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  1. Fair enough, but you gotta spell it out for the idiots like me. I interpreted it as "I have made the decision to do this" and thought it wasn't live yet
  2. Is this in effect right now or will it be done in the future?
  3. Give me Tiptoe, Zombie (social contacts count too right?), and Gumball because his jokes are great.
  4. Nah, RFP's getting nerfed. At least before open slot secondaries exist I'd think.
  5. I can understand number 2 in this situation, but there aren't any modifiable secondary weapons in the game. Just a typo/oversight?
  6. I'm using my one time use token to request that wheelies are added back into the game. Honestly, Vegas wheelies were one of my first motivations in this game. Had to get to the rank to use nitrous.
  7. Someome please tell me Vegas wheelies still exist. I can't lose my favorite thing ever.
  8. Holy shit it's a new Yood. I'm not religious, but Lord help us.
  9. Nice! Apparently my rank is too low to upload avatars, so that sucks. DM the waterfront link! That's one thing that's not so likely to happen. With how disorienting this was, I'd hate to actually be floating behind a character/car.
  10. I really couldn't tell you You have unsubscribed from shitty ideas that no one should do. It was better before I streamed it, i got at least 50 fps constantly New goal for me Introducing the APB Vomit Comet: just do VR I'd check it out, gotta get my APB character into VR chat. Is that even possible?
  11. thanks @Yoss for this absolutely horrible idea. I would have done missions but this was so intensive that my PC crashed hard.
  12. Ah damn, now I gotta choose which character I want the title on. Oh well, all is good. Thanks for the answer!
  13. Thanks for the answer. I hope the quality sees a bump, it'd be nice.
  14. I REQUIRE MORE MACHO MAN GIFS. I'll be there, will the title be account wide or just character bound?
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