogurt instead? Or maybe sexual fruit of some kind. Thanks.
  8. You can also /report for "abusive chat" or "harassment" not sure how effective it would be but there's no harm in doing it and it only takes a couple seconds. People do get banned for this, I personally know a former "veteran" player who got banned for multiple chat infractions. He says he's been overall happier since he got banned and never came back.
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