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  1. I agree. There are cars that are basically troll-tier when used. I also believe the Bishada seriously needs a buff and a fix for the flip it does, especially given its price. BTW first choice is kinda like that.
  2. Actually complete rebalance is the true solution, I agree. But it's unrealistic given the pace of development LO is going with. But I do agree, that's the ideal solution. And haha yeah Pioneer is great, however I don't see much people using it in Citadel that much to be honest. I do have a Pioneer and I'm not a big fan to be honest. Vegas blows it out of the water when it comes to acceleration and speed, and the mass of vegas is not too bad compared to pioneer. A vegas can actually throw a Pioneer out of it's path if it T boned it with high speed, unlike a Bishada, that f*cker get's tossed around like nothing. Well that's my experience, and I see Vegas more than anything on Citadel and that's for a reason. Especially for criminals, vegas is the go-to. (I main crim) I don't know if you're playing the same game as me. But I play crim on Citadel, and it's 99% vegas, especially with people of higher ranks.
  3. What are your thoughts on the current situation of the vehicles' stats. It seems that the Vegas dominates all other cars in 99% of cases, which leaves no reason for you to buy any other car, even ones that of the same price tier as the Vegas.
  4. I honestly don't find anything wrong with saying gg ez or teasing the opponent team. There's a line between harassment and competitive attitude. Teasing the opponent team, as a whole, or saying they're ez kills is fine. But targeting certain players and constantly sending whispers and annoying them is harassment and shall be penalized. Mostly the issue can be solved only with a proper threat/rank system.
  5. Did you ever use an fbw? Because it takes 1-1.2 sec to kill with an fbw, given how fast you shoot it without jamming. Plus it's not like you'll be prohibited from using an fbw but everyone else will use it to kill you
  6. Well, you seem to be complaining about how people act more than he's complaining about macros. Can't agree more. Merged. Merged. sadly, yes
  7. With certain weapons, they do give a huge advantage and that's a fact. Try getting a G502 or a Bloody mouse and setup a macro and see how fast you can shoot without jamming the carbine or how you can make your Ntec shoot with minimum bloom at long ranges. It does give a huge advantage when used correctly with the proper setup. However, a macro user will get bored quickly from the game since they will no longer need to learn any skill and/or adapt to different weapons. I don't see him complaining, he's just introducing a topic that has bothered many players before, and we're eager about discussing new possibilities within the game.
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