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  1. Game runs fine, it's just the config i have rn i like the graphics allot but can't seem to remake it in Advanced Launcher
  2. I'm using someone's graphics config, so whenever I open my Advanced Launcher settings it resets and I no longer have those graphics settings but those in the Advanced Launcher. Does anyone know what i can do?
  3. Hmm alright, the problem is I use a graphics config and when I go in Advanced Launcher it resets
  4. So when you go to your inventory the background is fully black. But a couple of months back i had it transparent. Does anyone know how to make this transparent? Example: https://imgur.com/a/OktqnX5
  5. @Lixil You can close this post. It's not even about the post topic anymore.
  6. Makes sense. Thank you for your normal answer.
  7. Yes i can deal with it. But you can buy a name change why not gender change wich is a one time thing. I got 3male characters and 2female characters and i find the female ones way easier to customize and imo they have way more clothing options.
  8. @Lixil You can close this post, it's obviously not even about the post anymore.
  9. OfficialMike

    Gender Change

    Pretty much what the title says. Would it be possilbe in any way to get a gender change in the future? My main char are all men. But i like the female characters way more. Just because of the customization etc..
  10. Yes, I've seen him use it, Still not sure if they allow it though.
  11. Hey, Idk if this belongs here so I apologize if it doesn't. But are we still allowed to use Advanced APB Launcher and other custom configs like the hold to crouch, custom mission names, colored kill feed? Kind Regards, Mike
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