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  1. I'm on a diet, can we make it sexual low fat yogurt instead? Or maybe sexual fruit of some kind. Thanks.
  2. You can also /report for "abusive chat" or "harassment" not sure how effective it would be but there's no harm in doing it and it only takes a couple seconds. People do get banned for this, I personally know a former "veteran" player who got banned for multiple chat infractions. He says he's been overall happier since he got banned and never came back.
  3. I'm a bit confused about the times, it was originally, for EU; Friday 26th 11pm to 3am PDT which was Saturday 27th 7am to 11am UTC Now its got two testing times? 7pm-11pm PDT and 2pm-6pm UTC?
  4. How does RIOT compare to other APB game modes? Suffers from the same issue as action districts, pre-made groups will reign supreme but that's to be expected. Would you encourage your friends to play RIOT? In the current state of APB, no, post engine upgrade once we have a steady rotation of content for RIOT? Maybe. How would you explain RIOT to someone who has never seen it? APB:BR except its zones that can be player influenced rather than a circle, limit respawns and a cash system that is used mid-match to purchase lives & weapons. What ONE THING would you change about RIOT if you could? The spawns, after you die once, you're pretty much screwed since you spawn within 100 meters of the team that you just died to it seems. What is your favorite aspect of RIOT? New content & lore, something fresh to try out. What about RIOT do you like the least? Most deaths felt cheap, groups finding spots to camp and becoming impossible to uproot, but that's BR for you I suppose. With no clotting agent or mods, nades became even more powerful during this event it feels.
  5. Where are all the ERP's suppose to go now??????????????
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