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  1. I believe this is a topic LO's lawyer(s) will have to check. Open-sourcing codebases is a complicated issue, but you can most definitely sort out an agreement with stakeholders if they believe it is for the mutual benefit of the parties involved. Selling the IP does not necessarily mean that open-sourcing is out of the question, nor the other way around. Our argument here won't result to anything unless LO takes open-sourcing into consideration and answers our questions. I'm proposing open-sourcing as a solution to progressing the game's development. The legalities behind it is another issue LO will have to inform us about.
  2. Just open source the game at this point. It's a sinking ship, you got nothing to lose. APB has had enough media coverage for angel open source devs to chime in and try to save it.
  3. Matt, After reading the post (supposedly titled "Next Steps"), it doesn't sound like those are next steps at all... The post is the same yadda this issue yadda that issue... The community has already lost hope in having some sort of engine upgrade and I believe most people are over it by now. We do want the engine upgrade, but the state of the game now is far beyond a performance improvement to get the players back. What the most of the remaining community now needs is: 1- Some sort of proactivity regarding cheaters and stopping the questionable community rules which protect cheaters from being called out and banned. 2- Some new content to play for. Whether it's new contacts, new weapons, reverting all those horrible weapon balances, matchmaking improvements, etc. 3- Keeping the community always updated. All the past years you've been striving to satisfy new players, but you forgot the existing community while doing that, now all what is left is a few players from the veteran community. Another step in the wrong direction by trying to cater to new players will be the final straw that broke the camel's back. Please, just for once, listen to the community. Drop it with the engine rabbit hole, for a while. Give us new content. Revert the bad weapon changes. Ban the cheaters and stop it with the idealistic community standards in a continuously dying community, your approach already proved to be unsuitable. Hope you read this and for once trust the only people left.
  4. I'd be happy to join your taxi business, if you have health insurance it would be a plus since I seem to get into a lot of trouble while playing. (IGN: clubboba)
  5. Here's your issue then xD The 24G2 never goes below 180 USD as far as I know, if you got it for $100 then it probably had something fucked up before you bought it. Make the most of it though it's a great monitor anyway. I hope you find a solution soon bro
  6. I thought that the 7700hq would be as powerful as a Ryzen 3600, but yeah you're right there is a noticeable difference. And what you're describing does indeed sound like a typical CPU bottleneck. And I can't stress enough how much getting a PC will be a good purchase, but the GPU prices nowadays ain't helping. If the NVIDIA control panel shows the option of turning on Gsync, try to turn it on and see what happens, it most likely will work fine and it's better than Freesync, I have an AOC 24G2, if that's the one you got too I would highly suggest you request an RMA especially when it comes to dead pixels. In my country all their IPS 144Hz monitors have a remarkable 3-year 0 dead pixel guarantee and I've heard they replace your monitor if it shows any signs of dead/stuck pixels without any hassle. Someone above suggested stuck pixel fixing video loops, but honestly I wouldn't rely on them too much. I've had a few IPS panel phones get stuck pixels and those color changing loops never helped at all.
  7. I also have my 144Hz AOC monitor set to 120Hz because of a stupid driver issue with my AMD GPU that screws with the fan controller if I set the monitor to 144Hz. What I find weird is that you're not hitting 120 because my RX 570 8GB is identical in most games to a 1060 6GB and I easily hit 120 fps on high-to-max settings on a Ryzen 3600 and 16GB 3200Mhz RAM. I suspect you have a software issue since your CPU and GPU should easily reach 120 fps unless you're thermally throttling. I would also suggest you check if G-sync works with your monitor since you have an Nvidia GPU because Freesync (even Freesync Premium like I have) sucks a$$. Till you try to find a solution, I would suggest you turn off frame smoothing since I found it to have no advantage whatsoever and just increases CPU load and causes stutters and frame de-sync. I've compared it being on/off in isolation of any other variable on my machine and it just ruined my experience especially when I would suddenly move my mouse, it would cause annoying frame stutters and minor increased input lag.
  8. If you have adaptive sync, then I would suggest you leave the FPS bounce around. Playing above 60 fps is such a major upgrade and I wouldn't recommend playing a game like APB, especially with such a huge skill curve unless you're playing over 80-100 fps at least.
  9. Every time I see a weapon changelog from you guys I seriously get furious and remember I shouldn't let it get on my nerves because this game is too dead anyway.. Why does every "balance" patch have to be SO aggressive?? And why are you guys trying to completely eliminate a meta, this will never happen. Every game has a meta. You should only try to minimize the difference between the meta and the non meta. Every patch just takes the current meta weapon and nerfs it, rinse and repeat. This will never end. Please, just revert all weapon changes since you've started tinkering with weapons (except the med spray change) and start on a clean slate, and take it slow and carefully, you just don't do such major nerfs every time.
  10. Very respectable opinion. I agree with your points, it's just the last bit of hope we have, so like you said, they should at least consider giving people the access to help and hoping for the best...
  11. After reading the last few engine updates, it's clear that at this point Matt is coding through the engine upgrade by himself. Any software engineer/programmer would know that it's usually infeasible to handle an executive job as well as developing a game that's broken in so many ways. And given the endless amount of issues that still have to be solved, it would be impossible for Matt to finish this himself, and I suspect that financials aren't going as planned so hiring a paid team might not be an option. So maybe the only option left is turning APB into a crowd-developed project. It would be great if we have a discussion with Matt or some of the moderators if this is a feasible option in terms of legal/technical/other standpoints. I understand that games being crowd-developed is sometimes challenging especially regarding sharing source code (which can cause a huge number of legal/vulnerability issues). But it would be great if this option is taken into consideration, especially that I'm sure that there are hundreds of experienced programmers ready to help save this game together.
  12. Nope not confusing them, I used both for quite a while. I believe both weapons are balanced very well (or at least used to be). But the ntec offered a little more punishing power when you learn to tap shoot, while the STAR was a great weapon for people to start learning tap shooting without being pushined so hard by accuracy loss. But the Ntec used to also be a jack of all trades, just when players start tap firing it and not spraying it, which I believe is a perfectly well thought out drawback. The whole idea of LO nerfing the Ntec was that it was so much of a jack of all trades and a master of none, to the point that they wanted to push it into a niche, and you can see Matt Scott talk about that a lot in previous weapon change updates, and that's a pretty unwise decision imo.
  13. I'm still amazed LO keeps breaking the Ntec (and its variants) rather than accepting that it was one of the very few weapons that have been built properly, and that the other weapons should be equally as usable as the Ntec in their own ways. How I see it is that the Ntec-5 (used to be) the jack of all trades but a master of none, and the Ntec-7 being very close to that with just a *slight* disadvantage in closer ranges and a *slight* advantage in longer ranges and looking way cooler (imo) than the Ntec-5. The recent changes now is revolved around breaking the Ntec and trying to push it into a niche were it doesn't belong and where there are other variants of weapons that excel in those niches. Like how the Obeya now demolishes the Ntec-7 and how the FAR variants easily defeats the Ntec-5 in medium ranges and the Whisper now being the go to for closer ranges. I understand that the Ntec was the meta for quite a while, and I believe it is because the weapon was actually consistent and usable, unlike so much other weapons that I really question its existence in the first place. And because of that, LO was keen on nerfing the meta in order to allow newer players to be able to join the game and have fun, but lets be real here. How many new players actually try apb and stick to it even after such changes keep coming over and over? How many games have metas and still have many players joining the game and having fun and be able to grow on the skill gap scale? Is removing metas actually a significant change compared to better game performance, game marketing, gfx improvements, better matchmaking, server performance, etc..? Especially in a game which breaking the weapon variety stability will only piss off current players but is insignificant to newer players because they don't feel compelled to the game (or don't even know about the game) due to a million other reasons. Aside from actually a few wise decisions regarding weapon changes, I think you guys did enough damage and stop tinkering with the weapons hoping that new players would appreciate such changes.
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