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Found 34 results

  1. Sorry if this has been discussed before I really did try to search but using "premium" as a keyword brings up like 100 topics and nobody got time for that. But to the point - We all know that 1 and 3 Day Premium codes exist - these things are given out mostly with holidays or JMBs. I've talked about it earlier about how much I'd love for Premium to be for "Time Played" or pause option but understand that that is incredible difficult to do and probably not financially viable for LO But here's the issue - unfortunately there exists a class of players who just cannot get online enough to justify buying Premium subscriptions. Take the recent Premium gift for example - we were given 30 days - the minimum we can buy on ARMAs at this time - I've only been able to use 4 days of that 30 so far and if I'm lucky i'll get to use 2 more days, that's 6/30, so 24 days wasted. Now, it was free, so I'm not complaining, but if I had paid for those 30 days - you can see how 24 days wasted doesn't make it worth it. And so I don't buy Premium. So my suggestion - combining the fact that 1 Day Premiums do exist, seem to be relatively ok for the devs to add to the game, and that there is a class of players who simply cannot viably justify 30 Day subscriptions - let us buy 1 Day Premium on ARMAS. (Add in a 3 Day option if possible for those glorious 3 day weekends). Using the 30 Day Premium (799 G1C) as a guide - a single day of Premium is worth 26.66 G1C and that would be nice, but the generally lowest cost items on ARMAS are 45G1C - even at that price I feel like it's worth it for us time-poor players, you could lower it to 30G1C and still make a profit over the 30 Day Premium value. I know I would love for it to be 15G1C per day to match the 6 Month Premium value - but beggars and choosers and I'm trying to make it worth LO's effort but they can price the 1 Day Premiums at whatever they want - I just suggest to make it less than 50G1C to make it worth the while of those buying them. Now I'm not suggesting this as an option for those already on 30 Day + subscriptions - this is strictly for those who just want Premium in 1 Day bursts, they're either stuck to only playing occasionally or designers who just want a quick premium boost to finish off some designs. I mean look at how many times/topics appear on the forums asking for Premium codes? Sure this probably won't stop by adding 1 Day Premium to ARMAS because free > not free, but we can pretend it will and keep in mind this is only for those people who are currently not buying any premium, so it's purely profit from where there was no profit, those that are fine with not getting the best value from Premium are probably already subscribed, I just think those who are stuck in the casual class of player but still want Premium could use the little support.
  2. Can you please allow the option to select Account bound for any and all of the ARMAS items? I don't understand why you would only allow it on certain of the items... Bump the price up for Account bound weapons, etc like you do for the select few that do give you that option. Pretty please with a cherry on top?
  3. Why Armas Marketplace's interface works too slowly? When i try to buy something or just want to control new contents im waiting too much for loading of pages... For example : Armas Market Place > Weapons > Any Weapon > Buy for 1 Month > Checking = It takes at least 17-20 minutes. What can i do i don't know. Can you help me ?
  4. Hey @MattScott @Lixil and LO do you guys think it would be possible to bring out the orig Anarchy event for the summertime? We havent had an event in APB in a yr and this has been a very popular event that was only run once. I think it would be a good idea to run it abit and give ppl an event and something they want to play again in APB with some limited edition guns in Armas that will never be around again as a way of thanking the community for sticking around this long.
  5. The title really kinda sums it up. I'd really appreciate some links to the ARMAS marketplace and the support pages from the forums to make them a little more functional. As it stands with the new forums I have to specifically google "APB Reloaded armas marketplace" or "APB Reloaded support" which is a bit annoying.
  6. I think its time to stop. Whats that mess you can find into Vehicles Section on the ARMAS Marketplace? Everytime im going into that specific section i feel lost, really, i can't find thigns too if i am here since the release of it. I still need to go and find it by myself on google and click on the link that will redirect me finally to the right item im searching for. Why don't make something like Weapons Section? Re-organize sub-sections so you can find Much Easier everything you need. This is a little example made by me, let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for reading. Alisha
  7. The plan - set up my xbox controller to play abp on pc using the APB controls option in the settings. #FAILED Problems are as follow: 1. firing weapons is automatically set to B button and wont be affected by changing binds from settings. 2. automatic controller settings are trash so the do need revamping. 3. some preliminary binds do double actions when edited in settings or dont conform replaced with another controller bind. 4. vehicle controller Binds need to be reimagined.
  8. Hi everyone, As the title says, its about the stuff that can be added into the joker store. The joker store was put up into the game with one motive "try before you buy". The cars were put up later on. Ppl jus buy mods like mobility sling from the jokerstore on a regular basis. The 4x4, firebomb and crown are bought by the players after a long time. My idea: Some of the rarely used guns can be put up in the jokerstore so that players can get to play a variety of guns in the 1 week period. 1. The norseman series guns- for example is one of the rarely used guns in the game. Only a handful of ppl in the game own these guns. 2. SBSR IRS - Not a much preferred rifle amongst players. Ppl generally stick onto obeya cr762/sr15 3. SWARM series - least used lmg in the game, 4. Mountie nunavut and northwest Modifications 1. Muzzle brake can be added to the jokerstore. Would be helpful for players who jus have the shaw556. Consumables: Putting consumables for ingame cash would be a good thing as well. I dont think players purchase ammobox from the jokerstore for 75 jokertickets. Any suggestions and ideas are welcome
  9. So a short bit of context, just for the sake of having context: Anecdotally, new guns have been largely only available to players who paid around $25 for a gun, outside of sales (also, off the top of my head, not particularly researched). The consequences of this have been that free to play players have felt left out of new content, and have also felt like the game was pay-to-win. Also, some personal context, I am not a free-to-play player. My solution to this issue is a "Hand Me Down" model for adding new guns (or cars, or whatever, but I'm just going to use guns as the model here because it's a lot easier to explain this way). The idea is that when a gun releases, for the first 3 to 6 months (or however long the most amount of revenue is made off a gun is) the gun is at its full price, whatever that may be. After that initial 3-6 months, the price could drop again, and then shortly after, the gun would be added to the roster of free-to-play guns in the same way every other free gun is. The idea is that, the players who like to buy guns day 1, or want to support the time will still get the gun and LO could still return a profit off the gun (ideally. I don't know the ROI for making a gun for this game lol) and then further down the line, the often betrayed F2P players can still access the gun. If the scheduling is kept strict, this could mean that there would be a constant flow of guns for all players. When the newest gun comes out and the ARMAs big ballers are using it, the the gun that came out XX months ago will be released to the general playerbase. No more locking players out of content with a paywall. I'm not claiming that this is a perfect, or business-sound idea, but just an idea I had that could possibly be a solution. Any feedback? Negative or otherwise.
  10. Once the dust has settled on the engine updates and we can get the ball rolling on content again, I'd like to see the following weapons make an appearance in some form in order to diversify the weapons on offering in APB. Please note that this is a subjective list and as such you might not find everything to you're liking. That's okay! If you want to make your own, here's a format to copy and paste: Weapon name: Weapon model: (If you're not making a generic weapon.) Unique mods/mechanics:
  11. Can't find a suggestion thread on this even though it has been discussed numerous times on threads. Seems obvious. Reasoning: All cosmetics should have account bound purchase options. Mostly affects untradable Clothing and Vehicles Yes, Vehicle Kits potentially can be used on cars available in game, thus tradable in the in-game marketplace (or sent via mail)...but not all Vehicle Kits can be used that way. All ARMAs clothing cannot be traded in the in-game Marketplace, even those which used to be in-game (ex. Double Gun Holster Back) All ARMAs exclusive vehicles cannot be traded in the in-game Marketplace (many customizable ones have in-game purchase options anyway). There is an option to Account Bound upgrade Weapons...but not clothing or vehicles. You can get Account Bound Weapon skins (packs and individually)...but not clothing or vehicles. There are already a few big bundles that clearly make this possible...but there are so many bundles that don't have this option. Pros: More reason to buy character slots. Justified prices for those individual items that are not 99G1C. Easier than debundling everything. Cons: Only a con if you don't have multiple character slots and just don't understand how bad people want virtual, pixelated, legwarmers without spending a fortune. Only a con if you hate people are wasting money buying virtual goods to support a game with tones of customization.
  12. Здравствуйте уважаемые администраторы и технические разработчики! У меня есть уважительная просьба к вам, пожалуйста, исправьте систему отправки подарков в Armas, потому что я люблю покупать различные вещи и оружие в Armas, но мои друзья не могут из-за некоторых обстоятельств, но я щедр и добр к друзьям, и я всегда хочу сделать подарки. Поэтому прошу вас вернуть систему, где я мог бы сделать подарок любому персонажу,и прошу вернуть оружие на срок 3 дня и 7 дней, потому что. иногда не очень приятно покупать другу на месяц какое-то оружие, а он через 3 дня вылетит куда-то еще и не сможет войти в игру, да к тому же вам будет лучше, если вы вернете пистолет на 3 дня и 7 дней. Многие люди не могут пожертвовать большие суммы денег, но за меньшую сумму они могут раскошелиться, и с этим у вас будет больший доход, потому что небольшие затраты-это больше, чем одна большая стоимость, а наши затраты-это ваша прибыль. Поэтому я прошу вас вернуть эти 2 системы. С большим уважением, поклонник игры APB Reloaded. Здравствуйте дорогие Администраторы и технические разработчики! У меня к вам уважительная просьба, исправьте пожалуйста систему отправки подарков в Армасе, т.к. я очень люблю покупать различные вещи и оружие в Армасе, но мои друзья не могут ввиду некоторых обстоятельств, но я щедрый и добрый по отношению к друзьям и мне всегда хочется делать подарки. Поэтому прошу вас вернуть систему, где я мог сделать подарок любому персонажу, а также прошу вернуть оружие сроком на 3 дня и на 7 дней, т.к. иногда не очень приятно покупать другу на месяц какое-нибудь оружие, а он через 3 дня куда-нибудь уедет и не сможет зайти в игру, да и к тому же вам выгоднее, если вы вернете оружие на 3 дня и на 7 дней. Много людей не могут донатить на большие суммы денег, но на меньшую сумму они могут и раскошелиться, с этого у вас и будет больший доход, ведь мелкие затраты выходят больше нежели одна крупная затрата, а наши затраты это ваша прибыль. Поэтому прошу вас вернуть эти 2 системы. С большим уважением, поклонник игры APB Reloaded/
  13. I love Joker Tickets as much as the next guy, but they need a rework. They need to be more useful, more important. More valuable. So I've come up with an idea. Something to broaden their use as a currency, allowing F2P players broader access to ARMAS content while also encouraging them to convert into paying players. 1) Make Joker Ticket earnings account-wide. Having joker tickets be split between however many different toons a player has is just tedious work. Having it be account-wide makes Joker Ticket tracking much easier, and opens up freedom for those who play during the off hours when per-faction population may be more prone to imbalance (play on whichever side is under-manned, spend Tickets on whichever character you need them for). Account-wide Joker Tickets are also key to making a couple other below suggestions work: 2) Allow ARMAS Marketplace content to be purchased with Joker Tickets. The meat of the matter really. A number of other F2P titles (mostly MMORPGs) have a set currency that is earned with playtime and functions as an indirect route into the game's cash shop. Joker Tickets should be this - you earn tickets by playing the game (Fight Club, Contact Dailies at present) and you use them to access anything offered in ARMAS Marketplace save for Premium. There will need to be a JT-G1C conversion rate that can give a rough idea of how much playtime you'd need to "invest in" to buy a given ARMAS item. 3) Add a benefit to APB Premium that greatly increases(preferably doubles) the Joker Ticket earnings from activities. This is the "carrot on a stick" aspect of the rework. With this benefit, F2P players now have a choice on how to spend their real money: Spend money to buy new ARMAS content directly, and maybe also buy premium for its other benefits (whatever those may be) Spend money to maintain a premium subscription and use this to earn enough Joker Tickets (by playing the game) to buy some of the ARMAS content in a given period of time (something like say, one month of play for medium size clothing packs, three to four months of play for stuff like the Juggernaut/Revelations packs) More choice is always good, and with this, if any player feels the initial up-front price of new ARMAS content is too high, they can earn their way to the content instead by keeping their Premium up for $10 a month. 4) Large scale ARMAS content packs can be made G1C only for the first 2 or 3 months of release [optional]. This idea is a bit contentious since I don't have an existing game to use as a frame of reference for it. But, if LO feels the need to drive direct spending on some really large content packs (Something like the Juggernaut Pack which gaves us 3 unique weapons, two vehicle kits, a clothing pack and an array of weapon skins), this method could be used. It would only really work if there was also some kind of "Early Adopter Discount" IMO. So, good idea, bad idea, have some issues? Leave a comment below...
  14. so the new event symbols got put up on armas epidemic decal sheet halloween costume symbol sheet any chance the new skins will be going up too?
  15. Like the title i want to explain abit more about that type of argoment. After looking at Limited Time Offer items in the lasts months (since this thing started) i was curious to know if you guys (LO) put random products or follow some sort of a line / sequence for them. I do think you just put up random items just because happened several times we had something on the ARMAS the pasts weeks from some clothing packs but we didn't got a next item for that pack included the other one. Some time in the future i do hope to see many more items such as glasses, special/unique vests and other like that, for APB isn't a problem because we don't have some sort of "Armor Damage/Defence" like in other games (PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legends etc). Items i wish to see in the ARMAS in the future as LTO: http://apbdb.com/items/Clothing_M_Neckwear_Necklace_Functional_GogglesFlying/ < make them both Female and Male; http://apbdb.com/items/Clothing_M_Neckwear_Badge_Enforcement_Deputy/ < make them both Female and Male; Both Boots and Long white clothing from Sofia (Social District Breakwater Marina); http://apbdb.com/items/Clothing_M_Test_Pouch_GasMask_Left/ - http://apbdb.com/items/Clothing_M_Test_Pouch_GasMask_Right/; Let me know what you think and what items you wish to see or want for your characters! Have a beautiful weekend and good luck.
  16. It says in armas that "You have previously purchased this product.", a clothing pack, but I don't have the clothes available, not on mailbox, and not in character customization. Also not when trying to buy new clothes. Can you help me here? @Lixil
  17. Hello guys! Just bought the Shredder Eb Pr3 from armas and i found it very good against silvers however i found it almost useless against golds. Maybe im not good enough for facing golds with it or the weapon is bad and i got lucky with it? What do you guys think about the weapon? Is it good with the preset mods or not, if its not then what do you suggest for mods?
  18. Здравствуйте, у меня вопрос, находясь на innove серверах я купил в Armas Parlamento оружие, но из-за потери доступа к аккаунту пришлось создавать новое я только что купил оружие у Armas. Итак, вопрос в том, Могу ли я с вашей старой учетной записи перейти к той, которую я использую для этого ? /Translate/ Hello, my question is, being on innove servers I bought in Armas Parlamento weapons, but because of the loss of access to the account had to create a new I just bought the weapon from Armas. So the question in the can I from your old account to move to the one which I use to this day?
  19. Armas Marketplace 1) Update Armas Marketplace prices for weapons (lower them significantly). DONE, still think some prices are high but it's much better in general now 2) Armas should only be selling re-skins, clothing and vehicles. So, make weapons like the Colby CSG-20 and other non re-skin weapons available through packs become available through contacts and/or the Joker Store. Progression 1) Revamp how weapon and modification progression works: Remove primary unslotted, 1 slotted and 2 slotted weapons from the game, only having 3 slot primary slotted weapons should help balance the game for new players, since most players are veterans anyway. Primaries with 1 and/or 2 pre-attached modifications should be updated to include a 2nd and/or 3rd modification. Secondaries should stay unslotted or 1 slotted with a pre-attached modification. This is the current state, don't change this. Allow players to use (but not purchase from contacts) all weapon, character and vehicle modifications from the get-go. This would limit the progression to $APB instead of grind to reach the modification rank requirement. While this was fine when the game was populated and fresh, now it's just a big disadvantage for new players. Balancing 1) Fix unbalanced missions and spots in Financial and Waterfront. I wish I had a list of them... 2) Perform a balance pass on a few weapons and modifications. A few ideas come to mind from weapons and modifications that I'm more concerned about: Nerf the Low-Yield Fragmentation Grenades, from 3 to 2 grenades to match the other grenade types. Nerf the Percussion Grenades, from 400 to 300 max health damage per in radius hit. Nerf the Joker RFP-9, decrease its effective range from 40 m to 30 m. DONE (a better nerf was applied by LO) Nerf the OBIR, decrease its ammo capacity from 10 to 7 magazines (240 to 168 bullets), make it on par with the Obeya Rifle CR762 with ~7 magazines (100 bullets). Make it bloom way more when jumping so it's not pin-point accurate. Nerf the ATAC 424, increase the spread when spraying very slightly, while still allowing it to be better than the N-TEC 5 in close range but staying worse in medium range. Nerf the NTEC-5, make it bloom more when jumping. Nerf the AAEPD 'Volcano JC, increase its resupply time to be on par with the OSMAW. Nerf the Colby PMG 28, decrease its effective range from 35 m to 32 m, which is still higher than the OCA-EW 626 (30 m). Nerf the N-HVR 762, from 850 to 720 health damage per shot. Remove the link between accuracy and damage (this is quite a weird mechanic, specially for new players), make it bloom way more when jumping so it's near impossible to hit a jumpshot even at point blank. Nerf Mountie SF9 'Yukon's modification, more like a bug fix, decrease its fire rate as it is way too overpowered right now. DONE Nerf the NFAS-12 'True Ogre', decrease the pellet count because getting hit by this weapon literally kills the hitreg for everyone in the area. Nerf the OCA-EW 626 'Whisper' and PDW-56 'Kris', increase their crouch modifier from 0.8 to 1 and lower their range from 50 m to 30 m to match the OCA-EW 626. Nerf the OSCAR, lower its range to the same as the Joker SR115 Carbine and add bloom when shooting at its max fire rate, similar to what also happens with the Joker SR115 Carbine but less pronounced since it's a burst fire weapon. This last one is literally just to avoid full mag macro spraying with no consequences to accuracy. Buff the NCR-762 'Anubis' Adeen, either completely rework it or make it a re-skin of another weapon because, in its current state, it's pretty useless. Also, remove the crosshair modification (Hunting Sight: 'Anubis') or change it to something better. 1/2 DONE Nerf the Spotter modification, decrease its duration from 8 to 5 seconds. Spotted players should stop being spotted after they are 100 m away from the exact position they were spotted in. Make the marker blink instead of just being a straight wallhack. The cooldown should also be increased to 1 minute like it was for non-premium players previously. Remove the character/vehicle modification cooldown reduction for Premium players, it's actually "pay to win". DONE Remove consumables (yellow character modifications), their addition created a lot of unbalance (Shield and Ammo Box specifically). If you really want the Satchel Charge, Shield and other consumables in the game, just make them orange character modifications. At least, rework the Shield deployment to use a "wind-up" system where you have to stand completely still for at least 3 seconds. 3) Make Clotting Agent 3 the default health regeneration and make Clotting Agent 2 the only Clotting Agent level. Fragile, Kevlar Implants and Flak Jacket would need re-balancing though. 4) Reward Joker Tickets at the end of missions. More tickets the better the score, duh. 1/2 DONE, still not enough in my opinion 5) Don't allow Prestige 5 (P5) and Notoriety 5 (N5) players to be killed by players outside their mission. Remove them from being shown in the radar and map. Reward more APB$ per kill while being P5/N5 to incentivize having high notoriety. Right now, this system punishes players for doing well in missions and makes them choose to teamkill someone outside their mission in order to lose their bounty for their own mission's sake. 6) Don't allow players to spawn using a vehicle with the Mobile Spawn Point modification when it is within 20 m of objectives, not items (apart from last stage items such as the ones from item hold missions). 7) Remove Green threat and merge it with Bronze. I really don't see a whole lot of difference between these 2 threat levels. Bug Fixes 1) Fix the bug where a player can see their enemies' nametags through walls and fire hydrants. Those issues (probably) have different causes, but have the same effect. DONE 2) Fix the way a player can enter and leave vehicles since there's a small invincibility timer while performing the entering/exiting animation. (This probably requires a networking update, if it even is possible) 3) Fix entering vehicles if the chosen door cannot be visually opened (add collision check to vehicle doors), this fixes the case where a player can enter/exit a vehicle instantly without an animation. 4) Fix when a player presses the key to exit their vehicle and they go out from the wrong door instantly without the exiting animation, in an unpredictable manner. This doesn't have to do with the vehicle being too close to a wall on both sides, it just happens randomly. 5) Fix how, sometimes, another player exits their vehicle while driving fast and curving sideways which makes their character get pushed by it and then de-synced from the server. This usually happens with fast cars such as the Vegas. (This probably requires a networking update) 6) Fix Unreal Engine's built-in mouse acceleration, the in-game settings option does not remove this entirely and players rely on file changes to do it. DONE (explanation) New Features 1) Finish the Scaleform UI update. There are pretty good mock-ups by ShepardHS that follow the style of the bits from the Scaleform UI we currently have. (https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/237-game-user-interface/) Scaleform is deprecated 2) Add the "Dedicated Automatic Matchmaking (D.A.M.)" described in a blog post from 2015. (https://apbreloaded.gamersfirst.com/2015/01/matchmaking-on-global-scale.html) 3) Add ghosting to players and their vehicles which are not part of the same mission, this avoids griefing and targeted abuse towards streamers. Maybe this could be a toggleable command for players. In my opinion, I'd just never deactivate this but, I guess some people would. 4) Add an in-game trading system. DONE 5) Add crosshair customization to the settings menu. 6) Add Always/Hold/Toggle Sprint to the settings menu. 7) Add Hold/Toggle Crouch to the settings menu. Credits Me and my bro Lumsheden.
  20. Leveling contacts in Waterfront can be troublesome, even on peak hours, not even considering that some players have different times and schedules. Some important modifications, weapons, etc etc, are locked behind these contacts. Because you have to level both Financial and Waterfront contacts to even progress towards +195 modifications, weapons, etc etc, a lot of stuff from Waterfront and indirectly Financial is gated like this. Pre-making enforcer & criminal level boosting groups are currently a valid tactic for Waterfront, which isn't fun or possible for just all, or even in the spirit of the game, it's just a player made solution. To be quite honest even for Financial contacts or an APB with overflowing districts the suggestion following below wouldn't be an offensive or counter-productive thing to do; people will still have roles, achievements, farming, threat, designing, etc, as designations to play the game. Premium would still be preferred to progress what isn't skipped (XP), earn APB$ money, customization boosts and extras, activated abilities cooldown, the Armas discount and even Armas trials. In fact being able to skip some of the contacts might make people who want to spend money on your game play and spend more. Play how you like, make more alt re-roll characters, etc. And all of it would just be optional to purchase for customers. So here it is; Please consider adding contact level boosters / contact skippers to Armas. And duh you don't have to introduce these ridiculously cheap, I'd say just make them competitive with buying premium time. Heck, you could even limit the amount you can buy per account. It would be pay to progress contacts, not pay to win and could be a valid new source of income for Armas. Please consider adding something like this. Thanks.
  21. Hello May I suggest a change with the Mail Items for Armas purchased goods. When I make a new character, I shouldnt have to retrieve 81 Items (personally) Armas items, surely we can get this automated much like receiving consumable rewards from missions. Suggestion: Automatically deposits Armas items into your Characters inventory for existing and new characters. Other method: Add a "Read all" button in the mailing system which in turn collects the items for you and checks all your mail to get rid of those pesky notifications on the bottom left corner of your Hud when playing.
  22. DenVx

    Armas Weapons

    The main reason players buy weapons in Armas is to save in-game currency. Buying weapons in Armas saves a lot of money in the game. Personally, I buy weapons in Armas precisely for this reason, and also to support the game. But buying an OSMAW or OPGL is quite expensive, and would rather buy this weapon in Armas. So I suggest adding OSMAW and OPGL to the Armas store.
  23. Greetings, i am a 'baylan junkie' today i propose to you the concept of giving players the option to keep spending money when they already have "everything" As it stands as of this writing, the only way to get a consumable is via events, end of game rewards, normal people things yuck . However if you just add consumables to armas. Then the non-regular players still have a way to keep stock. Me personally am thinking $1 for 25 any consumable, i always require the large ammo box. (if you know me you know why) It would give you litterally passive income and give me passive happiness...which i haven't felt in 4 years... I dont expect anyone to read this OR see where im coming from But you gotta admit, its one heck of a (great) idea. English is not my first language so thanks for understanding.
  24. As was mentioned on the stream today, Joker Boxes are a bit of a legal issue with upcoming loot box laws and various other problems. I have an idea on how they could be made to be both more consumer friendly while also allowing the devs to switch off legendary trading as was mentioned in the livestream today, and it involves a currency that thus far doesn't see a lot of use AFAIK: Joker Tickets. The basic idea is this: A lot of people probably don't like getting random, non permanent junk that they'll likely never use in their joker boxes. I have to spend several minutes deleting 10-12 different weapons that I got ten day rewards of, it's honestly kinda nuts. So I'd like to propose an idea: Replace it all with joker tickets. Essentially what would happen is that if you don't win a permanent weapon (Or you win a duplicate permanent weapon) the game instead gives you joker tickets. The daily objectives would also still reward joker tickets as a way to eventually "earn" those legendary weapon without paying money. So let's ballpark some math: Say I want to go and get a CAP40 to go with my colby commander: I buy JMB 10 boxes. Say I buy 10 of them. I don't get the weapon, and I don't get any permanent weapons/cars/unlocks/whatever. Oh well. But what I do get is joker tickets, for this example let's say that I get 100 tickets for every temporary weapon that I would've gotten. So I get 600-1000 joker tickets. Nice. Buying the CAP40 from the ingame joker distribution? 10,000 tickets. This would do a few things: allow free players to eventually build up and buy whatever legendary weapon they wanted though daily missions and other joker ticket rewards. Allow people who buy joker boxes to eventually build up to the legendary weapon they want. Add more value to Joker Tickets as a currency because AFAIK they're pretty underused. Still keep the "Rare chance!" of JMB's without having the issues coming up with loot boxes currently. So what happens if you get the rare drop of the legendary you want? Cool. Now you have more joker tickets to spend on whatever you want. You get enough joker tickets to buy the weapon you want and also get the legendary drop? Congrats, now you can buy another legendary weapon. To be implemented along with this would be a limited time "Legendary grinder" to remove extra weapons from your inventory in exchange for equal value in joker tickets. This would last about three weeks after the launch of the new system and then would be switched off for good. (Actually for good, not "for good") This would be done because, at this point, legendary weapons would not be able to be traded. Thus someone with 8 medusa machine guns isn't screaming about having seven useless weapons, or eight useless weapons if they don't like the medusa. To go along with this, I would also implement a one-day "Legendary Trial" system that would allow you to try the weapon before you buy it, since after the first 3 week "Legendary Grinder" was deactivated the only thing to do would be to delete the weapon, similar to what we have now for regular weapons.
  25. Who's not bothered that they can't find that one item that they want? or that you completely forgot about an item and realizes that after buying another item? Or perhaps you wish you had an overview of which items you want the most? What's my suggestion? Add some sort of "wishlist" to let players bookmark the items they're interested in - to avoid issues like above. I do believe players would be more satisfied with their purchases with this feature.
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