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  1. My only problem is premades that act like hard shit when they're playing against uncordinated teams. I don't mind a fair loss you win you lose some, but when they literally can't have a chill match against people they KNOW they will win against is just cancer. bonus points if half of your team is dethreating so you end up playing a 4 v 3 when its supposed to be a 4 v 5.
  2. Lol dude said "Knock off gta" How is this game anything like gta?
  3. I literally haven't played APB in months hoping this ping issue can be resolved, I am an East player playing In NA getting 100+ ping spikes? Any fixes or what....
  4. I think it would help lower players be able to unlock certain weapons and mods, and it would help streamline ranking up in a way to where by the time they reached 195 they would be able to just grind out anything they'd need from either side.
  5. I think while something that I wanted to pitch to the community is, should there be contacts that could be leveled no matter which district you are in? Imo this should not count for specialties nor high ranking contacts. This is to help newer players be able to unlock a few items.
  6. Overall after the game got warmed up, everything played as intended other than spawns really, I found myself behind the enemies sometimes and was not a fair gunfight. I think the size of financial should be reduced just a tad since I felt like sometimes i was traveling longer than i was getting into firefights. And when i did they were sporadic and short, I would almost say nearly one sided because one team would catch another off guard. I think with some minor tweaks to map size it could be better than what it is now. But what is currently offered is quite well polished I think. Other than some minor ambient noise would be nice as well, it felt way to quiet. In my opinion though playing BR in APB is something that really didn't feel right, I wish this was more of a event based game mode that was rotated out with some of the other special events that award those special riot tokens, I think more people in APB would enjoy something to change gameplay away from districts but not have something that APB wasn't really intended for. The gunplay and strategy just doesn't feel quite like other BR's and that in itself could be a negative or positive to some, but I feel as though most would view it as a negative.
  7. Btw, it's also happened on Citadel as well.
  8. Did anyone else just get booted off?
  9. Never knew people in NA were playing in EU, but i guess it makes sense. Sometimes when NA servers are dead I hop on, but since my characters are all NA can't make the full switch really.
  10. Why is it do people actually believe that G1 has done for APB than LO, and I'm talking about right as soon their purchased up APB from RTW until their buy out from LO. Because 90% of people I've spoken to, always say RTW APB was better than G1. I also think blaming the ddoss issues on LO not wanting to fix it or taking to long is ignorant. The Ddos management has gotten a lot better, but I think this is a lot more complex and isn't just a server overload,but what do i know could be blowing smoke. So which has taken better care of the game? G1, LO, RTW, or cancer.
  11. You keep doing god’s work 10/10 p.s you don’t have to apologize for silence because if people *clears throat* actually paid attention they’d see you’re tracking and working on it already. godspeed matt, godspeed
  12. Just a heads up typed this all on mobile and haven’t written in months so remember that when you see something dumb just let me know as all criticism is encouraged and wanted, as I’m not done nore satisfied with what I have yet. Additional Information: Story W.I.P:
  13. Get ccleaner registry clean and regular clean usually helps
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