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  1. Hi guys, i was wondering, can someone tell me the real OCSP JOKER price at this moment? Im getting offers between 1M and 10M, and i know this gun is super rare.
  2. Happy New Year Comunity, i wish u all a good year and LittleOrbit, thankyou for making this game better. Im glad u chose this game and thankyou everyone. Cheers!
  3. I hope someone will say something and not letting this topic die.
  4. Hello guys, hello comunity, i was wondering because im playing from 2011, there's no skin available ingame for the precious legendary NTEC Ursus. Im asking if it's possible to add a skin on it. It's pretty boring on default and it's the only legendary ingame that doesn't have a unique skin, or atleast let us put the skins we have on it, idk. My thanks. Keep up the good work!
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