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  1. k dud Is this message to trigger me or something? If you don't understand what I said it's easy, if you manage your server/services properly you know what you have to do during scheduled maintenance and it shouldn't depend on your provider because servers usually can be managed remotely 24/7. If Little Orbit is not managing remotely like @MACKxBOLAN is supposing that's not a good thing. Let's say for example that there are Minecraft servers with probably less players than APB that don't need 10 hours maintenance. About this message I honestly didn't see it and still I feel it's not good to take that long for scheduled maintenance.
  2. Are you working for Little Orbit? Because it seems you are saying that. And if it is true what you're saying it means Little Orbit must be really stupid. Go do some research on how servers work.
  3. I mean there is a lot less funded services which have 99,9% uptime. I don't know how their systems work but I guess having scheduled maintenance on peak time is something you decided to do, not your provider.
  4. Why not choose different times for maintenance? You should know that at this time is the peak of players
  5. They were up, but yesterday they might have gone down or there is some kind of problem with the login because some people say they can access the game after multiple login attempts.
  6. People asking for updates on the situation consider this: it's 7 AM in California where Little Orbit is located and i don't think they're awake.
  7. Ok, i see, i should have seen that thread, but a little tweet on Twitter wouldn't hurt so i know that if i planned to play RIOT but there is no test i can do something else. The last post i can see on Facebook is the apoligies for the outage, on the forum i didn't read all the threads that's why i say maybe a tweet (maybe with a link to the forum) would have been better.
  8. Why the dates of the RIOT tests are being moved? Why there is no tweet or post about it? I like the banner thing in the launcher it's good to inform people about something easily but it's not like Twitter that you get a notification about it. I'm worried about the game devs not talking with the community about problems and going "radio silence". I appreciete the apologies about the servers down but no reason was given about the servers down or the RIOT tests being pushed.
  9. I remember doing that event it was awesome, too bad they didn't do it again... I don't remember that mugging acted like that during that event, but i don't have a good memory soo....
  10. I would say the best option is to make it like the Field Supplier, you can still use it when you're pushed by a car but you get moved, maybe like if someone tries to push you when you're arresting you continue arresting and the enemy get pushed with you.
  11. Well guys there are some good things and some bad things, for example ghosting could be a good thing when you're following an enemy and because he can't drive he crashes on another player, on the other hand if you have to do a drop off and someone just wants to stop you at any cost that's bad. But I would say that for me, it's ok if a random guy crashes on you when you're doing the drop off but not intentionally and repeatedly.
  12. That's true. I remember when you could stop someone from using the Field Supplier ghosting into him with a car, but now you can't. And you could choose where to supply, as opposed to where you stun the enemy you have to arrest him too.
  13. In this video you can see me struggling to arrest a enemy, is this intended? Because i would say that's not fair. I don't want that guy to be banned for ghosting, i just want the developers to maybe change the mechanics of that. I'm sorry if this was already requested but as @Kevkof suggested me to do, i made this post to make sure. I know the audio is out of sync.
  14. It was before the patch, my bad. What about the ghosting? Should I post it on the suggestion section?
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