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  1. I use to only play FightClub, for about a year or so, probably more. Was pretty balanced in terms of TK's usually, no team stuck out over the other. You can't say one side is more likely to team kill than the other, or to have better players. If they are, its marginal. The only variance we have between factions in pvp are; objectives and weapons, the fact enforcers have access to weapons like the pig technically makes them the better faction since they have access to a wider arsenal. Okay?
  2. Just slouch and stuff so you're not as tall then you die slower. Duh.
  3. Tinfoil hat aside, I actually can't seem to find any official website for Unit Game, am I the only one? Or am I just being my usual blind self.
  4. APB will still be around by then, don't worry, i'm sure of it. Halloween/Christmas always brings players back, if we're lucky and things work out we might even have the EU on the OTW by valentines day.
  5. Unlikely, but, if you're unsure you'll be playing still, maybe it's time for a break and come back around that time?
  6. Nanometic


    I just checked with the boss. It’s a no go chief.
  7. Why are people shitting on this for no reason lmao. This is a good thing, LO branching out and doing something like this with razer could be beneficial for the future.
  8. You're comparing an assault rifle to a ranged marksman rifle. Even if they were in the same category that's an unfair comparison. Both guns are fine and don't need changed imo. Avid lover of the ISSR-A.
  9. Or just "Nekrova Trailblazer". Like when they merged EU1/EU2 they gave out Obeya/Patriot Trailblazer.
  10. 10 bucks says that someone in LO support translated the Russian in district chat, realized the amount of hate/racism/sexism/toxicity in their messages and started banning.
  11. From what we saw, your support ticket was about retrieving the items, not why they can't be retrieved.
  12. iirc armas coding is just as spaghettified as the games code, so doing something like this, whilst it would be cool, I bet it'd take weeks to add and also would break 10 other things.
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