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  1. Nanometic

    Account-wide Growl Mamba kit

    Theres a lot of things missing account wide options, almost every clothing related pack for example, vehicles and as you pointed out, kits. This is known by LO most likely and since they're working on an ARMAS marketplace overhaul, i'd imagine, hopefully, they'll be adjusting almost everything to have an account bound option available.
  2. Got symbols removed for not following ToS > Got a warning email in-game about why symbols were removed due to violation > Got banned for bragging about how you still had the symbols > Complains about getting banned.
  3. Nanometic

    Outlaw mc themed charecters

    Kinda off-topic and pointless, but. why have a motorbike themed character in a game with no motorbikes.
  4. Nanometic

    i .....regret

    You did it wrong, you're suppose to buy in groups of 100.
  5. Nanometic

    The new ARMAS looks great

    Some prices have been changed, most notably the shredder SB R&D III is down from 4,999 G1C to 2,799 G1C account wide.
  6. Nanometic

    APB fan comic book

    IIRC @Word2 is pretty well versed in APB lore or would probably know someone to talk to.
  7. I assume those items they've been rotating on the featured page are a taste of what to expect. Besides weapon price changes and account wide option availability
  8. Nanometic

    APB fan comic book

    Really good art work, loving your direction, if you haven't, you should get in contact with some of the "lore experts" of apb to give you a helping hand.
  9. Also, is it just me or does this guy sound a little like @Kempington but a lower quality console version?
  10. From what I can gather, this guy done barely any research(if any at all) before reviewing APB, yes he pointed out valid arguments & flaws but his review felt bias and one sided. I honestly doubt he knew about the PC version before he reviewed the game.
  11. Nanometic

    N-Tec 7 'Ursus'

    When you select the ursus, what does it say on the "tradable:" section underneath it.
  12. Nanometic

    N-Tec 7 'Ursus'

    You're probably trade locked, hover your mouse over the grayed out options like the add auction button on the auction house. Its a new thing they added not too long ago, it should only last a few days.