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  1. Give me few moments I will copy that design in no time. What's that bullshoot?
  2. Regenance


    HINT: Next time, please watch out using CAPS LOCK. I think I got a little headache.
  3. Regenance


    You may need administrators in the game in addition to these GMs in live, so these Administrators will be LO employees and will have the ability to perm ban cheaters on live. Other than that you need to make the game more secure for the game-play and the environment itself, it contains using stronger anti-cheats which made other games cleaner, So at the bottom of the line what I'm talking about is having the game not afraid to lose cheaters, but to let them know they've done wrong things. Internationally.
  4. You need to pay a visit to XBOX version, that's worser than playing Mario Kart on a potato
  5. I have been playing for quite some time in some grinding games, I will not mention names but mainly I used to playing over 500 hrs and I almost got everything in those games. In APB, the progression is way too slow, you achieve things quite slower than other games, I once played for half a year to maybe get few skins to my weapons (non-p2w) and the maximum things you can achieve in this game makes you be less worthy over other p2w people, which currently gives them an advantage, but well. that's the game, I hope someday it will change and bring more players around.
  6. Support is your only option, even the application is buggy af
  7. There are cheats, there will always be. I think LO doing their best in the current state to force those cheaters from keep staying in the game. Anyways, the game currently full of bugs that I think LO is on it cleaning the shitty code the game has and they may be working on fixing those bugs such as the speed-hack and so on you may have seen used by cheaters. So basically they're doing their best to make the game great again. I can't see why you keep replying with the game comments but in different variations, Although I hope this year will change the game from head to bottom, the concept is awesome but the code has a lot of work.
  8. Noice, haven't noticed they've released new code, thanks. (time for fixing tattoos in my crim)
  9. Happy new year everyone, whom you have kissed? as far as I remember out of being drunk, I kissed my right hand for being there twenty-two years.
  10. You basically wants to nerf a thing that made APB what it is, hell no. I love that vehicles in the game has that penetration defensive windows which makes the car system quite unique than other and gives it an aspect that changes it from being another "Grand Theft Auto" game. Without doubt there are few vehicles that needs to be nerfed such as the Vegas, and others that I can't remember their names rn. but basically most of the vehicles with the horrible handling and speeding.
  11. There are too many bugs with the buildings textures and structures which leads to other abuse them to win missions and so on. There are too many things that needs to be cleaned, rewritten-ed and done. but so far it's up to Little Orbit's manpower and developers.
  12. The main problem is that the game is not that understandable, which makes new players frustrated on how things works, that'd be awesome to have a tutorial phase which will lead new player with instructions inside how the game works, basically there are a lot of things to be fixed such as buildings, weapons balance (which seem to be still not working so far, you made shotgun dead rn, no one actually uses it nowdays) The game has a lot of potential, but so far that seems like small things done instead of thinking big and creative.
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