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  1. That might be a problem in your router or an issue with your internet provider, I'm playing with my little brother on daily basis and we both connected on the same router, no errors nor disconnects whatsoever. So.. that's what I found in a port forwarding website (for games specificly) there are the ranges:
  2. UE3 with current PCs has the ugliest performance that a game can get, you just gotta lower settings to everything low and resolution as well, nothing else. just wait for engine upgrade somewhen at 2020.
  3. Regenance


    That you have an original help request, and you made another one and it's merged with the original one so support will not be flooded with too many tickets (useless ones).
  4. Wow, I'm just 22 not 44. lol I aint a dad just a guy whom telling you to learn from your mistakes.
  5. Next time stop downloading and installing shit from the internet, it blocks most of the things at the computer in exchange of it to be played.
  6. Wait up for Battleye, noone can actually play the game until so with the current state.
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