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  1. Regenance

    APB Uses BattleEye....

    Well. I got an headache rn
  2. Regenance

    Holiday Events 2018

    All of this, still no snow over San Paro. RIP
  3. Aren't these old pictures which used to make us delusional about an engine upgrade? oh wait.
  4. I feel the same repetitive way Reloaded Productions used to ignore us all, I feel the same as we had used to feel when G1 promised things about this game with the engine upgrade and such, and instead they just kept releasing skins and remakes of weapons which wasn't useful at all. I just lost faith on this game, just move on guys. nothing else. some-when they will wake up.
  5. Regenance

    Matchmaking and Threat

    We better have stages to each rank, and make it work on better ELO points instead of getting frustrated by this autistic MM nowadays.
  6. Finally someone has stopped those pervert trollers from posting nudity everywhere like virgins whom never seen a clit, that's idiotic to see nudes everywhere this game made to be seem like GTA and yet GTA has strip clubs not symbols being sprayed everywhere with surprise and some sexual content. finally someone put walls like trump did.
  7. Looks cute, still nothing here is modern, you haven't even used modern fonts, or flat design using bootstrap or Metro CSS framework, I suggest you to take a look at these two.
  8. Regenance

    Realtime Worlds character migrations

    Do you mean those whom were not within the migration phase in 2012? (or 2013 can't remember well).
  9. Regenance

    New GamersFirst site

    Tell your devs that in bigger screen like mine (27 inch) I see the sites turning aside (to the left side) and when I'm resetting password it wouldn't let me do this I return to the main login place instead of "create new password" page.
  10. Regenance

    New Mid-September Update Blog

    So in that post you are saying that approx time until UE3.5 is around December? then we'll wait another 5-6 years until it will go to current version which is 4.2.2 ?
  11. Quick decisions results to bad actions. rushing with this patch because the community is pressuring the game. that's a hell of unprofessional-ism. Just rollback the game, wait more few months with this patch or release parts of it.
  12. APB starting to looks alike MapleStory. when the Zakum will come in-game?
  13. Thanks guys for making us love this game again, thanks for letting us have a faith on you. LO you're doing great job. Well done @MattScott
  14. Well atleast you're trying. GJ Matthew.
  15. Well, I think I'm smiling. maybe there is a hope for the game actually.