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  1. You know what you're right, after rethinking again, yes the Nano is not special, it just happens to be a good secondary for people with horrible ping so you can just spam spray it. But the Ursus, I feel like it's dead accurate on its first shot, and the increased damage makes a difference against players with fragile or when you wanna finish someone off with your secondary after dealing some damage. That's why the Ursus is in such high demand, because if it was for looks/sounds it wouldn't have been worth 100k in the MP.. And I can see the solution you're proposing to be the ideal case, but there would be 3 problems with that. Previous buyers of weapons would give LO sh*t for that. The MP would be nearly rendered useless, as weapon trade is the most used feature of the MP. Current owners of the weapons already transferred the weapons they needed for the character they're maining for the time being, so an account-bound version wouldn't be much of a compensations for them. I think it needs more thinking to find the least destructive solution because there will always be an angry mob after each change, including better cheat detection or an engine upgrade (lol as if it will every come before this game is dead)...
  2. I completely agree with you. Although I highly disagree on the Ursus and Nano. The ursus gives the milliseconds edge you need over other rifle in medium combat, it makes a big difference. And the Nano is just the best fool proof gun out there, it's NEARLY a primary weapon to be honest. However, yes "legendaries" should have much more unique and balanced mechanics as you said. Mind explaining why so instead of just spreading toxicity? I don't understand, I always try to be decent with you, yet you're always just spreading negativity in the replies..
  3. So, as we all know out of all the legendaries out there, there are only a few that actually show some kind of stopping power/useful scenario cases, and we can see that direct inflicting their prices. And given the fact that all legendaries actually cost the same to buy their boxes, and all have the same drop rate, do you believe that lower end legendaries should have their specs adjusted to show some sort of resemblence to actually being a legendary weapon. Just before I get some replies I know I'll get if i don't point this out, I am not asking for legendary weapons to be more powerful than normal weapons, however, what I'm asking for is to make those low end (in terms of demand/price/usefulness) weapons to have an actual unique point of advantage. To add, some legendaries have had advantages that are no longer in the game (such as removing tracers) that are considered as an advantage and countered with a disadvantage, which leaves those weapons with practically more disadvantages than advantages. TLDR; Do you think legendaries should be balanced, but Useful & Unique in their own situations, not just different looking/sounding weapons? Sorry for the long post, if you read all what I've written, here's a heart
  4. I don't think you acknowledge it's more complicated than that. For myself, I've been playing the game for 1.3k hours and I'm R255, but I've always played like shit due to my hardware & internet limitations. You cannot generalize according to play time since some people have been in the same skill area for years and years. However, I am completely against people who obviously don't fit in the bronze server, which I think most of us know by name (yet we see them complaining about how the game is dying for "some reason" in forums) and also against using R195 mods against them. I usually take it very easy against new players, and I know a lot of people who do the same. I also think removing that stupid R195 mod restriction and allowing OSMAW & OPGL to be bought with much less play time would be a good idea.
  5. I just logged on my phone and thought it was a problem with my phone.
  6. maybe it's just me, but I've never been able to master the FBW's fire rate even after 1.3k hours, which makes it a really bad gun for me. Especially when I'm in an intense firefight and/or I get a frame drop. The FBW is useless to me so idk tbh maybe it's better than the nano but I just suck? Merged. FBW might be a viable competitor imo yeah. But the .45 sucks man, like really sucks... Idk but the fire rate of the FBW kills it for me, especially being a potato pc user, I get A LOT of hiccups playing and mastering the FBW's fire rate is pretty hard for me. Nano just makes you forget all the hassle, to add the no bloom is such a huge advantage over the FBW which people underestimate. I'd take the more 0.05 sec higher TTK over than missing a shot with the FBW cuz of the bloom or even worse jamming the gun due to clicking rythm. Also the FBW's range is kinda useless due to the high bloom anyway so the +10m it has over Nano is kinda useless. The only real advantage of FBW is the low equip time over the Nano. Nano's equip time is enough to get shot, killed, and cremated.
  7. 30m effective range super good accuracy no bloom no need to learn clicking intervals 1.05 ttk incredibly low firing sound 1.2 sec reload time, which is relatively very low in secondaries a clip can take out 2 enemies easily very easy to use while hugging others in cqc and also does pretty damn good in longer ranges upto 30m as the accuracy is very good only downside is the equip time, but at this point it's nearly a primary weapon. compare those specs to other secondaries other than the ones I stated before and you'd realize there is not much left to use other than those 3 secondary weps.
  8. Maybe you can educate me about other secondaries that can outplay those stated and the scenarios needed for such a case? I'm genuinely interested. I have no idea how this community thinks since I can see downvotes being spammed on comments of different opinions without reason nor evidence of another case being true.
  9. Nerf OCA? For real? This would make the OCA useless against shotguns (even after the "rework"), the complaints about OCA being overpowered comes from people who have less than 10 hours in game. I would actually argue that the OCA is actually a little on the underpowered side as it suffers from really bad hitreg. How about instead of those reworks, the team would put their efforts into making new secondaries, since the secondaries are a mess with the current case with RFP, Nano, and Thunder being insanely OP against all other secondaries in nearly every aspect.
  10. Yeah I'm also getting much more stutters after the last couple of updates. It's like LO is making the worst aspect of APB worse than it already is. I was very positive after LO bought G1, now it's quite the opposite..
  11. I agree. There are cars that are basically troll-tier when used. I also believe the Bishada seriously needs a buff and a fix for the flip it does, especially given its price. BTW first choice is kinda like that.
  12. Actually complete rebalance is the true solution, I agree. But it's unrealistic given the pace of development LO is going with. But I do agree, that's the ideal solution. And haha yeah Pioneer is great, however I don't see much people using it in Citadel that much to be honest. I do have a Pioneer and I'm not a big fan to be honest. Vegas blows it out of the water when it comes to acceleration and speed, and the mass of vegas is not too bad compared to pioneer. A vegas can actually throw a Pioneer out of it's path if it T boned it with high speed, unlike a Bishada, that f*cker get's tossed around like nothing. Well that's my experience, and I see Vegas more than anything on Citadel and that's for a reason. Especially for criminals, vegas is the go-to. (I main crim) I don't know if you're playing the same game as me. But I play crim on Citadel, and it's 99% vegas, especially with people of higher ranks.
  13. What are your thoughts on the current situation of the vehicles' stats. It seems that the Vegas dominates all other cars in 99% of cases, which leaves no reason for you to buy any other car, even ones that of the same price tier as the Vegas.
  14. I honestly don't find anything wrong with saying gg ez or teasing the opponent team. There's a line between harassment and competitive attitude. Teasing the opponent team, as a whole, or saying they're ez kills is fine. But targeting certain players and constantly sending whispers and annoying them is harassment and shall be penalized. Mostly the issue can be solved only with a proper threat/rank system.
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