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  1. It's literally the best car mod in terms of meta. Also I liked @Leefekyns idea from ages ago, make HBF convert health damage into stamina damage(fully or a percentage), people will still get punished for staying too close to it, but wont die 100% of the time. Also then allows for the ridiculous use of car det + HBF.
  2. In case no one has pointed this out, if you buy all the guns separately instead of just buying the bundle, you save 1 g1c(with premium anyway), meaning that the bundle itself doesn't actually cost less than buying the guns individually. Idk about you but typically, a bundle costs less than the things combined.
  3. Problem with that is then you'd have the effect of being able to run CA3 and Flak at the same time under the current rules. Don't think having CA3 as the default is the right move, but, the base regen does need some changing. I had an old old suggestion of linking damage taken to regen start time, since they seem so fond of this exponential system they apply all over the place (hvr damage, recoil & bloom on some guns, literally all the norseman series, the medusa, shotgun pellet damage spread). Simply put; Lot damage = Longer time before regen starts, Little damage = shorter time before regen starts. This would make chip damage less effective against people not using clotting agent. Then make CA only change the regeneration rate.
  4. That reminds me that I found this game Which if you pay close attention to has the exact same animations as APB in a few places(shooting, walking, reloading, even has the very identifiable osmaw reload at one point). No idea if they're animations made by G1/RP or apart of UE's.
  5. My best tip for anyone using the m-1922 is to instead use the manic. It's basically a straight upgrade
  6. I believe this in preparation of the server consolidation This topic should explain everything.
  7. So they’re tapping at almost the same rate. But the ursus has to land 1 less shot?
  8. Bet all the people saying the ursus is equal to or worse than the standard ntec don’t even know it got buffed back when the shotgun changes happened. It got put in line with the scoped n-tec, giving a longer drop off to its minimum damage, also felt like they sped up its bloom recovery around that time. I’ve been playing them both on and off for a while now and the ursus is just so easy, even easier than the standard ntec, grab a showstopper for cqc and you’re all set honestly.
  9. Revert the recoil, rework the manic, yeah. I'd be down. No clue how to fix the manic though.
  10. The m-1992 needs a rework in general. Even with the recoil reverted. It's still almost a straight downgrade from the manic.
  11. iirc something about the AI of the peds not being up for it? Or something. Post EU, maybe.
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