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  1. I came here to suggest this exact thing. There's literally no value in a downvote button on a forum like this, EXCEPT to try and discredit, devalue, or otherwise hurt other people on the forum. It's literally a put-down button, and that has no place here. It's literally enabling negativity, something this community struggles with self-moderating.
  2. The deployables aren't particularly replacements for well balanced mods, though. So I'd personally call that a failure (in both concept and execution). I think if they're all overshadowed by CA2/3, that kinda makes them bad, when placed in the context of the game.
  3. Sorry man, but I'm calling fat bullshoot on this. CA3 is overwhelmingly popular, and if that's not indicative of "dominant strategy" I don't know what the hell is. If it were "fine", it wouldn't be the only really meta green mod. That's not fine, at all; having exactly one useful option is not fine for game balance.
  4. Thanks to both of you, that's super exciting to hear
  5. Sauce on this? Was it just something said in a thread or was it actually in an update?
  6. [LATE REPLY, LEAVE ME ALONE. But this was a great response so I wanted to necro a bit for it] This is pretty much where I was thinking it would go, too. Honestly I don't think anyone was thinking otherwise though, so I don't even know why I even posed the original question. Hope, I suppose. Thanks for the food for thought, though.
  7. Often or not, when you haven't been part of a community in a while, things start to slip. I know that this is the first step, but probably just because it's the first step it makes me wonder. You're right, it's far too broad; if I were to get one single question to ask LO, I'd probably ask them something along the lines of "Post-engine update, are there any plans for changes to the movement system, be it a full rewrite, a full 'from-scratch' redo, or simple QOL fixes currently in talks at LO?". Right now I personally feel like everything is in limbo of whether this "foundation fix" is going to give us these large remakes or just really good fixes to what already exists. Not that I don't have hope in whatever LO has planned, I'm just curious- with a little bit a fear truthfully.
  8. What I really want to know is how this engine update is going to affect the future of the game. Overtime, I think APB's problems have grown to not only include the obvious culprits such as bad performance, cheaters, and balance, but now envelop things like a dated gameplay experience, very bad presentation, and a dwindling niche community. What I mean by this is that APB isn't the fresh chicken it used to be, and I don't know how much the engine update is going to alleviate this. While I appreciate what LO is doing with this game, I still have nagging fears that it's gonna be all for nothing just due to the age of the game, unless complete systems start to get replaced in the game. Of course, I'm also not saying "LO NEEDS TO FIX THE GRAPHICS, THE GUNPLAY, AND PLAYERCOUNT IN THE NEXT YEAR" or anything that vindictive, I'm just saying that we're at the point now where the game feels like it'll be held by back signs of it's age. So I guess I have some questions for LO; What does this engine update actually do for the future of APB? Again, I'm grateful for what you've done so far and I'm not asking for immediate fixes, but I am curious about the general roadmap of this game. Will this just stay a "classic" feeling game? Do you have plans to change any of the core gameplay systems or iterate on what already exists? I'm really sorry if I sound condescending or like I'm asking for Moar, I'm just curious about where the game is going now that this long project is finally out the window. I don't remember if this was covered in previous blog posts- it's been a long 4 years or whatever.
  9. I'm still just kind of losing my shit that LO is actually doing things instead of saying they're doing things. I honestly thought proper trading would never come to this game.
  10. [[intensely wishing i had a varzuga and premium about now]]
  11. notMateo

    Account merging.

    I think you're underestimating how much work would have to go into sifting through databases and files, per user, possibly per character. It's not like they can just "drag and drop" your old user into your new user. So for cons, I think "very fuggin difficult" is pretty accurate.
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