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  1. Not to forget the amount of promises that happened along that process, saying that they'll make changes over there and we didn't really hear from them for like 5 years when it comes down to evidence for an update, like there was this clip on their X/Twitter page showing a PS4 Devkit playing APB, but that was it. I mean most people from PC when it comes down to talking about Console they will always bring up "Console shouldn't have ever existed" or whatever, without them ever experiencing how fun it was during the time when Voice Chat was around even with how the game ran just because it wasn't properly optimized to work since it was also downloaded on a hard drive. Or when everyone was starting from the beginning and learning how to play while having fun meeting new friends or even giving the console version a chance because boohoo PC Master race. Communication is what Consoles had but was absent on PC since when you first log in over there you're just thrown in a place where it's a bit harder to interact with players, you just don't see people talking in the district chat since they use Discord instead. All this making it harder for yourself to get friends or an experience that would make you want to stay playing the game.
  2. I'd like to add more to my post if you're okay with this, this is more of a question others want to ask actually. What would happen if someone else already gotten my name for example over on PC? Will I be given a free name change or will they have to change their username if they took it after I did register it on console? A lot of people care about whatever dictionary name they have since that's basically part of their personality over there so they just want to keep it like that. What if we provide transaction IDs for our G1C purchases? I've counted everything I've bought for APB and I have a rough estimate of 350$ that I've spent on the game, if anything what would that even give me when it comes down to Loyalty Rewards? This is also a question that needs an answer since you might already know about the fact that some people like to keep their stuff inside their mailbox, for example symbols and clothing. What if the player that wants to migrate from console to PC doesn't have a PC? Will that mark the end of their character or could there be some attempt by another team for at least not letting that happen? This is pretty much all I have on my mind when it comes down to questions towards migrating accounts from console to PC. Have a nice day
  3. Hello Matt, I have a few questions regarding about all this. I've been a member of the console community since 2017 and I have been waiting for an update for over 5 years ever since you guys took control of APB, but kinda disappointed that it came down to this ending. Here are my following Questions: 1. Since I do have multiple accounts, is it possible for me to actually merge all of them into 1 GamersFirst account? I have around 5-6 Characters spread across my accounts and I wouldn't want to have 1 GamersFirst account for each Console account I've had. 2. Will we get some sort of compensation for this happening? I mean we are losing the platform we've been playing on. It was fair for you guys to not do something about this since we technically were 1 Engine Upgrade ahead of PC, while PC had the new content like newly released Weapons, the new car, clothing etc. But now that Console is being shut down what would we get once we first tune in on PC? 3. Personally I've spent more than 400$ on my account, buying account bound weapons and packs such as Juggernaut Pack, Revelations Pack, Key To The City Pack and even some Jokerboxes since they are still around there. I've read that there is some loyalty rewards thing going on, and would my spending count towards it? 4. I am also a symbol designer and sometimes make clothes too, if I switch to PC, would all of it go to PC without any issues or will there be a level of distortion and make me have to rework on the designs on my Avatar, Symbols and Vehicles. 5. Will we get the opportunity for us to get past event items/titles? Like I've pointed out before, we didn't get around 5-6 years worth of updates, so I'd like to know if we will be given the opportunity to get those. 6. Would there be a day where you guys would revive the game back on consoles, but with the new Generation Hardware? I mean it's obvious that I will get slandered on by whatever diehard PC player around here with them saying console is a mistake or whatever. But at the same time console is just more accessible to the community, while also giving the chance that others from there may spend a lot more compared to PC players, since you also said that "Console users spends as much if not more than PC players". I guess it'll take a lot of effort to do rerelease APB on Consoles, but at least there wouldn't be the same drawbacks you guys had with working on 2 different codebases, and would ultimately make the game available for everyone. That is all, I hope that ultimately everything would turn alright, only thing that we may appreciate is for you guys to turn on Voice Chat for one last time before it's all gone, I guess we deserve at least that while it lasts. Have a nice day
  4. It has been said during the 2022 AMA, look at the 40 minute mark where Matt starts talking about console
  5. Hello, I am a console user and I'd like to talk about a few key things that pretty much are important, yet they were not brought up, and also a few points to clear about the meta over there. Issues about the state of the game on consoles are not brought up simply because more than half of the population does not even know that there's a support website, they don't know that there's Forums for this game, they don't even know how to fill in a scam report and even when they were told that there is a support website most of the times it was broken, the only way someone was able to create a ticket was only by creating an email and explain the issue and what happened. Another issue is the fact that game chat has been offline for almost 2 years now iirc, VoIP was one key thing that kept the game feel alive, sure toxicity was an issue, but that's something everyone over at console liked, since there was always some drama happening and the best example to compare these 2 are like chaotic school fights, but instead they just argue on the microphone over some dumb stuff, and people liked this. Everyone who had knowledge about the support website or the forums asked about VoIP, that shows how important it was. And only thing someone over at console would ask for is just to have the game running properly and without any flaws, and to also have VoIP back up and running, my hard drive literally broke because of how poorly optimized the game is, where the game freezes once in a while when I try to change a single weapon, and that forced me to close application because even if I got my game back to running I would receive another issue called "Lag shooting", an issue where FPS drops whenever you shoot your gun. But even when I try to close application my console would get in a state where it's trying to close the application but it doesn't since it's frozen at the screen of you resupplying the ammo for that one gun you switched to and that doesn't allow the game to close only until that period is over. And most times you were forced to force shut down the console which damages the device itself. As for the meta on consoles, you guys over at Little Orbit still believe that the meta over at consoles is made up of only low recoil weapons such as ATAC or I can bring another example, that one being the Raptors. That was the case way up until 2019, yes I saw people still use ATAC even in 2022, I myself have one and I used it time to time whenever I felt like it, but I wouldn't say it is meta, since recoil at this point does not even matter. The meta over at consoles is the same meta from PC before the balance changes were made by you, the Little Orbit team, this means that the normal N-TEC and it's reskins are the dominant weapons in all situations, almost everyone uses one. Along with N-TEC people also use Yukon, because it's still broken over here with it firing super fast, this is pretty much the main meta people follow every time now. Sure people also use SMGs like for example the PMG or Whisper, I myself used to main those too and they're pretty effective, and easy to use. Another gun that also is used a lot is the CR762, and that is because it still has a long range over there and it's basically a good weapon all around since it's a 5 shot kill. And I would also like to bring up 2 weapons that actually really deserve a nerf there, first one being the Troublemaker, the gun got a giant spike in popularity in the past 2 years, everyone can score good with it since it's literally easier to use compared to ATAC. Another gun that deserves a pretty huge nerf is the True Ogre, it literally counters anything over there, and the main reason on that is because people on consoles have a more rushed playstyle, so they are more likely to get flanked by the True Ogre, but at the same time the gun itself deserves a nerf because it kills way too quick and there's barely you can do to counter it when you get against someone with it, it deserves to be at least a 5 shot kill, and mobility also deserves a nerf since it's as big as a SHAW yet you can run as fast as how you'd run with an SMG, that's not really balanced. As for the recoil on the game, it's not a big deal and you can easily learn how to control the recoil on guns, you just have to put the effort in. But many people just don't do that, they instead choose to use Third Party for example the Strike Pack, this one allowing players to have some cheats/advantages and allows them to fully control recoil for some guns without even pulling down the Joystick, or it gives them macros. Other third parties people use are Xims, these allow the user to have Mouse and Keyboard movement and it's self explanatory that this is pretty much unfair today, almost everyone used one on fight clubs when I was still playing before I quit, instead of actually going for some balance changes over at consoles you guys should actually look into an anticheat over there too. The main reason why a lot of people quit the game on console is because of these "Tryhards" that use N-TEC 24/7 and nothing else, the gun is way too dominant and it just makes it the only gun people go for and quit because of. I hope this can clear up a few things about consoles, I am a PlayStation player and it's based off the experience over there, I don't know anything about Xbox but I am guessing is the same thing.
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