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  1. Summary: Cannot rename outfits Game Version: 2.1.834.943 Description: Attempting to rename an outfit results in a warning stating the name is not suitable. Steps to reproduce: 1. Attempt to rename an outfit in the clothing editor 2. It pops up the warning as if the name does not meet criteria How many times have you recreated this bug: 3/3 Expected results: The name should work.
  2. This is my submission. I'm not smart enough to write a backstory, but APB has 8balls and obviously the Joker store. oh and he likes crayons
  3. Welcome to the community! A new face is always good to see. Also again with the bees. Redhill must be doing something to the bees.
  4. Oof, i hope it's up soon. Gotta check them daily challenges
  5. Man, give props to your artists for me. I really like everything I see there.
  6. I think the login servers have committed not alive. Web servers included
  7. The rewards are cool and all, but didn't people get pissed over the skin being a daily reward last time? Halloween Ghost I think it was.
  8. Character: IROCkiller Server: Jericho They say fortune favors the bold. Will the gods smile down upon you or will the crystal ball reveal your future is forever dark? This is my fortune teller costume. I have a light and a dark version, but I think the dark version looks better so I'm submitting that one.
  9. Are you guys tellin me that you DON'T want to be rescued by a dual axe wielding badass of a fireman?
  10. Fair enough, but you gotta spell it out for the idiots like me. I interpreted it as "I have made the decision to do this" and thought it wasn't live yet
  11. Is this in effect right now or will it be done in the future?
  12. Give me Tiptoe, Zombie (social contacts count too right?), and Gumball because his jokes are great.
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