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  1. Can you point me towards those people so I can contact them? Thanks!
  2. So basically all of us seem to agree that any initiative will need to take place when the engine update is released. I completely agree with that! We can prepare stuff for that date. Your idea of writing reviews of the game is great. We musn't say in any way that people must write positive reviews, because that could be seen as manipulating reviews and that would be bad, but what we can do instead of some form of a "Reconsider Your Review (RYR)" campaign which can consist in encouraging people to write reviews or update theirs once the engine update is ready, showing others in Steam how nice the game has become once the engine gets updated I want to do something. So you just basically point some things that need to be addressed within the game. And I really agree of them. But as you say, these are Little Orbit's bussiness, not ours. What we can do instead is to focus on more stuff. So far, these are some of the ideas we have gathered: Gardening the old Wiki. Making it useful and up to date. I am doing this by myself and have some materials prepared. Revive the San Paro City Mentors. We may need some help and/or marketing from Little Orbit for this, but it's an awesome idea. Promote a Reconsider Your Review campaign for the engine update so there are plenty of updated reviews.
  3. It wasn't because this is NOT about suggestions for the game. This thread is about... Well, WTF, read the title, or the tl;dr in the main post.
  4. What's wrong with the suggestions section? I don't find anything particularly wrong there. The downside in my opinion is that most people have no idea about game development and don't realize that what they suggest may take months or years of development and is thus very difficult to take them to the game.
  5. Thanks for participating. I can't critizice anyone since waiting is what I've been doing for the last 5 years regarding APB, but that's not what we/I want here. Of course, the engine update will drive to a great degree any effort to publicize the game, but still... That's Little Orbit's job. What I was proposing here is to do our thing, collaborating with them if possible. Coordinating these proposals with their marketing at engine update launch is included in that proposal of mine. Thanks for sharing your view on this. What we are doing here is discussing -or trying to- ways to improve that ourselves. Most of us know what issues APB has very well and even suffer from them. Pointing these issues is probably not news to anyone. Instead, I would have liked to focus more on the initiative. Reviving the San Paro City Mentors as @Syzus pointed by ourselves was a great idea. If we can get Little Orbit support for this, we could achieve something. That's just an example, I'm sure that someone has great ideas here that we can take on our own. Already done that. Last time today, actually, in order to get some screenshoots for the wiki.
  6. Challenge accepted I don't want to just wait and instead do something. Still don't know what exactly, that's why I opened this thread, but we'll figure something out. Also, while we can make a lot of proposals here, they will need to implement them in game. APB is a complex piece of software, so that would be really time consuming and they already have a pile of work ahead. Namely, engine update. Slow motion and the like falls in this category. So what I wanted to put the focus on is what we can do, ideally collaborating with them. Starting with the small things: I have started working with the Wiki. It seems abandoned. Maybe I can adopt it and adapt it to the new times. Little Orbit could update the launcher as well, to include and promote new beginner-friendly content as well. I'd like to know what @MattScott thinks about this. I would like to propose the creation of the figure of mentors or a mentoring system of any kind. Even if it's just announcing "mentors" to newcommers or something. Another propose: in-game moderation, such as to avoid this kind of stuff that ruins newcommers' experience: https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/6815-robokast-why-apb-failed-gamings-100000000-failure/?tab=comments#comment-83946 Whoever wants to help with the mentoring, moderation or just help newcommers with their onboarding, could be part of something called [NEW], Newcommer Engagement Workgroup
  7. The first thing I though of was the APB wiki. Which options do we have? If I type "APB wiki" in my search engine (DuckDuckGo, FYI) it points me to this site: http://apb.wikia.com/wiki/APB_Wiki I have no affiliation to that website nor know any of its collaborators. Anyone here? What I am thinking is that this wiki's dashboard, splash screen, home or whatever you want to call it should contain guidance for beginners. As @Tiuhti says -I totally agree with what you say, except in the threat locked servers-, please explain the basics: pick servers, explain threat, how to get money, how to buy a weapon, how to spawn your car, where to look for mission objetives, be ready (press K), watch out for enemies and fight with your team mates. This wiki and/or guides should be linked probably in the launcher, or publicized in any way in the game. Not to mention that tutorial has wide margins to improvement, but that's another issue and Little Orbit is probably working on it. @TheMessiah that video is great for summarizing stuff beginners must deal with. More details and instructions can be added somewhere else, or in different videos. Great example! Agreed on link this kind of materials directly even from the launcher and/or somewhere in the game. Also this @Mitne's Basic Newbie Guide is great, but buried in the forums, where only 1% (invented percentage, like 93% percentages on the Internet) of players look.
  8. tl;dr - What title says. Please give ideas on how regular people can, both in game and in real life, attract new players and enhance engagement of the newcommers. Collaborate with other players to publicize this. Also, discuss an hipothetical collaboration with Little Orbit on this, being it whatever you want and/or whatever they have planned. Hi community, I have been around since about 2011, when the game was launched on Steam. After 2-3 years of relatively good health, player base started descreasing nonstop. I started playing less and less, but never really "left" the game, until I did. Little Orbit taking the project and committing as they did was a nice surprise, as was to see that APB never actually died. So here we are. But we all know the story, so to the point: I think we all agree on that APB needs new players, and it needs them as soon as possible. How APB engages new players is another issue that needs to be addressed if anyone wants new players to stay longer than a week. When I was a rookie I introduced a lot of friends to APB, of which I am the only one who still plays from time to time. They have just forgotten the game, since they were just testing out, and the game failed to hook them in. Goals of this thread are the following: Give ideas and discuss about how to attract new players, both in game and in real life, on the Internet, on the forums, with friends... Whatever. Give ideas and discuss about how to increase engagement for newcommers. APB needs to keep players attention much better than it does now. Attempt to increase quality of life for newcommers. Help should be at hand somehow. Publicize and help other fellow players that collaboration is key on this. Contact with Little Orbit. Guess what they have in mind and work and collaborate with them on that. Find out if Little Orbit is open to this kind of community initiative and find how are they able and/or willing to help. As we talk, I will include ideas here in the first post to clarify and organize. I didn't lurk the forums a lot before posting this, so if there is any initiative like this somewhere in the forums, send me a link and I will include it here. So, can we get started? Thanks for collaborating, guys.
  9. Aw, true, that's the wordst part. However, being able to see if someone's coming from any flank (peripheral vision, it's really quick) may be of help I guess, you may be able to tell who's coming just by their looks. It would be nice if they addressed this with the engine update.
  10. Did you find that setup actually useful in game? Wasn't it unconfortable to look at the other monitors?
  11. That mechanic/feature was awesome back in the good ol' Packer Vaquero days.
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