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  1. Where are the bans? Since EAC came back , I saw some people complaining that they were banned for nothing (doubt that ) , but it is not possible to know the exact amount of how many players and which ones are being banned, it would be nice to do a monthly summary for the community of how many accounts were banned. We know that the anti cheat is there but how do we know if it is really working and that the team is doing what is necessary to ban the hackers? I am still seeing a lot of triggers/aimbot running around and making fun of the situation.
  2. 1. Valorant rank system and MM is a very good example, they shoul copy and adapt it. 2. Exclusive season items are a really nice idea 3. 100 people in a district is already a lot in my opinion, dont know how this would work 4. Seasonal Worldwide Leaderboards / Only friends Leadearboars / Seasonal Clan Leaderboards. it would be perfect and people would tryhard for that. It would be easier for LO to identify cheaters implementing the K/D on those leaderboards. 5. Thats an idea i had a long time ago with my clan but neve posted about it, IT IS ONE OF THE BESTS. having a clan give you the community building/manager feeling and when people get rewarded for being part of something they just want to keep being part of it. a nice addon too would be to add more roles for clan members.
  3. Glad to see that the roadmap for this year is being followed, keep up the good work, dont give up ! Highest Priority - Hosting Upgrade #1 – 64-bit, Easy Anti Cheat, Epic Online Services Support, Next step ? Please hire more staff,4 months for EAC ?????? EDIT*** - New Contacts Lynette and Lucas have already been revealed to the community, and we are hoping to release them after EasyAntiCheat and Hosting Upgrade #1.
  4. I suggest u make a video explaining and showing off everything if u need anyhelp mp on discord Yanshin#0431
  5. i know it doesnt affect anything but playing with a high ping and low FPS is lame but i've got hopes that in the future something will be done about that
  6. well they got 300+ms depend on which side of the country they live and majority of them got low budget specs pc + the latency is not playable you see
  7. it is still not enough unfortunately and they are migrating to citadel because jericho is dead
  8. Hello boyz and girls. It's been a while since i haven't posted anything here. Recently i created my youtube and twitch channel To made some APB and others games content but most focused on APB because it is what i play the most. I would like to talk about the brazilian latency problems, because a lot of player have quit the game because of it . We were a big community,i dont live in brazil, guess im a lucky guy but its my country . We had our dedicated servers long time ago and then they had to close because of a lot of problems, but OUR COMMUNITY IS STILL ALIVE i have so many people wantig to come back now but for them is almost mpossible to play with +300 latency Id like to have some answers because in the ROADMAP 2021 we were left behind and its like those 1000+ old players never existed i want to know if anything is going to be done for the south america people who wants really bad to comeback to the game. Thanks -yanshinpro
  9. Thank you, you said before that K/D it’s not an indicator of skill but it is,not talking of 1match K/D but since the start and you add the W/L it is more. you gonn tell me that a 0.10 K/D can be better than a 2.35 or a 13.0 ? And if you add the W/L system pluuus the 50%-50% i think it can get a lot better.
  10. Can i have the source of this please ? And yes rank is not indicator of skill at all there are a lot of 255 bad players that loses against newbies, ppl need to understand that apb is SKILL and maybe there is a few guns like ogre,yukon...etc that are a lil bit too much but with a csg or a star with no mods you can still do it like i do so no point on complaining about that.
  11. Here i am again starting a new topic as if it’s gonna change something. APB NEED CHANGES I saw on a community that the gold and all that stuff gonna disapear (on console we never had those ) i searched a lil bit but couldn’t find anything bout it. This system GSB(gold silver bronze and copper*) it one of the most important things in apb it sustain the greater pvp it has been now 4 years i havent played on PC but in my times the matchmaking was just bullshoot and i think it still is but throw away the GSB* system is not the best idea but what if we could improve it? I thinked about two solutions : 1- K/D/+LVL i think that in 2020 every matchmaking its made by K/D/+LVL and apb should not be different the GSB system isnt made by K/D but by W/L like every other GSB system we can take rb6 for example it doesnt matter if u a piece of shit your friends can still carry u but when it comes to playing solo my friend nightmare begins. 2-stop with GSB districts Why? Tell me why someone approved that idea? It is not a really bad one but still sucks because that system is still W/L and evry1 just have to lose evry single mission to become a bronze/silver ninja and go to silver districts where evryone is lol so the conclusion those districts DON’T WORK. So when it comes to districts why not somewhere where evry1 is welcome? and the matchmaking is done right and we can have more populated districts with more pvp so less districts more pvp Concluding apb have been failing since the begining im impressed how its keep going and always coming back from the deads this whole community it’s like a big family a lot of players from 8 years ago still have hope for this game and so do i but the game need changes that i hope after this engine upgrade devs are going to keep working hard to change this game a lot because you guys can’t take a break, those 700-1000 ppl left in this game are counting on you guys. (PS4 EU servers got less than 100players active) If you guys got suggestions go on and just help me wt that
  12. Like i’ve said 2 or 3 hits to kill not 1 and yes crims are left behind not a single thing that make the faction “special”
  13. Do you have some source so i could see it plz
  14. Of course they can but those are very different guns and it’s not everyone who can get 30k JT
  15. Osmaw and o-pgl can not be added to armas its a “end game weapon” for sure nobody want to see newbies playong wt demolition weapons
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