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  1. "Convivial" please. which means friendly
  2. stream... can you fix typos? if so you may wanna make an edit.
  3. the last option saying "no, they are fine" is actually talking about the ammo crates so really 100% of people said yes it needs to be removed. see? i can pick and chose what i want to be facts as well. fopr real though. given the way the OP talked about this, i highly doubt his idea of "change" is one of a "buff" isnt it an idea that some 75% of a games players dont even join forums so technically none of these polls are worth anything ever?
  4. Hate to break the news to you but more than 50% of people said it needs to be removed or changed in some way. that means that more people have a problem with it, than dont.
  5. I really think you should just go for the bloody instead. but that is my oppinion.
  6. thank you for the compliments, sadly i dont think i made it into that GM program though i was really hoping. its cool though. i can still do my thing and hopefully whoever does become a GM can help make the game better for those who need it
  7. as a gold, i want to go to the bronze area to talk to and help out lower rank and newer players. i dont think i should be able to fight there. god no. but i like giving away things to new players and such. so i want access to that district but in a list seperate from people who can actually do missions that way im not taking up slots.
  8. with a possible revival. if we see players come back and new players stay. dont you think the same thing will happen again? you have to fix the problem while you still can before people just quit again.
  9. excuse me? this is a huge problem. they can block drop offs. they can push objectives. they can do stuff like this here in the video. THIS is one of the game killing factors. people just troll all day. i suggest making anyone outside of your mission simply some thing you can phase through. is it a lot of work? yes. will it make the game better? yes.
  10. I plan on maybe creating an in depth begginers guide to APB from step 1. but for now this short post will do. I enjoy helping new and low rank / skill players learn more and such. I am more than happy to meet up and group up with any player who may need advice or help with the game in any way. im also there to help players get away from the starting vehicles and such with some small freebies. you can join me on discord here - https://discord.gg/mNNta9H Hope to see ya around!
  11. Hyenard

    No longer exists

    Clan is disbanded.
  12. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ipor8gh0nb31yy8/ThroughSolid.wmv?dl=0 i cant even take cover any more in this game. its really frustrating you know?
  13. Hey there. I dont mind a lower skill player to team up with as long as you have fun. im always up for a group.
  14. Hyenard

    Gender Change

    People usually like to think that you made your choice. stick with it. but things change. ideas change. thoughts and opinions change. when i made my female criminal, it was to have a dynamic. i didnt want to male characters that look the same so i tried doing a style thing but it didnt work. i had ranked up a bit and even bought some items for the char but i still cant seem to be happy with any design for the females. i would love to make a male and would not even mind starting over on a new character. problem is those paid items that are character only due to them being clothing and even vehicles. [why are vehicles not account? really.]
  15. I want to preface this with the obvious. i am NOT a game developer. i do NOT know what kinda of internal struggles happen with every decision. but as a player i can say my opinion, so here it is. 1 - Change grenades from ammo style to cooldown style. this will prevent crazy grenade spam [especially when sitting on an ammo source] that in my opinion, dulls the gameplay. 2 - Getting in and out of vehicles should be more consistent. [less popping in and out when there is not enough room for the animation to play out] 3 - MAYBE a hidden cooldown to how fast you can crouch to avoid peak shooting HVRs? or make the animation slower? i dunno. THIS IS JUST A DISCUSSION. I AM NOT SAYING THESE CHANGES NEED TO HAPPEN IN THE GAME.
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