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  1. Just give it a longer cool down, lmao
  2. That's just not true at all, multiple people have received bans for doing this very thing. On topic, I wouldn't mind a toggle-able passive mode, so if people really do want the option of being able to pass through players and their vehicles like ghosts, they can have it, I imagine this would be ideal as a streamer. On the topic of RNG vs Skill I think there should be both, not on every gun, preferably mostly skill but having a few gimmicky guns in there with some RNG would fit the game, I feel.
  3. It's 11 stk in live as of right now, not 10. reducing it's current bloom so you can actually use CJ would be nice. Maybe a little faster fire rate, making its ttk more competitive, doing this would also speeding up it's 'buff' effects. It doesn't need drastic changes, a minor buff would be fine, be it to the fire rate or damage or even a bigger mag so it can actually make use of it's mods besides the last half of the mag only utilizing it.
  4. 100$ is literally nothing. How are you struggling, do you main remote det or something? You can make a new character, do one mission and never have to worry about the money for spawning a car again because of how inexpensive it is.
  5. Nanometic

    Nerf the .45 Pistol

    Or rather than nerfing things so the whole games feels like the guns are made out of custard, use it as a balance point and buff guns to its standard?..
  6. Every time i've seen this it's been fixed by respawning.
  7. I don't care what he does, as long as he's having fun. Don't need to be so critical of our precious boi,
  8. Watching Matt trying to shoot people is the best thing I ever seen, it made my day. He is precious.
  9. Don't know if anyone else pointed this out yet but, It looks like the new legendary vendor will have the same limits as a regular vendor, This means you can buy a maximum of 3 weapons per category(secondary, Assault Rifles, Explosives, etc) per day, which restocks at a rate of 1 per day to a max of 3.
  10. What'll happen to the Golden JMB loyalty rewards? I'm assuming they'll be removed? Maybe replaced with a code for like, 250 JTs? Nudge Nudge Hint Hint?
  11. Outfit 1 Outfit 2 Outfit 3 Outfit 4 Joker Distribution Themed Outfit Name:- Nadya Bio:- TBD
  12. My personal favorite HVR change i'd like to see is a change in fire rate and equip time. Force it into that support role its suppose to fill. Lots of tiny changes to the HVR would definitely make it better.
  13. Have to wait and see how these 'improvements' handle APB. It sounds promising, i'm looking forward to see how it performs.
  14. That's what I use to believe too, I think it's like this most of the time. But sometimes it just isn't the case
  15. If you're gonna give out the asylum skin again then I want the butcher skin.
  16. I'd give a lengthy response, but, since it's your opinion as your said, i'll respect it. Only note is that Cooling Jacket doesn't effect recoil. the DMR-AV PR2 is a straight upgrade from the PR1, its just a bit better at ruining cars due to being able to shoot faster, not having to wait for the full retractile reset due to the size of vehicles.
  17. Wasn't one of the events related to getting so many team kills? Or am I thinking of a different event. Either way, that challenge was wack.
  18. I'm still confused. I get making all the weapons white rather than have a split between white gold and purple. But why are weapons bought off armas now coming with JT 3 in their name (rather than R&D III or NFCP 3) when they weren't purchased via the joker store?
  19. It's literally the best car mod in terms of meta. Also I liked @Leefekyns idea from ages ago, make HBF convert health damage into stamina damage(fully or a percentage), people will still get punished for staying too close to it, but wont die 100% of the time. Also then allows for the ridiculous use of car det + HBF.
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