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  1. Add a OSMAW to the store ARMAS AND still add a new legendary gun OSMAW Venom with a poisonous explosion and to modifier on it, too, was green
  2. I think that the right to sell legendary weapons for a high price and not in the case of one guy opened 200 cases and got Merged. I meant for the legendary weapon to be sold as a regular donation. for example for 4 000 rubles
  3. вот возьмём и выкупим сервер там наще всё мы не хотим к америкосам нет тока не это в гта эти америкосы ещё и армату отобрали руский сервер арматы закрыли то же слиянее сделали нет не допустим много кому интересен русский сервер все русские сервера закрывают на ввсех играх я опять говворю я не хочу америкосов + пинг кошмарный там мы хотим играть с россиянами
  4. I would like to pick up a Russian server yourself
  5. I wouldn't be comfortable on the European server where I have high ping 300 Merged. also Russian players are difficult to communicate with English can be such as to leave Russian server ?
  6. it may be better to leave the Russian server alone Russian and it is very good
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