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  1. It's probably just because of the blower sticking out of the hood. gotta have that go fast supercharger
  2. There's a pretty good reason to use the DMR: 2 shot kills. Get 90m away and go crazy.
  3. There's one problem that I can see: New players play in bronze districts. The people they would learn from play in silver districts. This would result in the new player getting stomped on and ruining the game for them. I do agree refer-a-friend needs to be a thing though.
  4. Do you have a 4x4 or regular Vegas? A regular vegas can't really do a rolling wheelie iirc Edit: with a 4x4 you tap the brakes and then hit nitrous, and you do a wheelie while driving. That's what I mean by a rolling wheelie
  5. What threat level districts do you fight in? Golds play in Silver, and Silver and Bronze play in Bronze.
  6. Good to hear that the achievements have been fixed. Time to try and win 12 deaths again!
  7. I'm sorry, but I've got to disagree with you on this one. In days of Reloaded's G1 we would be lucky to get a post from a GM. On the communication front, you guys are lightyears ahead of Reloaded. So far, you've done four events(including Slay Bells). Each one has been pretty good, but did have some flaws. I'd say you're trying, which is more than Reloaded did for the last two years. You started an SPCT team again. I know this is a decision that a lot of people don't agree with, but I think having an SPCT team with open testing districts would help a lot, so some people won't feel like other players get special treatment. I've been around for years, you guys are doing really good.
  8. Cool, I'll mark it on my calendar. Can you add me on Steam in case I forger? It's possible lol
  9. congrats, thats a pretty good one
  10. If you want I could be security. I don't want to take away the chance for someone to win, as I'm Jericho-based
  11. Awesome! Maybe the APB social media accounts could make a post? Edit; is there a way I can turn off emojis for my posts?
  12. I mean, they're gold for a reason. They know their way around the game, and they know a good amount of history behind APB. Also, I'd like to see you go to a gold district and get opposition.
  13. Awesome, this game needed a new SPCT team. Hopefully LO uses them to their full potential. Congrats to the new SPCT members!
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