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  1. swapping shoulders to move your crosshair slightly left/right doesn't make you harder to hit, just because your camera is moving hecka fast, doesn't mean you are.
  2. think its log in any of the days and get the 1 reward.
  3. Sounds like the ol' planetside 2 fights that would last literal weeks because of how hard the crown(big central base of the whole main map) was to take back then. I miss those days..
  4. I swear to god if its that green top hat... I'll take it graciously and not be that affected.
  5. I was there when you left, you were hackusating pretty much everyone, you said you had 600 hours in game and were confused and certain that they must be hacking. "there are some amazing players in the game who have spent years to master very difficult skills. They know the guns and their various parameters. They know the maps and where people tend to go. They know how to use APB's 3rd person camera to attack behind them which can look like a snap. My point is that to the average FPS player, these players can look like cheating. But APB is not an FPS" -Matt Scott
  6. Best way for us to help you would be to give us a random 5 minute gameplay clip or something and we could help you by seeing what needs adjusted, be it fps, sensitivity, awareness or tactics.
  7. If they're looking for a new reward for premium players, could do some sort of monthly thing since they added the ability to pay monthly automatically. The reward could be like, couple hundred g1c every month, or some JMB's or other rewards like unique skins, clothing, etc. These things could scale with how many consecutive months you've been subscribed.
  8. From my experience its way faster now. Two weeks wait for initial response, 2-3 months total time to get to a solution.
  9. Sitting around 7000-8000 Honestly, don't regret a single purchase, only thing that left a sour taste in my mouth that I can remember is buying 100 JMB 21 and not getting a legendary as well as only getting a single legendary from golden JMBs in almost 2 years, and it was a hazardous. I use to just buy 100 boxes during events (Like BOGO or double legendary) and I always got at least 1 legendary, seems my luck has ran out.
  10. And, it means if we shut bloom of it wont be as drab any more, honestly think it'll look really nice with bloom shut off in the new engine.
  11. The only other thing I found last night that stuck out was some coordinates within the HTML source, could be nothing though.
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